May 16, 2010

how does a heart not burst?

 i remember my first ever issue of "artful blogging".
i read over and over of the "surprising" friendships born amongst artists.
(and isn.t every woman an artist of something?)
friendships which emerged and sprang forth from all over the world.
friendships between women who had never met {in person}
and some who likely never will.
i thought to myself.
"self...isn.t it wonderful that these women have been blessed 
with kindred, like.minded souls who "get" them?"
"their own tribes.  communities.  soul sisters.
who lift and inspire and encourage and love 
without any strings attached..."
it seemed to me, that these friendships were a rare treasure,
the holders of whom only graced the pages of magazines 
and popular blog stops dotted along the way.
i started a blog.
and i realized that 
my friends.
my tribe.
my community.
my sisterhood.
was out there just waiting for me to reach out and grasp it.
dear sweet friends that were hand delivered right to little ol' me.
friends with heartwings that follow me through life.
sending love in thoughts and prayers and phone calls and surprise packages!
{and invites to her beach house this weekend...whooo hooo!}
who knows that sometimes the best letters...
are the ones that are never written.
but folded and tucked and pinched and smoothed and kissed...
then sent off to show up at the most preciously perfect time!
{thanks mbfinm!} opened a plain manila envelope from a dear blog friend, ellen.
(what in heavens name is a manila anyway?)
to find a gold mine of peaceful favorite?
a handmade pouch with a hummingbird on it.
upon closer inspection i squeeled in delight as i realized
it was my hummingbird!!!
ellen had taken the photo from this post and made me a precious purse
 (look closely) and filled it will all sorts of love. are so sweet to me!   thank you!
{and just a few days ago i received another "surprise" in the mail 
that i will share with you soon...stay tuned.}

my heart is overflowing with the kind hearts that settle around the world.
around me.
how does one not burst with so much....
i feel extremely blessed to call many of you
 my dear dear friends.


  1. dear dear chrissy, friend, inspirer, beautiful soul. i love this post, and you, so much!

    "my friends. my tribe. my sisterhood.
    was out there just waiting for me to reach out and grasp it." <-- this resonates with me so much!

    you cultivated a lovely end to my sunday (and start to my week,) as always with your beautiful soulful blessings.

    with love, carissa.

  2. Birds of a feather flock together sweet Chrissy

  3. i feel as though
    i am facing a
    big beautiful
    morning ocean
    & am moving forward,
    rolling up my pants,
    & am now IN,
    up to my ankles.
    from here i write
    (while hearing
    the waves
    & feeling my my upper body
    gently pushed to the side
    every few seconds
    with them).
    & so here i am
    with this gorgeous
    art blogging sisterhood
    community gift.
    it IS totally amazing
    & i am
    razzle dazzled
    by all this LIFE.
    as for your
    specific mentions,
    i am blown over
    by ellen's personalized
    hummingbird pouch!!!
    did you almost
    when you received it?!
    & how can one
    not ADORE
    what a dear package
    she sent you
    & beach invitation!!!
    (you both
    may literally soon
    have your bodies
    in big water!).
    & then there's
    the heart
    i sent you
    & your sweet words
    i flip up now
    in the water
    & float
    & am thankful
    for such sunshine
    & holdings
    & love.

  4. That pouch is so incredibly awesome, just like you and your hummingbird. What a lovely collaboration between artists, all of you.

    You're so right about community being out there for us to grasp. I'm glad I found you in mine sweet friend. I feel privileged to know you.

  5. Oh Chrissy, you are so loved...who can resist you?
    I'm so excited for you and Kolleen to have your time together. Skype or make me a vlog if you get a chance. I want to see the two of you together! That pouch is adorable!

  6. oh sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet

  7. OH i just want to give you all a virtual hug. :-) I second Beth's bird of a feather comment, it is so true and this community is so wonderful and supportive and it is just sooooo yummy - (why am I lost for words!)...Chrissy you are such a kindred spirit my darling and you are attracting all of these wonderful ya and dont ever stop. xxxx

  8. I'm so happy to call you my sister Chrissy! You've made me feel so welcome in the online world. Wishing you lots love!

    Here's a hug from me:)

  9. I knew the moment we "talked" we were of the same tribe, the same sisterhood. You just know when you're home, right?? What a wonderful time we live in to be able to share our souls with like-minded spirits!

    Keep spreadin' the love, sistah!!!! And sending it right back to you, dahling :)


  10. These connections via our blogs are very dear indeed. The ripples flow out in all directions!

  11. Isn't it just the best?? I had no idea, either, what was in store in this amazing online, virtual, creatively-inspired, sisterhood tribal community! I mean I love my "local friends", but some of them just don't get it in the same way and I sooo love having this group to turn to in matters of the heart and the creative spirit. It is truly amazing and you, Chrissy, re a big part of that!!

    Can't wait to hear about your get-together with Kolleen!!

  12. Hello! (Manila is named after the original material used for the envelope...manila hemp. I looked it up. Love Google!)

    You are right that online friends are special. It is such a unique breed and I am betting that the creative/artsy types are the sweetest ones!

    I love the pictures of all the goodies that were put in the mail for you. I love to imagine your smile when you opened them. And that sparkle you get in your fun!


  13. Oh wow... what a super sweet post, I am at work and I have tears trickling down my cheeks... I just hope no students come in and see me with my happy tears, one for each of the wonderful connections I have made in this strange but lovely cyber world.

  14. It is such an amazing and beautiful thing!


    I'm in awe of Rachel's response. i can see why the two of you have such an amazing connection. you are true beauty Chrissy. so happy that I know you. Thanks for spreading the good vibes! I like to call it:

    "nourishing the positive seed"

  15. it's easy to give back love to the one who gives it so freely herself.....and that someone is YOU, sweet soul sister in chocolate!!! and are you sitting down? would you believe that i have that very same "friends are angels" piece of fabric happiness (does yours have turquoise rik-rak and pink pom -poms at the bottom, too?!!)?!!! we are blessed to be a part of the same angel tribe......and thank you precious one for always leaving such sweet comments sprinkled with angel dust over at my blog! xoxo, :)))

  16. this is a place to see and be seen....and that is an amazing thing.


  17. I'm so glad you found your tribe.


  18. You're surrounded by much love, seen in the gifts you receive and the gifts that I'm sure you very generously pass along.

  19. this all brought such happy tears to my eyes. you my dear are a treasure, and that is why others are so drawn to you and open there arms and hearts up to you. I love you. Enjoy your time with kolleen. and give each other a big hug from me. I

  20. lovely post...i am drawn here and just love your perspective. you inspire! xo

  21. Your posts are always so encouraging! What a treasure friendship is & it is amazing how one can connect so well with people that they've met up through blogging. Ellen seems to be such a sweet treasure. :-)

  22. This is so lovely Chrissy :) I know when I move back across the world in a few months I'm going to feel disconnected from my amazing friends that I see every day at work, but you've reminded me I have this to look forward to!

  23. I'm here smiling reading your post :)

  24. how did i miss this post....???

    WOW!!! look at ALL the love!!!

    you, my sweet friend, are a living, breathing example of someone who exudes so much light and love and it all comes back!

    you are like a boomerang!!!!! : )

    the love you put out finds its way bacck and i love being a witness to it!!!

    and my goodness C.....that handmade pouch is to die for!!! I would have squealed in delight opening a package like that!!! my cup runneth over!!!!

    love you so.....thursday is right around the corner!

  25. Chrissy,
    You have a generous spirit; I can relate to so many of the subjects you touch upon! Your unique posts, find a way to touch my heart or inspire me! You are a true friend and I am happy to be in your circle of amazing friends and creative spirits! (((HUGS)))

  26. It is so true - this community of soul sisters is so amazing. Fun to see where some of your little gems came from...I recognized them instantly, which shows these women really know how to make their mark. :) I just heard from a dear, sweet soul who wants to send me a piece of her art that I love, love, love...just because. Makes my heart sing! And you've reminded me to keep on reaching out to those I adore each week in creative, compassionate ways. Thank you!

  27. Chrissy,
    You have a bubbly, vibrant spirit that is contagious! Keep sharing your gift~

  28. Chrissy, You've said it all so beautifully and true! Let us know how the beachhouse weekend goes <3


  29. great post! I am new to the blogging world but feel the same way....It makes you realize how many genuinely kind beautiful people are out there, and definately makes you more thankful.... Check out my last post! The little girl in the video is who I want to be more like!


  30. you have touched on the best part of the connections we have here..what beautiful gifts you have received..i loved seeing all of the creativity!

  31. Hey Chrissy...You are so creative!! ANd I LOVED LOVED your lesson last week at Womens Conference!! I know this is off topic, But I don't have your email address...but I wanted you to know that tonight at mutual we had a combined activity where we did improv skits in a bag. YOUR SON WAS HYSTERICAL! He was the star of the Priests skit, and seriously HYSTERICAL!! I guess the "creative" juices don't fall far from the tree!!! Just wanted you to kow what a great job he did!!


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