March 20, 2010

...the magic of taking a breath of fresh air.

"As a child,
 one has that magical capacity to move among the many eras of the earth; 
to see the land as the animal does;
to experience the sky from the perspective of a flower or a bee;
to feel the earth quiver and breathe beneath us; 
to know a hundred different smells of mud...
and listen unself- consciously...
 to the soughing of the trees."
(valerie andrews.   a passion for this earth.)

our exploration of sedona, arizona.s red rocks yesterday.
breath taking.
i highly recommend getting out in nature
observing it through a child.s perspective.

happy weekend to the best friends a girl could ask for!


  1. beautiful pictures chrissy~i love sedona! we only spent an afternoon there and needed a lot more time! it is gorgeous, the road to sedona was a little scary though. lots of tight narrow curves, yikes. my favorite part of the trip there was a little town called jerome. so unique and the galleries and views, unbelievable. i could of spent days there too! next trip:)
    thanks for the lovely post~xo

  2. chrissy, what a lovely post! Your photos are beautiful. There is nothing like seeing things thru the eyes of children. It is often where we find the truth.


  3. Oh, Chrissy, I love that area and you've brought back so many memories of when we lived in New Mexico and would visit Sedona. So breathtaking and truly awesome! Thank you!! Hugs, Silke

  4. chrissy, ...breathtaking!! & even a butterfly!! wings for our hearts. & this is your family?! looooooove! so dear to see through your eyes through their eyes. sparkly lenses. xox

  5. wow... your images gave me goose bumps, those red rocks are nothing like we have in New Zealand, just amazing! And the words go along with the images just beautifully.

  6. gasp! i can literally feel the sun and cool mud in my hands. sedona is on my travel list :) i've spent too much time in the flat lands ;P

  7. looks like you had an amazing day in Sedona! the pictures are beautiful, as always =-)

  8. Awesome photos! You just gave me a mini-retreat -- I was able to share in your experience through the clear photos and reflections. Thank you for this special break.

  9. Beautiful photos - I love the red dirt of Arizona. This post is making me want to get out and do some exploring of my own :)

  10. beautiful!!!!!

    Sedona is such a magical of my FAVORITES!
    i would love driving up there...
    getting to slide rock...
    hiking down a bit...
    finding a fabulous rock to park my bootie on...
    and just breathing.....
    taking it all in...

    i LOVE your photos, your beautiful babies!!!

    sending you oodles of love my sweets!

  11. OUUU, i've been to Sedona with some girlfriends and hiked. I loved it and so much art there and good healthy food places. And the male and female vortexes- just crazy beautiful stuff. Loved your pictures!

  12. what a restorative way to spend time...surrounded by children, nature and sunshine. it looks like a very welcome out breath and your photos were so good i can feel a little of their radience all the way over here on the west coast. thank you.


  13. gorgeous pics! I love sedona! and what a great heart shaped rock you found! i hope you kept it as a reminder of your lovely day!

  14. oooh I want to go to Sedona....such wonderfully earthy colours and i could feel the heat and land as your photos unfolded, gorgeous photographs and gorgeous family. xx

  15. ~if ever we travel through i will surely make this a place to see...unbelievable serene and so beautiful...a day filled with moments to forever savor...brightest blessings~

  16. hello! i am so happy to have found your blog through louise's. feeling so at HOME. thank you. and thank you for sharing these photos. just beautiful and very hopeful. best wishes to you! i can't wait to stop back again:) xoxo, juliette

  17. What a great outing; I would love to go there some day! They say it is magical! Great scenery
    with loved ones, enjoying nature at it's best!

  18. What a beautiful day you had and to be in such a gorgeous place. I'm so glad you are teaching your children to enjoy the outdoors.

  19. Ooooh. I want to be a part of your family. looks like a dreamy day. I have always wanted to visit Sedona. Maybe I will some day and dream of meeting you there for some amazing hiking and girlie times. Thanks for sharing

  20. what a glorious post! i love it! sedona looks beautiful. we were just in scottsdale with my family, and my husband and i are going to tucson in june for a wedding. arizona is a special place!

  21. I love how they are sitting in meditative poses. :)

    Gorgeous red rocks. It's been a long time since I was in Sedona. Someday I would love to go back.

    Love to you!

  22. have always had mixed feelings about visiting sedona. your words and pictures have me mentally packing my suitcase. thank you, beauty

  23. I so enjoyed this post . . that heart-shaped rock just gets me. There's no place like the West, is there?

  24. another beautiful post crissy. gorgeous place and gorgeous family.

  25. These are priceless pics Chrissy. Really beautiful and so sweet. You can tell they are your kids...they look a lot like you and yes children put a whole new twist and vision on everything they witness. We can learn a lot from them....happy Sunday sweet spirit and thanks for visiting me. it means a lot...


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