May 27, 2010

...countdown to summer

in about 6 hours
my backyard will be filled with these 5 stinkers.
and at least 30 or more of their friends.
from 7 to 17.
it.s the annual 
"last day of school and kick off to summer swashbuckle"
junk food
water balloons
squirt guns
trampoline tricks

summer...i love you!


  1. Oh, how much fun is that?! I am ready for summer and lots of time to relax, hit the farmers markets and kayak. I hope the party is a smashing success....I know it will be!

  2. This picture made me giggle and that youngest girl - oh my- she looks like a little mini-me of you... made me miss your contagious grin

  3. Oh sweet friend of mine...I am glad you had a great time with kolleen and that your have found a bff we need one....I hope to see you soon as it woud not be the same without you....I m sending you lots of love.....Gloria

  4. Wow - just look at them, all dressed up and smiling from ear to ear. I always felt like the last day of school was the best day of the year (or maybe tied with Christmas) both when I was a student and a teacher! Have a blast, dear Chrissy!!

    Love and hugs,


  5. what fun! that sounds like a great great way to welcome the summer in! Have a blast!

  6. oh my....i LOVE this picture!!!!! they are so stinkin cute....just like their mama!!!

    i am sure the party will be a smashing success!!! sounds like too much fun!!!

    miss you so much sister....definitely having Chrissy withdrawals!!!

    love you so,

  7. Oh, what a gorgeous family you have!! WOW! Just like you!! Have fun with your party!!! Love, Silke

  8. you are such a FUN mama! love you and just adore your beautiful kids. hope the party is a success! sounds like so much fun!!!!

  9. What a gorgeous group; I see you in all of them!
    Great times abound... Launching summer is always
    a fun fest! Enjoy your gathering and make sure
    to take some glorious pic~

  10. what an awesome way to kick off summer chrissy! it's pouring rain and only in the high 50's here so i'm going to close my eyes and visualize myself joining in the fun : )

  11. They are soo cute!!! what a great idea... as we are in the middle of a cold, rainy snap it is nice to think of you celebrating the beginning of summer, makes me smile.

  12. so much fun!
    and your kidlets are all so beautiful!

  13. WOW! sounds like a super fun jam-packed party!! i hope you have someone helping you, that 1:30 ratio has me a bit nervous!

    OOPS! my work in after-school programs showing!?!???! ;)

  14. can i come, can i come? It sounds like a blast.

  15. What a beautiful group of kids you have!!! It makes me so happy to see them all together. Wish I could be a little birdie flying above your yard while this party is going on...

    Happy Summer sweet friend, xox


  16. these five stinkers
    are stinkin' shinin'!
    & i adore them
    each & all
    through their
    precious mama.
    what a gift
    to give them
    of a
    summer bash!
    & what a gift
    you give us
    to see their
    dear faces.
    & by the way,
    i find myself,
    silly like you,
    missing you.

  17. your five stinkers are too stinkin' cute!!!! and i love their idea of a proper summer, pop, junk food, trampolines......and water ballons......yes, bring on the water balloons......these are my kind of party animals!! have fun, sweet one.....enjoy the laughter!! xox, :))

  18. Great photo - I take it that these are your kids. Awesome! What Joy I feel as I read your words and enthusiasm about the coming summer! Enjoy it!

  19. Hey Chrissy!

    So fun to see your darling children, and what an awesome start to the summer! Our neighborhood pool is suppose to open this weekend but is has been really rainy here. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm so excited for Paris!!! I will most definitely eat a crepe in your honor. No plans as of now to visit Utah. My Utah fam is coming to Oregon this summer for a week at the coast. I'll be sure to let you know if I do make any plans. I'd love to get together! I wish you could come to Portland and take Judy's class with me. ;) I'm glad you and your sweet friend Kolleen were able to have a little get away, girl time with friends is important. Hope it brought you out of your fog.

    Love to you my friend!

  20. Where on earth did you find these darlings! Their little faces are just adorable!! Your party sounds like a dream party, especially for the youngsters {and the youngsters at heart!}--I hope it was total fun. Maybe we'll get to see some pics???
    Have a wonderful weekend Chrissy! Oh, and p.s., your approach to learning the guitar is perfect. We must be on the same page, because that's EXACTLY my method, too!

  21. sounds like SO much fun! And I hope you'll be in the middle of it all, swigging pop and shooting your water pistol!

  22. Sounds like one excellent summer :) I hope you have a lot of fun!!

  23. Have a great time enjoying all of the fun and sun! Your kids are so very blessed to have a mama that is up for a bash like that :) ANNUALLY! You're awesome!

  24. Too much fun with way too cute kiddos and one super cute cool mom!!! You make summer sound so delicious! Have a grand time celebrating :)

    Gwynnie B Wishin She Were There

  25. Your gang looks so spiffy...and happy too. It sounds like your summer will be filled with lots of fun for everyone.

  26. I wish I was at that party. Yes, my friend, I surely do.

    Missing you bunches, as always.


  27. I love how you embrace everything that comes your way, including a yard full of 30 kids! :) I hope your summer is full of wonder and joy!

  28. They are beautiful!

    I'm sure your party was a swashbuckling success.

    Happy summer! (I cannot quite think of summer as it's been raining here for a week. But I have a good imagination. ;-)

  29. Oh your children are so wonderful and i hope the party went well honey. Summer is here yay! so exciting and fun. xxx

  30. That's awesome, Chrissy! We plan to do something similar for my daughter and her neighborhood friends. I love the way you express yourself in this space, the way you visually space your words--I feel your joy! Happy Summer to you! Lisa


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