April 26, 2010

run...don.t walk to your nearest book store!

you know there is something down right exciting happening 
when for the second time in several months
you walk into a random store in phoenix, arizona and see 
the work of a dear dear soul you love,
on the pages of a publication!!!
it happened again just today.
i was in this cool artsy, mixed media, vintagey little shop 
when i heard the two nice ladies behind the counter
ooing and gooing over the cover of the latest "somerset studio" 
they had just pulled out of the box.
and "oh my gosh, look at that piece of "a girl and her bird"!"
"how clever to be just sittin up in the treetops with the birds 
havin the best afternoon conversation!"
"gina...would ya look at her sweet, round face and those red shoes..."
i tell ya, i whipped around and squeeled, 
louder than was probably ladylike....
"that.s my girl!  that.s miss mindy lacefield!"
and i tried to say it in my most saucy southern arkansas accent 
just like mindy.s
(but i really butchered it...sorry mindy)
the three of us sat there flippin through the pages and admiring all the
dreamy, liquid candy that oozed over the glossy pages!

huge. gigantic. hugs to you mindy!
watching the amazing journey you are on just tickles me pink sister!
(and orange and red and yellow and....)

what have your friends been accomplishing lately 
that you could cheer about and celebrate wildly?

(cul*ti*vate the generosity of a supportive spirit)


  1. oh chrissy you have a gift of making my day! thank you, THANK you so much for getting excited....thank you for your love....thank you for your support and being my cheering section. you don't know how much this means to me. i think of our time together often and just BEING....amongst all that paper and paint and my heart swells with love for you. i cherish those moments. love, LOVE, love you dear friend!!!



    dang't....i was in that bookstore last week and this issue wasn't out yet...need to head back now!!!!

    perfect cover....just love it!!!

    i am so happy for Mindy...i just KNEW she was going to fly....and fly high she is!!!

    i am cheering on your speaking at the women's convention....i KNOW for certain you are going to touch every single heart that is there and direct them in ways to find contentment!!! i only wish i could be there...i would be the one in the front row whoo!!! hooing!!!! maybe with pom poms in hand!!!! ; )

    love this post.
    love you my friend.


  3. Oh, fun, fun, FUN!! I love her art - it just makes me happy!! And I admire anyone how gets published... What a great thing to celebrate!! Great post!!! Love, Silke

  4. I saw this picture and knew it right away -- Tim's Sally! Her work is so special and recognizable. I realized back a few weeks ago that you and Mindy were connected and it took me a while to ferret out how, since you're not both in Arkansas. That is too cool. I hope I get to meet her when I'm down South!

  5. My nearest bookstore doesn't have anything that cool!!! why oh why do I live so far away from the wonderful things in the world??? woe is me... x

  6. I am going to buy it right away! I love love love your enthusiasm- it is completely contagious. Guess what? I cannot find an email address to email you so I'll tell you here- YOU WON the free print on my blog :) My husband picked your name from the bowl. YAY! Let me know which one you would like. I have a few new prints on my blog that are not in my etsy shop yet (like the cow) but I can have it printed for you if you want. Much love to you!

  7. I tell ya, that girl has got it goin on!! I totally agree - it has been a thrill to watch and she deserves every bit of that success!! To tell you the truth, locally things have been a little bit doldrum-y (is that a word??)so it is really inspiring to be a part of this community! Congrats to Mindy and also to you, Ms. Cheerleader, for getting everyone on the bandwagon!!!

  8. congrats, mindy.....that's exciting in a major way!!!! and what i would have given to have been shopping with you, miss sweetness.....that sounds like a fabulous shop!!! i hope it's one of those places where they tempt you with a great chocolate assortment at the checkout counter.....
    xox, :))

  9. How fun to celebrate your friend! I can see you in the bookstore, being all excited n' energized!

    Congrats Mindy, amazing cover! I can't imagine how it feels to be in print! I hope you celebrate; do something special for yourself!
    I can't wait to see this issue~

  10. Oh! I just ran into Barnes & Noble earlier to buy a book - why didn't I think to stop by the magazine section?!

    I LOVE it!

  11. Yay, go Mindy!!! Love her work, she deserves to be on the front cover, she's wonderful!!

    Micki x

  12. Oh, that is so exciting. I might have to get you to pick me up a copy. We don't get the Somerset publications here in Australia.

    I think that you are accomplishing wonderful things on your blog Chrissy. You are drawing lots of people to you, and you should be proud. I am proud of you my friend.

  13. Yay yay yay! So exciting for Mindy and I love the way you shout out your support for her in such a wild and colourful way! So like you. By the way, I didn't have a hazlenut chocolate crepe in Paris. i had TWO! Thanks to you they made my wonderful days even more special. Picture here just for you... http://aspecialjourneyofmyown.blogspot.com/2010/04/shopping-in-paris-petit-parisian.html

  14. don't you just
    these magazines!
    i'm sooo
    may 1 is coming
    for these
    delicious publications!!!
    can't wait
    to head over
    to mindy's blog
    & oogle-ate
    at all her deliciousness
    & join in the celebration
    of her delightful wonders!
    oh chrissy,
    i love
    what you find
    & your celebration parties
    are so fun to attend
    & boogie at!
    (shake your groove thing,
    ya yaaaa, show 'em
    how to do it now!).
    as for me,
    my groove
    is to keep coloring
    where i can
    & let it take me.

  15. I could buy every Somerset publication there is! Love, Mindy's work and thanks for the heads up and the fun story about the issue she is in:)


  16. this was super exciting I think for all of us - thanks to Mindy for giving us such a blood-rush of "wow- look what she did! we could do it too if we work hard" success.
    but all you girls were winners in my book- they just haven't found you yet.

  17. Oh, I just checked out her stuff and it is truly lovely! You are such a fun friend too. I love the excitement, I felt like I was there in the shop with you. :-)

  18. you must have been beside yourself! that's so exciting!

  19. Ooooo, I love being introduced to cool new artists! Love the colors on the cover, and will be stopping by the bookstore on Thursday to check it out.

    I celebrated a friend's birthday today with 5 other friends and we had a grand time. It's raining here and cold and dreary, but all of us together brought the sunshine out with our laughter and good cheer!!

    And a cheer to you, dahling, for your fabulous posts!!!!


  20. That Mindy is incredible. She is so talented. I was at the bookstore and that issue was not available. When it is I will scoop it right up. But I do wish I was in the store the moment you were so we could have swooned over Mindy together. She is such a doll.

    I love you Chrissy!!!

  21. That's awesome!! I've always wanted to land in one of those publications but I have no idea how it happens. I'll have to go over to my local Borders and check out Mindy's work! GO MINDY :))))

  22. SUPER DUPER cool! I'm going to Borders right now :) Mindy's work is *AWESOME*

  23. I was soooo excited reading your post, and had the biggest smile on my face just imagining you in that store with those ladies....I AM SO PROUD to know all of you lovely gals and soooo super excited.

    Sorry ive been off the radar the past week...but im baaaaack yay. Cant wait to catch up on all the blog posts i missed. xxx

  24. What a great friend you are! I just picked this up yesterday, but must have gotten the last issue - I'll have to go back and find the one with Mindy's work. Thanks for the heads-up and for setting such an amazing example of how we all can support and celebrate our friends!

  25. OH Chrissy! I can TOTALLY hear you right now in that store and picture your adorable expressive face telling those women that Cindy was your girl! Reading this description is the next best thing to actually being there.

    Sharing these AMAZING moments is the stuff in life that makes it all worth it. Thank-you for sharing it with such an authentic Chrissy-loving-open-hearted way!!!

    Danielle xoxo

  26. Congrats to Mindy, that's so amazing! I love birdies! It is a true friend that shares in the joy of anothers accomplishments. Thanks for the blog love, we had a wonderful anniversary!
    Love you Chrissy!


  27. So exciting - congrats to Mindy! That bird is adorable :)

  28. I love your shout out and wish I had been there to witness it in person! So, so happy for Mindy - she's such a peach!

  29. Hi Chrissy love,
    Such a wonderful story. Wow, what a small world. There is so much talent out there and when you know the lovely soul...all the better.
    Miss you bunches, are you almost done with school? Sat. is my big final..yipeeeeee! Painting the summer away. oh.yes.i.am!

  30. HOORAY! I cannot wait to check this issue out!

    sending lots of love!


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