May 24, 2010 a loss for words!

have you ever tried to describe a wonderful experience to someone
right after it happened and the right words just won.t come?
that.s how i am feeling about my little weekend 
in carpinteria, california with kolleen.
i think i.ll just sit with it for now.
let it settle.
and share when had time to digest the wonder of our time together.
in the meantime...
i.ll share the story through my lens!
{love you k!}


  1. so beautiful!
    i love witnessing the friendship between you two.
    excited to hear more, but love this visual story you've told!

  2. Hi Friend! I love Carpinteria, I went there every year to camp growing up. We rode our bikes everywhere, so fun!

    I am sure you must have nurtured your soul, and if anyone deserves that, it is you, the woman with the biggest heart of anyone...


  3. your gorgeous photos tell the story beautifully! sometimes it's hard to express our most spectacular heart-moments....besides, who needs words when you have red and blue nail polish to paint on your toes.....and sand to sit on while being lulled by the sound of ocean waves......and artsy stuff to create.....and chocolate to eat (my favorite is dark, straight from belgium, what's yours?!!) SO happy for you that you had a fabulous time!!! xox, :))

  4. oh that looks wonderful! yes, sometimes you have to let it sit, let it absorb, let your heart and mind truly wrap themselves around it. your friendship is sweet, the mutual respect and love for one another is so evident in your pictures. and fun! what fun you two adventurous, artistic souls have! i hope to hear/see more of your weekend! xxoo

  5. Oh your photographs speak huge words of friendship and love!!

    Hugs for you and the wonderful Kolleen x

  6. You photos say it all, Chrissy! No words needed - I can see and feel the love between you two and am so happy for you!! Much love, Silke

  7. gifts from the sea.
    the tide rolls in.
    toe nail polish.
    a magic wand
    that makes hearts appear
    where ever you look.
    paint to create
    what ever your heart desires.
    love. connection.
    the humility of saying
    thank you to a gift
    clearly from beyond this world.
    i am so heartstruck
    by your photos
    & beachhappy for you
    & dear kolleen.
    i send a big hug
    to your friendship
    & dance with ribbons
    around your twenty toes!

  8. What a fun weekend. I especially like the pictures of bright colored toes and the candy. What an amazing friendship you have. :-)

  9. Words, schmwords. . who needs them all the time anyway? This post was absolutely perfect. I got an amazing picture of your trip. Looking at them, my one resounding thought was: "Can I come along next time?". Looks like a wonderful rejuvy time. I especially loved the sneakers on the doormat. For some reason that picture really brought home the gist of your vacation . . . I'm so glad for you and will look forward to hearing {or seeing} more about it. : )

  10. The photos speak volumes, laid back, creating, enjoying each others company, art dates and
    snacking! I love the feel and tone you evoke!
    Sometimes photos say it best, when words, can't
    always express the meaning of these rare moments!
    Pure Joy is what I see~

  11. Ooh divine the photos say alot my lovely. Looks like a wonderful time was had relaxing and being present with a good friend. xxx

  12. yes, these pictures paint a thousand words and then some! so glad it was such a wonderful trip and time for the tow of you =-)

  13. Awesome! so neat to see the friendship you 2 have cultivated. and I am loving that little paper doll creation of you 2!

  14. Words are beautiful but moments spent in bliss with a dear soul need no explanation...

    xx and oo to you both =-)

  15. i think you've described it perfectly :)

  16. just perfect. as others have said (and you too!), sometimes words get in the way and detract from the beauty and simplicity of what is. here they are not needed and it's obvious from reading all these comments that everyone totally gets it!

  17. your ability to share joy is a constant source of inspiration these days and this post is no exception. it all looks fabulous!

  18. Beautiful pictures!! the images speak for themselves ..... I'm glad for your relaxed and happy days, enjoying the friendship is very important .....
    I have read something without translator !!!!!!! MI CASA ES SU CASA !!!!!!!

  19. who needs words when you have such wonderful photos! i am so glad you two spent time together...such special souls.
    love you both!

  20. p.s. Chrissy, just wanted to send you a big Wyoming-sized thank you for all the kind things you've said to me lately. I was wanting to write you in an email but haven't been able to find it around here. Anyway, thank you -- you are like a soul sister! And YES! those bracelets are from you-know-where! I love them, too!

  21. Looks like a heavenly weekend. So good you took some time for yourself

  22. Everything looks, tastes, sounds...feels better when you have good company around. I can tell by your photos that you had a fantastic time together.

  23. wonderful pictures!! nothing beats a weekend with an arty friend!!

  24. Gratitude and love in pictures is just as beautiful as words. How blessed to have such a friendship. Thank You for all your kind words and thoughts you have left for me. You are such an inspiration to me!

  25. Chrissy, you made my heart SING with the beautiful and touching comments you so openly expressed!! I feel so blessed to call you and Kolleen Soul Sistahs, and so happy we can share our stories and laughter and words and dreams and friendship...Thank you sweet friend :)

    Big Hugs & Big Kisses,

  26. yes, yes!!!! i knew these photos would simply be friendship eye candy.....i agree with the others, the photos really speak for themselves. my favorite one is the blue and orange toes! you two! you make me smile. thanks for taking me on this journey with you. Chrissy, you have such a gift with the lens. my heart is brimming over with love for both of you. here is a hug to you both.......(((((((((((<<>>>))))))))))))))

    love you

  27. Love this post!! It's so great to have one of those weekends with a true friend... love the pics! Reminda me of the fun weekend I just had! Beautiful pics!

  28. The photos say it all.

    I am so glad you and Kolleen had such a wonderful time together. But then, of course you would.

    Lots of love to you!

  29. gorgeous pics, chrissy! so happy to hear you had such a great time. can't wait to hear more about it!

  30. such a sweet post. lovely photos!

    xo Alison

  31. dearest chrissy,

    mmmmmm, i love all these hearts! the way you two enrich each other and all of us here is so beautiful!

    You are:

    Two beautiful souls
    whose lights amplify
    everyone else around
    and the world
    shines brighter
    and brighter
    and brighter

    xo Carissa

  32. The pictures say it all. You don't need any words. What a magic time.

  33. Beautiful story about a beautiful friendship. No words needed.
    Love you


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