April 12, 2010

...contentment is?

i.ve had a word swirling around in my head over and over this weekend.
{me.  oregon coast . october.  2009}

care to share?
contentment is........?


  1. ... having an utterly uneventful day and delighting in every minute of it.
    ... seeing the way things truly are and feeling your heart overflow with appreciation.
    ... knowing you are exactly in the right place at the right time

    Wonderful questions. I'll be pondering contentedly some more... Love, Silke

  2. ~being just where i am in my life...l♥vely picture...i miss the beach and very much look forward to visiting the ocean all too soon...thank you so for sharing...brightest blessings~

  3. knowing I have been given everything I need for abundance and life..that I just have to stay centered in that GOdness.. HE constantly provides it to me, that without striving- i just hold on to His Hand and trust like a child.

  4. i'm feeling that too today!

    and i LOVE that photo chrissy...totally brings me back there..

  5. ...knowing I'm here to be me and nobody else
    ...trusting my kids are alright and always will be alright
    ...having nowhere to be
    ...having time and inspiration to create
    ...loving what is

    (thanks for asking, chrissy!)

  6. Contentment is right here and right now no matter how many dishes are in the sink. xox

  7. Contentment is having time to exercise and craft and not have the power shut off(like it was today for 4 1/2 hrs). Contentment is knowing your loved ones are safe n' sound. Contentment is
    looking forward to a happy evening with the ones you love! Contentment is finishing a swap, that is difficult. Contentment is finding online blog
    friends who you feel connected to, even though you have never met!

  8. contentment is knowing that all is as it should be in this moment

  9. accepting what is in this moment

    Nice clogs :)

  10. oh Chrissy, nice post. I am Soooo contented right now, knowing I've made a decision to improve my life and wellbeing. I strive for all to feel this way without material things, but people, friendships, family, this beautiful world we live in but sometimes miss and life itself. xxx

  11. is....

    - having a friend like you in my life
    - my home at night, lit by candlelight, everyone asleep in their beds and me up....checking for locked doors, one last peak in on the kids and then crawling in bed next to my sweet hubby
    - painting
    - listening to incredible music

    i could go on and on!!!!! i think true contentment is knowing what you need to make you content in your life!! did that make sense?!?!?

    love you so

  12. contentment...
    being seen, known, & loved.
    seeing, knowing, & loving.

    xox, ms. bfinm...

  13. (I had a confusing blog post...I was in Tahiti ten years ago, was in Palm Springs for my anniversary last week...lazy and quickly written post...sorry! Well, more sorry I wasn't in Tahiti again! lol)

    Ok, for contentment, here I go: (I love these "think about it" posts you do!)

    1. Laying in a hammock at The Parker in Palm Springs on a private patio with my hubby as we both read good books.

    2. Knowing that I have a job that I USUALLY love, knowing that even when I don't love it, I will love it again.

    3. Watching my children love each other. (this is my number one thing probably)

    4. Getting in my old car and knowing that it will run and that it is dependable and that I am not even tempted to replace it.

    5. Having a super clean kitchen.

    6. Having clean sheets on my bed that are no less than 400 count. 600 would be my preference. (totally snobby of me...so hate me for it if you have to, the sheets are flippin' nice!)

    7. Good tunes on my iPod while I paint.

  14. for me right now contentment means feeling full of life, love, friends, family,, good food and creativity.

  15. .. being happy in this moment, just as it is.

  16. Contentment is.....having rain, a yak on a hill, mouldy fruit, a bad dj, awful staff and food I couldn't eat but still being happy on my wedding day because I was with the man I love, the children I adore and the family and friends that are the closest to me :)

    Micki x

    Red shoes were not brought at the weekend but 2 pairs of pretty pink ones were though ;)

  17. ... being at peace with your life and all its twists and turns

    I love this photo!!

  18. For me contentment means being able to recognize that I have everything I need, all of the time.
    That no thing, person or new pair of shoes will fill the voids.

    Of course, this is a difficult task, that must be practiced, practiced, practiced.

    Hope you are finding contentment in your heart, dear one!

  19. ...being surrounded by friendship.
    ...knowing I am where I need to be. Right at this perfect moment.
    ...feeling contentment embrace every part of my body. Lumps,bumps and all.

  20. a soft couch .a glass of Merlot and an old dog to pat...

  21. Doing all you can do and being satisfied and happy with what you have accomplished.

  22. Contentment is being in the moment, accepting life as it is but also striving to grow and evolve. That's the Zen answer but...Sometimes contentment is also a piece of chocolate-mocha cheesecake, a hot cup of tea and a great mag (O, International Artist or Artful Blogging)...:)


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