March 13, 2010

...finally!! a nearby. like-minded. creative soul to play with!

do you ever feel like you are a pair of small, innocent hands 
cupping your latest found treasure
 that fell from a nearby gigantic tree just for you?

today i get to meet up with this creative soul 
i was blessed to meet at my recent artful journey

and discover the artistic nooks and crannies of this fun festival

what will your hands cup today?


  1. OHHHHH!!!! I wish I could be there with you! I am so happy that you will be filling your wells together today. Get inspired and enjoy each others' company! This is SO going to be a FABULOUS day! xo Miss you both so much.

  2. I hope you have wonderful time and that you enjoy everyminute of Gloria

  3. How fun! I hope you have a glorious day in each others company. I can't wait to hear what you discover!


  4. I"ve been to the Scottsdale Art Festival and it was wonderful. I hope you have a great time. There is nothing like walking around looking at art to get the creative juices flowing. Enjoy time with your friend.

  5. looks like a super fun day! & love that hand sculpture photo! happy for you with your treasures!! xox

  6. Oh, how wonderful!! Hope you had an amazing day together!! Hugs, Silke

  7. so wonderful when you find someone close to connect with. i'm so happy for you my sweet friend!
    i will reply to your email soon...thank you so much for that, i love hearing from you...
    i've been a bit busy lately....was nice to have a week off school but now i'm back to my projects that take up so much least it isn't pre-calc...
    i feel your pain!
    hugs and much love to you and of course kolleen and i will make you a sweet video! what a great idea!

  8. So excited for you; sounds like a great place to go with a new friend! A soulful journey!

    Today, my hands cupped my daughter's; she is sick and still at 14, will hug me in public and tell me how much she love me. We have our moments like
    all Moms n' daughters. I have a special connection with her and treasure our time together. My hands cupped her mood, her heart, and her laughter! I truly feel like my kids are the best gift I was ever handed!

    Thanks for the gentle reminder of what we treasure!

  9. Aah so lovely that you guys live near each other and get to hang out. Sounds like a fab dayXx

  10. hoping you had a wonderful time my sweet!

    i sent you a LONG text message yesterday...hopefully you got it. pretty rough day yesterday....i was absolutely cupping my husbands hand.

    love you so much!

  11. ahhh so fab you guys met up and got creative!

    Now where did I put the teleporter. :-) xxxxx

  12. How fun!!! I love your pictures!

  13. I hope you enjoyed the art festival. Please know that your phone call to me put me on cloud nine all day. It was a very stormy day here in NJ but you had my heart singing all day. I love you dear!!


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