March 31, 2010 a friendly egg carton out.

so...did anyone recycle the egg carton after they did all that egg blowing?
mine was sitting in the recycling bin,
looking egg-stremely sad every time i walked by it.
hmmmmm!  what.s a girl to do with a gloomy protector of eggs?
well...give him a new life of course!
here.s one easy-peasy idea for the wee counters in your life.
(my mom used to do this for us and then for my own children)
rescue the carton.
take a round object (i used a quarter) and trace around it, making enough circles for the cups in your carton. (mine had 18) then draw your numbers in the circle. (or you could just draw the numbers right on the carton itself)
cut it out and drop it in.  (you can add a dab of glue if needed)
then the best part.  candy!  i chose m&m.s
( i think i would be so much smarter if all my earlier
learning projects would have included chocolate!)
have the little tykes count out the number of candies that
goes with the number inside the carton.
then drop them in.   the reward for getting it right is obvious!
(it IS obvious right?)
tip- if you used jelly beans to count with,
making a jellybean bracelet afterward is a cute idea too.
 i would wear those bracelets!  seriously.  i would!

there are so many other fabulous things you can do with an egg carton
(bell idea from martha stewart)
...and if you are really ambitious and need a new pendent light in your home...
here.s the craft for you...the directions can be found here!

so go help a friendly egg carton out!
as always, i.d love to hear and see all your clever ideas.


  1. oh chrissy, you are just so fun! i think it's always a good idea to combine treats with creativity when we can! lots of love to you today/droplets of it in each egg carton groove! xox

  2. love this!
    love your creativity.
    love your inspiration.
    love you!!!
    can we please chat soon?????


  3. Always thinking, aren't you Miss Chrissy? I love it! I think someone had the bell idea before Martha Stewart. I used to make them with my students as Christmas tree decorations (when they allowed such things in public schools - gasp!) Pipe cleaners poked through the top attached to actual little bells that rang, then painted and decorated with glitter, etc. I may still have some somewhere!!

  4. Chrissy,
    I love these, I was going to take egg shells and put some seeds in mine and put the cartoon in my
    sunny window. Love all these ideas; I so agree
    I would be sooo much better at math, if chocolate
    was involved. I saw a book made of egg cartons; see If i can find it and send it to you!
    It is eggtraorindary, as are you~

  5. Hi Chrissy, I'm so sorry to hear about your son's friend.
    Its terribly sad and they are in my thoughts and prayers.
    I'm glad my words were of some comfort to you x

    Ps. Pendant lights out of an egg carton?
    Wow... They are beautiful too!
    Love coming by your blog. It always always puts a smile on my face :-)

  6. you are SO even make counting fun!!! and i totally agree with you....i probably would have been so much more successful in that algebra class if i had just substituted m&m's for "x and y"!!! thanks for all the great ideas......have fun eating all of those jelly bean bracelets,
    sweet pea!! xox, :))

  7. So cute Chrissy! I work with kids with developmental delays and I think they would love this to work on their number recognition and counting, genius!

  8. What great ideas! I don't know how or why your brain works this way, but I love it. And I wish you could move into my house!

  9. I love the pendant lamp! I'm going to have to give that a go! Thanks for sharing. You are mighty magnificent!

  10. chrissy, you are so very creative and imaginative and all together amazing! i love you and i love stalking your blog. you enlighten me! i'd love to invite you to my blog! send me your email! and thanks for being rachele's best bud out there! i am so happy she has you. i love you for loving her! loves chrissy! take care!

  11. Look at all those wonderful ideas. So clever and cute. Just like you my wonderful friend. Have a fabulously Happy Easter.

  12. gOOD mORNING!!




  13. ~well now 14 times it will have been said...l♥ve...such wonderful creative ideas for a little ol' egg carten...amazing when we actually take the timeto look at something we realize it holds so much more potential than it ever had before...will never see one the same...thank you for sharing these fun ideas! well wishes and brightest blessings~

  14. wow, what clever ideas. I never really thought about what I could do with a recycled egg carton, now I do :) and this post is making me get excited for Easter.

  15. Oh my gosh! I never would've have thought of so many cute projects from egg cartons of all things! Thanks for sharing Chrissy, you really are amazing! Love you sister!


  16. Hi Chrissy! So glad you came over to visit via Lori. She is a sweetheart! I just love following her blog. So inspirational. Your blog is just as wonderful. Glad you liked my Playlist. Music is my inspiration. What would we do without it?
    Going to follow along. Love all the neat ideas with egg cartons.

  17. Cute idea, would make learning your numbers fun and tasty.

  18. I am going to try the counting carton for sure! It is just the right level for my daughter. And I might need to make some bracelets too...maybe to put in the hidden eggs.

    Thanks for the cute ideas Chrissy!


  19. Wow, who knew there could be so many gorgeous and fun things to do with an egg carton?! I love all of those projects. Now I may just have to go and try one for a 52 Projects :)) I love the candy necklaces (yes I do still wear them) but I never thought of using M&M pieces! Happy Friday :)


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