May 4, 2010

a reminding lighthouse...

do you ever feel like in the midst of the tribulation
 that naturally comes with life.
a shining beacon..{or your 10 year old daughter}...
 breaks through the clouds.
reminding you of what is really important in your world.
that there is always hope to light your way.

(what could be that beacon in your own life today?)


  1. Reading this post brings my older sister Heather to my mind. I don't know if I've ever met anyone as kind, loving, or encouraging. She's always there to give me a boost when I'm feeling down and so supportive of all my endeavors. She is a lighthouse to me, as are you Chrissy. ♥ Been thinking about you and wondering if you've given your talk yet. I can't wait to hear about it. Sending you love and hugs from Oregon!♥

    Your friend,

  2. Today, my beckon is the kindness, that surrounds us online! You, too are also part of that! I met a lot of new friends, doing a challenge. It
    inspired you to see how different and alike we all are! It is a light of hope and compassion, it reflects through words and acts of kindness!
    It is amazing~

    Thanks for shining the light today and always!

  3. this is the ab-so-lute sweetest thing i've seen in a long time!! it looks like your precious ten-year-old beacon is taking after the beacon example that's being set for her by miss-sweetie-pie-big-chocolate-heart-mama-beacon!! you are a bright ray of sunshiny light for all of us!! xox, :))

  4. I have to second that Ellie. I am new to this blogging community but it has busted my heart right open! It makes me feel like we are are inter-connected... I even blogged about this very thing today. I appreciate it so much...I have called you all my Heart Sisters...xo

  5. You seem like such a great mom Chrissy. Sending love to you!

  6. There are so many beacons full of bright light today! You, dear dahling, my hubby who called me at the exact right moment when I needed him today, and this super cool online community of awesome chicks!! Shine bright dear souls :))))

  7. if you read my last blogpost, you'll know how every much I needed this today - thank you! AM

  8. I just love seeing children when children let their wise selves shine through, and they don't even realize how wise they are. Maybe that is what makes it even more special. I would love to hear the story behind this.

    And you my dear as well as Kolleen and Gloria are my beacons of hope. Always sending me messages right when I need them most.

    I love you!!

  9. sometimes just counting down the days until something special is the beacon you focus on..elk

  10. honestly C....
    i think we have beacons every single day....
    it is just up to us to see them
    and to honor them
    and to enjoy them
    and to be thankful for them!!
    today it is my husband who is taking care of the kids the next two days while i am at the beach!!!
    it is my girls who piled on top of me and didn't want me to leave!!!
    it is the text message i received for our dear scarf sister jennifer and the one i got from you today!!!
    and you know is only 3:23 p.m.
    so i am sure there are more beacons to come!!!

    i adore your sweet sweet daughter...
    wise beyond her years cuz she's learning from the best!!!

    all my love

  11. My beacons are sometime so bright I can't miss them and other times they are a dim light that I have to pay attention to see. Sometimes something that is said and other times something I see that changes the way I look at things. This community of bloggers and YOU my dear are a constant beacon for me.

  12. What a wonderful gift to have such a soul to guide you when you need it. I think she's got a pretty good teacher though.

    Nature is my beacon, always. The birds, the way the seem to follow a natural kind of rhythm.

    I've been working on getting back to my own natural rhythms in the last few days.

    Thought of you on Monday when I found a little bit of magic on the road. Check my latest post.


  13. You know, I really like dropping by your blog for a visit because it never fails to inspire and leave me feeling optimistic. Such lovely words and such a lovely thought.

  14. You are so inspiring. Have missed visiting this past month! My students at school remind me each day why I continue to teach. That sweet smile, or hug, or scribbled note left on my desk.

  15. It sounds like your little girl is absorbing your teaching well. :) My children ground me with their wisdom everyday too, even if it is just about living in the moment and being grounded in my own body!

  16. Today my beacon is my mom...its crazy how I love need her so much right now and hows she has been there 100% for me...I adore my mom ever since she took me in...she beautiful funny and so full of life ..she makes me want to grow up and be ust like her.....

  17. Oh, families are that perfect reminder of all that is lovely! Nourishing that is what I love and reflecting on all my lovelies (husband and kiddies) helps me in those rough spots. Thanks for posting this.

  18. i love hope & breakthroughs & our children's wisdom & shining beacons! a winning combination to be sure. this is such a dear photo/beaufiful reflection shown...i think of pictures with reflections like a mountain with the reflection shown in the water in front of it...well your gift above would certainly fit with such natural wonders. i also love the evidence left of the piece of chalk. she held it. she clearly holds many things.
    thanks for all your beautifical beaconings, dear. xoxox

  19. Aw aw aw. How sweet. Yep, the kiddos have a way of sneaking up on you with perfect little nuggets from time to time.

  20. Ahhhh that beacon of light....its different everyday, but today...i am Free! and my mum is arriving from England so she is my beacon of light today as ill sit down with her tonight with a cuppa, mull over my recent adventures and she will turn on a completely different light and guide me down a path i probably didn't even consider. I also second Ellie and Danielle, i LOVE our artful sisters online, I sooo want to be in a room (or maybe on the beach being playful!) with you all right now.

    The sun is shining so brightly here today and so do you lovely friend. xxx

  21. Oooh, we have e.s.p. going around because this has been on my mind in so many words, too. So simple, so true, and what a blessing it is to have one. I try to remember this every day. It is comforting to me. Beautiful sentiment and post. I love coming here. : )

  22. girlfriends~
    girlfriends that are always there for me whenever I need them, to laugh, to cry, to chat, to dance, to create, to work with, etc. etc. etc.!
    the importance of girlfriends in a women's life is a must. I do not know what I would do without them:)
    that includes you and all the wonderful women that I have met in blogland!
    ~happy mother's day girlfriend!

  23. look at all these wonderful comments! it's so nice to read such positive words today. my beacon of light comes from so many different people in my life and the thing i have learned is that it only takes one ray of light to brighten the grey. such small things make me smile, like sweet Kolleen posting a heart on my Facebook page or you, dear Chrissy, sending me a message. i am still in awe of all the light i am receiving from that single retreat last year.

  24. Every day when my husband walks in the front door after work is like seeing a big bright beacon. What a blessing that he really is my best friend who just has a way of keeping me centered!

  25. children, above all, have such a unique gift of clarity. their thoughts and actions don't get clouded up by all the adult nonsense that we let run ramshackle through our brains. we can learn so much from them! i wonder where we lose that gift?

  26. Family, good friends (old and new), kind strangers...there's so much goodness everywhere. And I agree that children have a special way of seeing things clearly.

  27. Today, it is the feel of the sun and the smell of freshly mowed grass.


    Thinking of YOU and hoping you had a lovely week. You are so kind and special. Did you know your children are the luckiest on earth?! Yes, they certainly are!!! I too am lucky because I know you :)

    With Love,


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