April 7, 2010

...an accidental tractor pull...

i know. i know. 
 how does one just accidentally show up at a tractor pull?
here.s the story
it all started one recent saturday morning when i set out with my two daughters on a photo treasure hunt.  each loaded with a camera and a list of things to photograph, we headed to a local historical park that is known for it.s quaint old buildings and wild chickens 
(which i am obsessed with as of late)
(i mean honestly...isn.t he wonderful?)
we were surprised when we arrived to see that the park was closed for the "annual tractor and steam engine festival"...closed unless we paid the entrance fee which i was not about to do.
i peeked in and saw all sorts of wonderful "old" things.  old people.  
old tractors.  old paint chipping off said old tractors (another obsession of mine).  fascinating old treasures up for auction...  
the disappointed look on my girls faces had me whippin out my wallet 
right behind billy-bob dwayne and his sweetheart earlene-jo.
(not their real names of course)
i knew i had made the right decision when the first thing i saw 
was a chorus line of elderly farmer folk, 
down right enamored with the pulling capacity of the new john- deere 620.
...then art through the lens began.
for some of you, this may be "old hat" but i was raised on a ski slope, 
not in the fields. so i was like a kid in a candy store.
these darling farmers get together for some 
good ol noise makin, dirt flyin, smoke sailing competition.
these guys holler lots of funny things and tell everyone what to do.
these guys wait until it.s their turn to hook their "babies" up to the sled.
this is the fellow that "mans" the sled.
the tractors each get a turn to pull the sled along a track..(dirt)
the sled gets harder to pull the farther they go.
this guys waves a flag when the tractor sounds like it.s gonna blow.up.
and these guys sit idle...but thrilled...on bales of hay, half a toothpick hanging out the corner of their mouth, donning their favorite farm equipment hat bought...
from wally!
the girls and i had a "rootin-tootin" good time...
...with the good old boys and their rusty toys!

(if you.ve actually read this far..i highly recommend headin on over to your nearest tractor pull...
and bring your camera.  you won.t be disappointed.)


  1. I'm not sure I'd be able to find a tractor pull around these parts. I'm lucky to have your stories to enjoy. And yes, that wild chicken is adorable.

  2. A tractor pull huh, who woulda thunk it? Love it! Your girls will definitely remember this day. You are a fun mom!

    Love you,


  3. authentic...it's kinda my new favorite word....and these photos capture it so sweetly. it looks like an afternoon to remember. i didn't get quite the same warm fuzzy feeling from the demolition derby i attended a few years back (it was authentic in a whole different way...).

  4. This is too funny! But I have to say there is something so charming about such a simple pleasure! You have to love the "good old boys" club. I am sure they have some stories to tell. Thank You for the story! Made me smile and laugh out loud.

  5. I want to go to a tractor pull and buy a hat from Wally! What a fab hidden afternoon you found, and a wonderful story you told

  6. I love your photographs, you have such a talent, it must be wonderful to see the world through your eyes!!

    I used to work on a free range farm as a saturday job when I was 15, I loved all the rusty old stuff even then lol :)

    Micki x

  7. oh chrissy! i love the paradox of you finding such beauty in the rust! (yesterday i was out peddling my cards & walked over to an owner in one shop & was surprised it was HER;she was so unassuming looking! i love how beauty can find & surprise us). GOOD THING you bought those tickets!! i love your pics!...adore the one with wings! & farmall & caterpillar came out so cool looking! then there's that rooster on top, as he should be. love the treasures, love you.

  8. Oh, Chrissy, what a treat! I love tractors - spent many vacations on farms and actually learned to operate one before I learned to drive a car. They've always fascinated me and now for the same reason you loved them. Such good art photo ops! You have a great eye for finding beauty anywhere you look!! Loved hearing you mentioned on Kolleen and Kelly's vlog!! Much love, Silke

  9. Only you can make these tractors looks so beautiful! You are living quite an adventure. I love your playful spirit Chrissy. Thank-you for sharing it all with us! xox

  10. love the idea of a photo scavenger hunt! ingenious:) such fun photos, you captured the farmers for sure.
    looks like you were my way with these pictures! who knew you could find things like this in AZ.

    about the obsession with chickens, i find them fabulous too. my daughter's boyfriend lives on a farm and i am waiting for the weather to get nicer to go do a photo shoot of all their chickens, they have a lot of varieties. oh and they have baby goats too:) oh heart be still~xo

  11. Your tractor photos are fabulous--I love the detail you've captured. You make rusty tractors look beautiful. And I love your images of the farmer boys hanging out around you :)

  12. WOW...looks like you all had a rootin tootin time. Were you all down here in my part of the world looking around? LOL.... pretty common scenes around here. Your pictures sure captured the spirit of it all. Awesome! Glad you all had a grand time. Love the idea of a picture taking scavenger hunt.

  13. There is beauty and joy everywhere, loved that you shared it with the girls! Sounds like you all had a marvelous time. I do this with my daughter, but we assign emotions or what is beautiful, happy, sad, etc.

    Great photos!

  14. Chrissy. . . do you know what I love most about your blog? You inspire me to go somewhere . . get outside. . do something . . to keep my eyes open for the unexpected things. . things that I might not think I like at first but might surprise me in the end. All of your posts that I have read have that common thread weaving throughout them . . a joy and light-hearted yet passionate zeal for experiencing things around you. I love that and I am going to learn from you!!
    This post was awesome, btw. I smiled and laughed and enjoyed it so much. Reminds me of being back home in Arkansas . . . I think I knew an Earlene . . . : )

  15. this reminds me of the 8 years my daddy had us live on a farm as he took a much needed "leave of absence" from his aerospace job. we farmed cotton, set pipe, picked it and the first thing i ever drove was an old john deer!
    you brought back some wonderful memeories.
    hugs dear friend!

  16. so much fun! i just love knowing where you started your day and where you ended up :) always enjoying the journey!

    xoxo, juliette

  17. Hi Chrissy!
    Sounds like a very spontaneous day out! They're the best kind, aren't they? I really need to do it more often.
    Sounds like you had a brilliant time and what BEAUTIFUL photos, you really have a gift with that camera :-)

  18. My Sweet Farmer has participated in these crazy tractor pulls. He's a member of a tractor club that puts them on!! I loved seeing it through your eyes! You're a hoot and I wish we could crack each other up together one of these days!!

  19. That does look like fun! I probably could find one around here somewhere.

  20. How fun to see a totally different view of life. I'm sure that you and your girls really had a day to remember!!

  21. Love your photos and your stories behind them! We couldn't live without those farmers and those good ol' tractors, and sometimes we forget this with the bustle of life and city living. And you had a fun day with your girls. How cool is that?!?


  22. oh my goodness, what fun. i love rusty old things too! and "Wally's Tractor Hats"! you can't beat that. What a good find for you and your girls. :-)

  23. oh my, i could cry! your spirit is amazing. i love how you see the beauty and make the best out of all situations. each moment is artful and joyous.

    "you are my sunshine..." is such a special song. my grandaddy who was like a father sang me that all the time. i would always make him stop at the sad part because i couldn't fathom him not in my life. he too died from cancer (far too soon.) i miss him so-so much. i am so sorry you've lost your mother to cancer. i know you miss her and can only imagine how amazing of a soul she was. she will always be your angel of sunshine :)

    thanks chrissy, i love and appreciate you and your angelic beams of sunshine :)

  24. this is so cracking me up!!! i wish i could've been there with you.....(thanks for "taking me there") this sounds like the sort of event you'd find around arkansas but i don't think i've ever been to one. I love, love all the photos esp the one where the old guys are lined up along the fence. Perfection!!! you have an amazing gift with that camera. love you chica!!!

  25. These pics are great Chrissy. i can see why you took them...love it!

  26. I would love to go to one of those events! Hell, I'd even like to drive the tractor. LOVE the photos too!

  27. Hey Chrissy! So great to reconnect with you. Thanks so much for your comment! I do love your chicken and the way you tell the story. Quite fun to read your blog! I really enjoyed meeting you at An Artful Journey. Your bright colors and your fun clothes and happiness make me smile even now!

  28. sounds to me like you are poking fun of these shows, just remember this, No farmers= No food, i wish you city slickers would understand that


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