March 11, 2010 awe of awes!

happy day!
this little beauty arrived in the mail yesterday!
if followed my blog, 
you know of my love and admiration for rachel awes.
she is truly one of the most wonderful people met in this blog.o.sphere.
have a look at one of my favorite rachel posts...
"i was on the phone with my mother. she was telling me about classes she was thinking of taking. 
she said she noticed one about water and said she would never take that one.. 
she said she wanted all things colorful. 
ya see, beauty just comes plunking out of people's mouths."
and that is soooo the friend i have come to know as rachel.
she does listen to the beauty in people.
i wish i lived closer to her so that i could spend some time on this couch in her office and have her tell me how wonderful i am.....cause ya know she would!
please oh please give yourself the gift of visiting her at her blog  
all i did was listen and her newest etsy shop.
here are a few of my favorites...
it was super duper hard to choose just one.
(so i didn.t)
(this one spoke to me as i am on this journey of clearing out the clutter in my own life 
and making more room for matters of the heart.)
(and i also love this one as i whole heartedly believe that we are all created with goodness and love within us and it is up to us to develop our talents and share them with the world.)
but the one i chose to hang in my home 
and share with my family is this...
"hit your high note and s h i n e !"
rachel, keep shinning sister.
keep being the best, brightest, sunbeamiest, shiniest you!
(that goes for all of you actually!  loves!)


  1. Beautiful! Love the colors and the messages, these are so unique. Best wishes to Rachel!


  2. chrissy, those are all just darling and great messages! how fun to own someone else's art, isn't it? rachel is amazing and i love her couch too!
    hope life is treating you well my dear!

  3. what a great message! So happy, so upbeat, so positive for the kids. Love it!

  4. i SO agree....rachel is the best! her artwork is as colorful as her sweet personality! and i also agree that if you were laying on her couch, she would DEFINITELY tell you how wonderful you are......because YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!!! happy weekend to you, sweetness! :))

  5. OMG! "As she got older..." is EXACTLY the print i want to get from Rachel!! here's hoping i have a little something left over form my check next monday (pay day!!)

    i think "..shine" fits you perfectly Missy Chrissy!

  6. i agree with lori..i would tell you how wonderful you are, because you are! & also i second the creative beast about you shining! & i'm with you chrissy,...loves to all.
    thank you for sharing this post, dear one. xox

  7. Thank you again for another awesome resource. I found Rachel the first time I found your blog after an Artful Journey. I will be shopping! And dear Chrissy, you are such a glorious shining spirit. I love visiting your blog.


  8. love rachel
    love her creative prowess

    love you



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