May 20, 2010

...focus chrissy! been in a bit of a fog lately.
 having a hard time focusing.
not finishing projects before i start on yet another.
feeling pulled in many different directions.
words don.t come as easily to my mind right now.
they hide and make me dig for them.
i can.t concentrate.
{from a little shirt i bring out whenever i.m feeling this way,
 just to warn those around me!}

i know it will pass.
it always does.
but i have to say that i am so excited to be flying out to california today.
to meet this beautiful soul.
to breath.
to talk.
to share.
to walk.
to paint.
to not.
to be.
i.m hoping to find some space inside me.
some vacancy.
in the meantime sweet dear friends that i love...
sweet dreams!


  1. oh sweet sweet sweet.

    i must say - i love that t-shirt! how awesome if we could always write out how we're feeling on our t-shirts.

  2. the fog has found it's way here too chrissy. i think that it is the small buds of summer nestling in for that last bit of warm so they (all our ideas, hopes and dreams) can burst wide open in the coming summer season. i hope your visit fills you up friend!


  3. i hope that you two have a wonderful time together. can't wait to hug you both this fall.

  4. I'm having one of those times at the moment where I have too many ideas and just can't decide on where to start, i've got pages and pages of scruffy drawings and nothing drawn up neatly ready to paint.
    I just can't commit to one thing at the moment!! :)

    Micki x

    P.s. I don't know if I said this already but "I REALLY APPRECIATE" the emails you sent me the other week about the magazine stuff, I would give you a jolly good squeeze if you were near by ;) Hugs for you fabulous lady x x x

  5. I hope you have a lovely time in California, maybe a bit of time away is just what you need for the fog to lift?

  6. oh my goodness.....i know that very fog that you're describing.....mainly because i seem to be in one most days!!! i'm glad that you have a chance to sneak away to a place where fog doesn't exist.....enjoy your breathing, talking, painting, sharing, walking, and just being time (is it too late to add "chocolating" to the list?!!) safe, have fun sweet one!!! xox, :))

  7. YAY!!!! you will be here very soon!!!
    i am hoping this next few days will reenergize you!!
    there is nothing like the beach air and the ocean!!!

    gotta love that crazy pic of me!!!! ick!!!!!!!

    i love you sista!

  8. Be warned...whenever those moments strike me, there is usually so much that finally comes out that I can hardly make time to sleep! Words, ideas, happiness all overflow following the drought. Happy travels!

  9. how exciting. i hope you to have an incredible time together :)

  10. Chrissy, if you read my "scattered" post from last week you will know that I totally get it! Much as we'd like to, we can't always be on top of everything 100% of the time - all part of the ebb and flow.

    I know you and the fabulous Kolleen are going to have a blast. Huge hugs to both of you!! Hope I can hug you both for real in November!!!

  11. Your friend will help you out of the fog! We all have it, see it, it is a lull between your next
    creative surge! Hang in there, best thing to do is go on an Art Date, do something you haven't done in awhile and/or try something new!
    It will snap you back to you! Flying to CA and enjoying your friend, will inspire you and nudge you, out of the funky fog! Have a wonderful time!!!

  12. i am SO happy knowing you two will be together having a lovely time! it warms my heart whenever i hear of any of my scarf sisters spending time's like we are all together again. i know there will be much laughter! hugs to you both!!!

  13. i agree with tricia, its so nice to hear when any of us get together. its like we get a dose of magical energy ourselves. i hope you have so much fun. give her one huge hug from me. just know all of us will be there with you in spirit. can't wait to see photos and hear about the trip!!! love you safe!!

  14. I can totally relate to your description of sometimes being in a 'fog' that is somewhat paralyzing. Glad to hear that you are looking forward to your California visit (my sunny state). I hope that your visit gets your juices flowing again. Have a great time!!

  15. i'm so excited you two will be together!!!
    can't wait to hear about it!

  16. oh how i relate
    to being
    in many directions
    & how that
    can cause
    a kind of
    & then
    & something
    in us
    goes on strike.
    i am so
    heart happy
    for both
    & kolleen
    to now have
    a singular focus
    i wish you both
    & huge love
    as always.
    (& if you paint,
    i'd be giddy
    to see!!!).

  17. Oh, you lucky woman!! I'm so glad you and Kolleen get to hang out and celebrate your friendship!! Enjoy!!! Love, Silke

  18. Spending time with a good friend is usually the best medicine for lack of concentration. I've found that whenever a friend takes the time to truly listen to what's been on our mind, things begin to make more sense and the inner chatter quiets down.

  19. Lucky you! Have a lovely trip and wonderful visit out in sunny California. These days I just blame all of my actions and scatter brain on early menopause :))Just this month alone I've finished making something in the kitchen and left the oven/stove on at least 6 times. Does that make you feel any better?

  20. Oh, I hope you have a lovely relaxing trip with no need to concentrate, but just relax and enjoy your friendship. :-)

  21. Maybe there's something in the air - I'm having a similar thing right now.
    PS. I'm back from NZ and looking forward to catching up with your lovely blog!

  22. Honey that fog will soon be gone, like all fog it drifts in and then out again. Im so excited for you and Kolleen....ahhh lovely times ahead my sweet. xx

  23. thinking of you today and hoping you are having a great weekend.


  24. i.can
    so relate
    love the shirt
    hope your time
    away was all that and

  25. hope you had a great time chrissy~girlfriends are so important and so spiritually uplifting! and painting, well the combination is so SWEET! If you did a little shopping too then VERY SWEET!

    your butterfly should be waiting for you when you get home...
    thanks & much love sweetie...cindy

  26. YES! I have this feeling as well. Yesterday I was very out of sorts. I just stopped here via Kolleen's blog. What a nice space! Hope your time together was great!

  27. Hi Chrissy, I was passed a meme about If I were...
    I am passing it to you; Check out my blog for details. YOU can play if you want or pass; Whatever works for You!

    Hope you are having an Awe inspiring time!

  28. Hi Chrissy just been thinking about you and thought I'd pop over and see what you are up to. Lucky you to have a nice get those toe nails!


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