April 4, 2010

...baskets and birthday candles.

we celebrate easter in the gardner home.
this an {oooold} photo of my mom...aka...the easter bunny,
getting caught in some secret bunny business.
(she wore those ears and that tail every year! bless her heart!)
today, i hope that you fill your basket...
with whatever brings you joy!
...and i hope when the day is through... 
you have a sweet place to land.
enjoy my dear friends!
(speaking of enjoy...)
...these numbers are significant today 
for an incredibly wonderful soul who came into my life last year.
this is my heartwing-scarf sister...kolleen!
i know!  i know!  she.s gorgeous!
one of the most beautiful things about her is that 
she is just as stunning on the inside as she is on the outside.
this is her being painted by the ever.so.present andrea scher 
on the oregon coast last october.
the word that soaked into her skin was just so incredibly fitting.
{of favorable character; agreeable; pleasant; amusing; 
clever; true; virtuous; kind; benevolent; loyal.}

and that.s just the beginning.
happy birthday shining star!

it.s a baskets and birthday candles kind of day!


  1. Dear Chrissy, a most joyful Easter for you and your family!! Heading over to Kolleen now to wish her a Happy Birthday! Isn't she wonderful!? As are you!! Love, Silke

  2. happy easter precious one! along with your dear photos of baskets filled with lovely finds, i also see your heart...beating with incredible kindness & splendor. i hope this day overflows with sunshine for you & your family, both out & indoors.
    & oh, how wonderful too to know of good kolleen's birthday/i'm bunny hoppin' over to her now!

  3. Love the photo of you mother, my mom was the best easter bunny also. Today is her birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful easter.

  4. Happy easter sweet kristie....hope its a magical day for you and your family

  5. Chrissy, really love all your cute baskets and your sweet words about and pics of the lovely Kolleen (oh, to be 38 again!) It's heart-warming to see the friendship between the 2 of you continuing to blossom! That pic of your Mom is especially priceless!!! Come to think of it, my Mom was the Easter Bunny in our house too - haven't thought about that for a really long time... Happy Day, dear Chrissy!

  6. i'll be back....
    words have escaped me....
    gonna read your words again and soak them up!

    i love you sweet sweet sister!

  7. Happy Easter to you and your family. I appreciated your words today 'fill your basket...
    with whatever brings you joy!' Thanks. I needed that. Blessings to you.

  8. You're mom is adorable.

    Love to you and the family on this bunny and birthday day.

  9. great photo of your mom...your day sounds delicious..it is pouring here...and you are beautiful too you know!!!

  10. Happy Easter! Love the baskets and woohoo birthday girl Kolleen. :-) two beautiful gals and souls. xxx

  11. Happy Easter, dear Chrissy. I love that your mom had ears and a tail. Such fun and love in the photo.


  12. That's such a great picture of your mother - love her bunny costume :)

    and I hope you had a Happy Easter!!

  13. How precious! Happy Easter!
    Love, Carissa

  14. Love the photo of your mum, she looks like a whole heap of fun!!

    I also love what you wrote on my blog about the red shoes!!
    When I was little my mum and dad didn't have a lot of money and my shoes went like this: 'a pair of trainers, black plimsols for school p.e class and either black, brown or navy blue shoes for the rest of the time, at school or not!'
    How I yearned for a pair of shiny red patent shoes, I also saw a pair of patent baby blue ones in a shop window once and could not help but fall in love with them (I painted them on my painting called 'Clara')
    My 6 year old daughter now has a healthy obsession with shoes and has some in every colour but mainly pink ;)

    Micki x

  15. I love the photo of your cute Mom! How fun, bunnies, baskets and birthdays! It looks like a heartfelt day of family, friendship and fun!
    Thanks for sharing your heart; (you always do)
    Great pics

  16. my dearest friend,

    i love this post and the pic of your mom....love how she wore bunny ears and a tail!!!! i can see what an amazingly gor-juss soul she is!!

    and thank you for one of the kindest, sweetest things anyone has ever done for me....i love the pic of you and i and the reminiscent image of our retreat together!!! you are an angel....i am so blessed to have you in my life and love you tons and tons!!!! you made me cry....xoxoxox

    love you beautiful you!

  17. Thanks for always leaving me such sweet comments. I love music...it inspires me so much!
    Love the pic of your mom. Too cute! Your friend is beautiful and so are you. Love the words painted on everyone. I have gone to that site before and thought how neat. I guess I would paint JOY on myself. Jesus...Others...You! Try to keep my life in perspective of what is most important to me. Love the bubble post too.
    Have a blessed day.

  18. Dear Chrissy-thanks so much for this very heartfelt Easter post. If I could have a basket of what makes me happy...it would be...SLEEP!! And yes, your friend is super gorgeous! And so are you-the two of you look just like sisters:)

  19. Simply beautiful and sweet and touching, and so very kind. Your posts exude such passion for all you do and all you love. So happy I get to read them and smile!

    And thank you for your kind words on my blog, dahling :) Made my day!

  20. I just love you and Kolleen. You are both so beautiful and inspiring. And your mom is too cute in that picture...

  21. What wonderful photos!
    What a blessing to have such special friends and kindred spirits in your life. It surely speaks to the kindness of your own spirit.

    We are headed out to the Oregon coast this weekend for a short retreat with dear friends and family. Perhaps I should bring some paints!

  22. What a fun Mom you have, so willing to wear all that bunny gear. And the photo of you with your friend is just lovely with the giant smiles all around. It's wonderful to see how much you treasure your very special friendship.

  23. Oh Chrissy, no wonder you're so special, you were blessed with a wonderful mother! She's adorable, love that picture. Thanks for stopping by my blog, it is a blast to have "cabin grandparents." Glad you had a happy weekend. Happy Bday to Kolleen, you are both beautiful ladies!

    Love to you,


  24. now how did i know that your Easter-bunny-mom would be SO cute.....and SO precious, just like you!!! all of your baskets are gorgeous, and it's occurred to me that my basket is always filled with smiles (and maybe a bite or two of chocolate) after i've visited you....mainly because you always put them there!! happy birthday to your sweet friend kolleen!! xox, :))

  25. hello friend! I have that exact little birdie in that last shot. I love your basket pics. And your mom is so sweet!


  26. sweet chrissy, beautiful lady. your mom is adorable.
    love the birthday wishes to kolleen. i can't believe i got to meet her in the flesh. so amazing. i agree, more beautiful in person, i know that is hard to imagine.
    hope to someday meet you too my dear friend!


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