April 29, 2010

...giveaway heads up sisters!

everyone always asks me where i get my jewelry.
i guess i have a particular style?
maybe no style at all.
whatever the opinion, i get the question and take it as a compliment.
 because ...

makes the bulk of my jangles!
allison dayton is one of my favs!
please take a glance at her new blog for some 
ideas on how to "stack"it on.
turn your jewelry storage into living art.
enter the chance to win the mahli wedding beads above.
(they have a delightful history story that you won.t want to miss!)

here is her blog....stacks of style!
here is her website...allison dayton.com

(cul*ti*vate some stacking style this weekend)


  1. oh my gosh, chrissy,
    i'm in, i'm in!
    that bracelet is
    & the giveaway
    love all the big shapes
    & colors & meaning
    of these beautiful beads
    all flowing through
    beautiful you.
    a big circling bracelet beady hug! o

  2. Oh, I'm in sister! Her baubles are Gor-guss as Kolleen would say!

    I'm having a fund raiser for a lovely lady with brain cancer.

    Please pop over and read her story...share with your readers if you can.



  3. Hello friend, I love your jewelry style and so had to go over and join in that give-a-way fun. I would love to start planning some sort of friend reunion, lets get thinking on this...


  4. such juicy colors and shapes...thanks for the tip! i'm so making the rainbow cake she shared for my son's b-day party this weekend!!!!
    happy friday!


  5. thank you so much for sharing the work of these lovely artists! you are so sweet and generous and i just always adore stopping by your blog!

    have an absolutely inspiring weekend!

  6. Hi Chrissy,
    I can't see the pics??! I went to her blog, these are gorgeous; really lovely! I'm off to throw my name in the hat for the give away! So kind of you to share, the visually stunning artist's giveaway!

  7. More jewels the better, right?!? I know Coco Channel said to look in the mirror before you step out and take off one thing...but I say no way, sistah!! Put MORE jewels on before you leave the house and rock it good!!

  8. I have said it before...You can never have too much jewelry! All you need is a pair of jeans, a white shirt and fabulous jewelry and we can all look awesome!

  9. i'm glad i have two arms, because i could easily fill both of them up with those fabulous bracelets! and that story of the mahli beads makes my heart melt. thanks for introducing us to allison....SO talented!!!! xox, :)))

  10. Wow, Allison sure is a gorgeous lady - and her jewelry is beautiful as well.

  11. oh you big sweetie you!
    I can't tell you how much I love you- thanks for sending all of your amazing readers to my doorstep. You are quite a friend missy!!!

  12. I love lots and lots of fun jewelry. I'll go check out her site :)

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  14. Oops, sorry about that Chrissy . . I read your post wrong at first . but now I understand. I am so glad you mentioned this jewelry maker--I love her things! I went over and bought two new bracelets. So now I can start stacking all the way up to my elbows!! You have awesome taste!!

  15. ooh thanks for posting this. the colors are amazing and i love how smooth the beads look. i hope i win!! :)

    ps can we get together soon? i need some art girl tribe inspiration.


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