March 15, 2010

...the scottsdale arts festival.

i fell in...
...with the scottsdale arts festival.
it was a beautiful day and a lovely place for the celebration of art.
t.shirt weather.  lots of green grass.  clear flowing fountains.  
children laughing.  music ringing.
and ahhhh the festival food.  check out #3...the BBQ sundae???
pulled pork.  beans.  slaw.  all topped with BBQ sauce.   
even the food was clever!
stella and i took advantage of the "make and take" booths.
"and now do you like my hat?" 
 "i do!  what a hat!  i like it! i like that party hat!"
(go! dog! go!)
several weeks ago in the arizona republic there was a call for used bags by artist Virginia Fleck.  now i know why.  they were for OVERFLOW!  her monumental installation of thousands of recycled plastic bags.
(sam wolcott.s art table  she is so charming)
stella and i both came home with ceramic art pieces from alissa clark.
"do all things with love"
and i have a gorgeous new handcrafted leather art journal
from artist iona.  i wish i could have bought a dozen of these.
at the end of the day, this was the best excuse for a pair of weary feet.
what festivals have you enjoyed lately?


  1. Hi Chrissy!
    Looks like such a wonderful, happy place to be!
    Such beautiful vibrant colours, you must have felt very inspired at the end of it all!
    And the bbq sundae, oh my gosh, looks very very clever, yummy and weird at the same time?!! :-D

  2. looks like a glorious day!
    i made pulled pork for dinner last night - also glorious - hi to stella- am finally getting around to photos, put some finished stuff on hearts delight blog. i may be slow, but i am steady:-)
    love your tribute to dr. seuss, always had a big celebration in first grade on his day.
    btw- yours is the first blog i've read since i've been back.

  3. Wow - what a day! Looks awesome!! Gotta love those recycled plastic bags... haven't been to anything like that lately, I guess it's about time!!!

  4. it looks like you had a ton of fun!!! i LOVE your new journal.....and i'll take one of those cute, girly hats and a bbq sundae, too!!! xox, :))

  5. this all looks like so much fun!! those bags are so cool! & i love the hats & the process of making them & with a friend too/winner combination. frankly, anything combined with chrissy is a winner combination. lol.

  6. i felt like i was right along with you on your journey! what a fun filled day!
    hope all is well with you my dear friend. i love your sweet smile!

  7. I love your hat and wonderful day vibe; I love to go to places like this. BBQ sundae, love to see
    some inspiration in food, fun! Thanks for bringing me along, virtually; I had a great time!

  8. I love the love! I had no idea you had one down their in the heat!
    also am quite covetous of the haz todo con amor! LUCKY girlie!
    you are quite a milliner- I had no idea!!!!

  9. what a glorious way to usher in spring! it looks like you discovered lots of great artists and i love the ceramic piece but i TOTALLY LOVE the foot sketch in the last photo (not sure exactly why....).

  10. wOw, cHrisSy! how much FUN did you
    have?! i'm drooling.thanks for sharing :)
    and thanks again for your wonderful
    post. i'm such a heel for not
    acknowledging it sooner, as usual,
    i'm behind in everything lately!
    sUz :)

  11. love the photos!!
    love that you were able to enjoy the sunshine and the creativity with a like minded soul that is nearby!
    love love love the hats!!! and your infectious smile!

    not sure about that sundae though....jury is out with me on that one! (after all, i was the kid whose food could NOT touch...the one that mom had to buy the divider plates for!!!)

    sending you so much love!

  12. Hi Chrissie, Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. I knew there would be many people 'unmet' from Artful Journey...but I tried my darnedest. I searched for tables/people who I had not met before, at meal times. My car mate was in DJ's class...Leah Virsik. She is a resident of Oakland as well. She just raved about the class and her experience.
    Everyone was so nice (I heard this repeated by everyone) and the Teachers were great. This was my first retreat experience and a very positive one.
    It sounds as if your Scottsdale experience was a lot of fun. I have loved going to the 4-corners area and exploring for a long time now.
    See you in cyber space.

  13. Whoa! You have LOVE in your city! What a great sculpture. That yummy BBQ sundae also looks pretty good. Can't wait til we have some warmer weather hear also. We are getting close in the Northland. So glad you got to go to this wonderful fair.

  14. Looks like lots of fun and lots of smiles!!

  15. Wow looks like you had a fab time, i'm still yearning for t-shirt weather, it is still so cold here in the UK :(

  16. I'm sooooo glad you 2 lovely souls had the chance to spend the day together in such a wonderful setting! I bet it was marvelous for both of you on so many levels! Yay!

  17. what a wonderful day! i love arts festivals! great that you and stella were able to go together. and i was so excited to hear you are doing to be doing mermaid camps! i so want to do that over here as well. we'll have to talk! the girls and i are LOVING mccabe's class. :-)

  18. It looks like it was a wonderful time. I want a BBQ sundae that sounds SO good. My mom lives in Scottsdale, next year I'll have to plan a visit around this festival.

  19. Hello Chrissy!

    I love your blog so beautiful. It's nice to meet you! It's lovely to know you stopped by. More pouchies these week!!

    love hugs art art!!

  20. ooooh so jealous. sun, art and lovely friends enjoying it all. Looks like such a great all the things you purchased too.... xxxx

  21. oh my!!! what a fun day :-) again,.....wishing i was there. such a lovely day with the sweetest girls together and loving life. xoxo

  22. chrissy now i really want to come to arizona...our art festivals do not start around here for months. this looks fabulous! i would love to tag along with you gals to one of these art filled shows. hoping you share whatever you create in that gorgeous art journal:) beautiful words and hues for sure!
    & thanks for the kind words about the spoon art...xoxoxo


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