April 2, 2010

...B is for bubbles.

i.m a sucker for bubbles.
i think random bubble days are a necessity.
bubbles are like temporary bursts of art in motion.
we surprise ourselves at how big they can get.
bubbles as big....
....as your head!
bubbles inside of bubbles!
we blew the motherload of bubbles!
some were really fast!
....and some were slow!
if you.re very careful...they come to you.
...but then like all good things in life, you have to let them fly free...
goodbye bubbles!

with or without children... 
i highly suggest you go create some bubble art today!


  1. oooh.....LOVE it!

    these photos are incredible too chrissy!

    p.s. i miss you.

  2. i am bursting my bubbles at the art of these photos! they are gorgeous, chrissy! my very fav is the last one...those dear hands reaching into the sparkling bubbles within bubbles sky!
    i do adore the points of light within the bubbles that you were able to capture! & you are so right about needing to let them fly free, like all things...just wow.
    then there's your children again. i just love their faces, their points of light, their sparkle...just wow.
    incredibubble posting.

  3. what incredible photos and beautiful bubbles. Isn't is so much fun just to play. I love it. It brings you back to just enjoying life ~ in the moment. I think I am going to have to find myself some bubbles to play with.

    I love you!

  4. I love these bubble photos!! How awesome and fun.

  5. I LOVE these pics! They have captured the magic of...BUBBLES:)

  6. Hey there! How did you get the bubbles in the bubble? I love bubbles too, they just represent fun. Don't you love it when you are somewhere and a random bubble floats by?

    I think I am going to have a bubbles song by Dora the Explorer stuck in my head today...haha

  7. You know, one of my dearest memories is when we went to a little circus in Switzerland and a mime did a performance with huge bubbles - it was magical! Love the bubbles!!

    Have a bubbly sort of day today!! Love, Silke

  8. Chrissy, this is to-die-for beautiful. the words, and the images. WOW, girl. you sure have the gift. and speaking of bubbles ... my granddaughter can create a bubble in the bathtub - she bends one leg part way, and in the triangle space between the back of her knee, and her upper and lower leg -- she can skim her hand over it and MAKE A BUBBLE. it's the coolest thing. have your kids try it --
    :-) hugs and love to you --- Davi (from An Artful Journey)

  9. Oh, I just love all those bubbles, especially as big as your head. :-)

  10. love bubbles. love your kdis. love you. love this post!
    monday is the day. i will hug kolleen for you. we will make you a silly video and will wish you were right there with us.

  11. Awesome!! Incredible pictures. Looks like you had so much fun! .... and it brought back many warm memories. Thanks.

  12. LURVE the bubbles and love you! Fabulous photos honey and im going to blow some bubbles in my coffee just for you today. lots of love xxx

  13. LOVE this!! When I packed for the recent retreat, I threw in some scented bubble solution (as well as a few other "toys"). Don't know if you noticed, but I posted a picture of sweet Carol in her pajamas blowing bubbles on the deck - it was one of my favorites! Chrissy, there are truly incredible photos - lots of love and happy bubble-blowing to you!!!

  14. ooooooh......THIS, MY FRIEND, is JUST what the doctor ordered for me!!!

    i adore this post.
    i love every image and every word that is attached to it.

    i LOVE the picture "bubbles as big as your head"....wow!!!!!!

    and i LOVE you so much!!!!!
    thank you for being such a beautiful, inspiring spirit!!!!
    thank you for being my friend!!!

    i think i have to go out and buy bubbles now!!!!!

  15. what gorgeous photos.....you are such a master both in front of and behind the camera lens!! and such precious children.....the expressions on their sweet faces melts my heart.....SO cute! you bring out the kid in all of us.....thank you for that, sweet one!!! blessings to you for a beautiful weekend!! xox, :))

  16. what fabulous pictures, chrissy! i love them all. you have a gift. :-)

  17. How fun! I haven't played with bubbles since my son was little. (he is now 24)I do remember when I was little my grandmother would get mad at me for blowing bubbles in my chocolate milk. Your photos are lovely as always.


    bubbles are so much fun =-) thanks for sharing your beautiful images!!

  19. oh my gosh chrissy! wow, talk about capturing the moments. thanks for the happiness.

  20. Oh wow, these pictures are so full of joy! You gave my heart a little lift. I can't believe the shots you got--especially with the face-sized bubble and the last one...gorgeous.

    We all need to have these moments more often, that's for sure.

  21. I made a kid pool full of bubble solution..found it on www.familyfun.com Joy dish detergent, corn syrup and water. Even the older kids joined in. We bent wire and tried to make heart bubbles, it was so much fun. Bubbles bring out
    the child in all of us.... They
    are like a gift of simple joy. A time traveled
    moment of our youth!

    Great pics; great post~

  22. Yay, bubbles! What great photos.
    I'm so glad you came to visit my blog and said hello. I love how things like that happen...it's funny because when I wrote the name Lottie, I had wondered where it came from, just popped into my mind.

    I love your post on Stella, that's my daughter's name!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  23. so much fun! i cannot wait to blow some bubbles and i can't believe how gigantic that one is! it looks like a trick photo. cheers to fabulous inspiration and magical things like bubbles!
    xoxo, juliette

  24. that last photo is an amazing gift...thank you.

  25. one of our favorite pastimes ! You captured the spirit if the fun moments in the images...the look on their faces tell a special story!

  26. amazing! happiness in pictures!!!
    you are such a great photographer~
    thanks for posting these, they made my morning:)

  27. yes...bubbles are happy...the creating them...the chasing them...the catching with them on your hand without bursting them...and finally...the poking of them in mid air...thank you for sharing your happiness with others!

  28. you are one talented lady, you know that? beautiful photos and wonderful words!
    you bring so much joy to everything you touch!
    love you!

  29. This is SO freakin cool! You and that camera of yours are quite the pair! I thoroughly enjoyed the sequence of events as they unfolded. I love how you showed "some bubbles move fast, some slow..." that made me laugh-out-loud. Your kids are so precious!!

    Happy Easter Sweet Chrissy (and family and bubbles!)

  30. Yay for bubbles, and Yay for you my friend. You are a great big bubble of happiness in my life.


  31. OH MY GOSH! How did you get the bubbles inside of bubbles?!?

    These photos are fabulous.

    I happened to see a little jar of bubble mix at the grocery store counter the other day and grabbed one. I am saving it for a day that needs some random fun. I like to blow bubbles at the pup and see if he will chase them (he does for a brief moment then moves on ;)

  32. these are amazing photos! Love, love, love!!!!!

  33. Beautiful photos... you can't help but be happy when there are bubbles around and just looking at your photos made me smile big.

  34. Seriously, how do you get bubbles inside of bubbles? I know you are a magic mama, but is there a trick or a product you can pass along? The Easter Bunny brought us plenty of bubbles - we love 'em too - but you've taken it to new heights (so to speak)!


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