April 14, 2010

now we know what it is...what.s your pathway to get there?

i.ve been thinking about pathways.
i like pathways.
love them actually.
apparently i like to photograph pathways.
pathways inside of pathways.
speaking of contentment...
...of pathways.
just where exactly...
...does your pathway to contentment lead you to?
or from?

(sounds similar to what is...but it.s not...it.s how!)


  1. so happy to be on these soft .vibrant . steady pathways with you today

  2. For me, contentment leads from "what's out there" to "what's in here," to my center. That's when I know fully who I am and that all is well. How do I get there? Following any pathway that makes me happy - and they can be different every day (variety makes me happy, too!). How about you?!

    Love those photos of all the pathways!! Have a most contented day!

    Love, Silke

  3. love these paths, chrissy!
    i love walking labyrinths especially...
    walking into the center & out...
    i just did so on sunday & hadn't
    for months. loved it!
    all so peaceful & lovely.
    gorgeous paths to you today, dear one.

  4. I've always loved the whole pathway as a metaphor for life idea. I love them too (and have plenty of pics to proove it!) I think so often, as in life, it's more about enjoying and continuing on the pathway itself, as opposed to being concerned with the destination. Probably why I love hiking so much - I often see more on the hike itself than at any particular destination. (Have to admit tho - I do love those trails that lead to the ocean!) Happy trails to you, dear Chrissy!!!

  5. oooooh, are we ever on the same wave-length-path, sweet girl!! i just posted a little doodle path on my blog and then came over here for a visit and i see all of your paths!!! of course, your paths are absolutely gorgeous....mine is a little more haphazard.....seems to be my creative story these days! which is why i love visiting you.....so many beautiful, calm, peaceful vibes going on here......!!! hugs, :))))

  6. I love your recent thoughts (and pics too)on pathways. The mystery and anticipation, the experiences gathered along the way, the lesson learned - all of these are some reasons why I love pathways as well.

  7. I love the idea of pathways. Sometimes the path leading away from is just as important as the path leading to. It is just important to be fully present on the path. Thank You for the lovely photos as always

  8. Oh where would we be without the magical pathway?? I felt like I was on a journey walking through each one of your paths. Beautiful, serene. peaceful, and excited not knowing what's on the other side. Kinda' like Life, yes??

  9. i've always loved the idea of the labyrinth as a path. the idea of venturing in and then unravelling out to find an inner calm or meaning. it seems that we do repeat patterns over and over and i love the idea of self exploration on a circular path.....

  10. It leads me to self exploration! Great pics...

  11. Oh great questions. You've got me itching to go photograph some pathways and then paint them. During the sketching and painting - I'd have time to ponder the pathways of my life - behind me and ahead of me. Thanks for the questions and images.

    P.S. Can I paint some of your images?

  12. My pathway is all about the journey within...a walk back to my my truest self...this has become a compass that I have come to believe and depend on...xo

  13. Oh I am loving the quail in that one path! :)

  14. right here. :)

    I think I recognize some of those pathways! I feel like there are photos of them on my hard drive somewhere.

    love you!

  15. I love the angle of the steps in the second photo, what a great shot!

  16. Hi! What a wonderful blog you have, and such great pictures in this post. I think that the path towards contentment in one that we are always following...a life long journey, so we must appreciate the path.

  17. i didn't realize how much i loved pathways too until your photo journal! what great feelings and emotions that come to mind with each pathway. i love this journey you are on! and i'm glad to be a little part of it and watching you! love you girl!


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