June 3, 2010

...talented friends.

i.ve been quiet here
i was busy being noisy in san francisco.
i can.t wait to share some pics with you.
in the meantime...
i wanted to share some talented friends i.ve made.
of happy shack designs.
kelly does it all.  i.m not kidding, she does.
a few weeks ago...a very happy surprise was on my front porch.
kelly had remembered a comment i made on her blog awhile ago
about a dreamy wish i kept inside myself...
"a rusty old truck with beautifully aged paint 
and time to drive around in it 
taking photos of all the adventures i came across."
...and this is what she sent me
photographs she had taken of
"old harvey" and "desmonds last gasp"
i wanted to leap through the picture and hop behind the wheel of old harvey
in my green cowboy boots, a flowy skirt, an old straw hat, 
lots of turquoise jewelry, a diet dr. pepper and my camera.
i would probably stick my guitar in there too just for good measure 
although i am still learning how to play it.
most recently i am so proud of her for putting on her first 
"mermaids & mamas" and being a guest curator on CreshenDoh last week
where she shared her Art Saves story.
{if you haven.t visited CreshenDoh yet...go right away...
i promise you.ll be happy you did}
{{thanks kelly...you.re the B E S T!!}}
i love this girl.  she exudes grace.  and her art makes me smile.
it is her vision to uplift the world through the power of art...
spreading love, healing and happiness and that.s just what she does.
recently i won a print of lori.s on her blog.  yippy for me! 
i chose this one...
"love is coming home to you"
{looking at it right now i am chuckling at what the girl is wearing...
does she look anything like what i just described above?}
i also bought this one...
i have a slight obsession with cows.  don.t laugh, i do.
i have lots of sketches of them that i want to paint,
but i couldn.t pass up on lori.s sweet cow friend.
{thank you lori for the extra surprises you sent.  i love love love my prints!}
visiting cindy.s blog always calms me.  
that might be a dumb way to describe it, but it.s my way.
cindy is so down to earth and i totally connect to her vintage-y feel.
it.s like visiting your favorite antique shop or flea market.
recently my neck was calling this...
{look at the old crackly paint under miss butterfly...my kinda girl!}
dear lori also included not one but two of her handmade pins...
she remembered my special admiration of hummingbirds
and also the name of my blog and my word of the year...cul*ti*vate.
so she made me both!  how sweet is that.  but not surprising.
cindy is a sweetheart.
{you are a dear cindy!  now my eye is on this !}

i.ve missed you guys!


  1. oooohhh! i am loving the work of your friend Cindy! i've got to put her in my favorites at etsy so i can purchase some of her work...just as soon as i can earn some extra $$! ;)

  2. Hey Crissy~

    Kelly was my "roomie" at Artful Journey in February. She is one talented and cool chick :) What amazing photos! And the paintings and the jewels, oh my!!!

    I love how you support and admire talented women. And YOUR blog not only calms me but it also inspires me on so many levels. Especially when I'm wearing my turquoise jewels and hot pink cowboy hat!!!!!!

    Cheers Sistah~

  3. yay!! kelly and lori are two of my favorite art pals - i love their colorful visions and beautiful work! off to check out cindy's blog!

  4. Love Cindy's work it's gorgeous!!

    I'm having a "no shoe" day today btw
    i'm barefoot and fancy free, it's hot here and me and the kids have been in the garden for most of the day, I love the feel of grass beneath my toes, almost as good as sand ;)
    Micki x

  5. Beautiful artwork! I tell you, Lori should have a Cow patent. . she makes the sweetest cows I've ever seen. It's something in the eyes. I think of her work every time we drive through country areas around here of rolling hills with cows peppered about.
    p.s. Glad to see you are back!

  6. We're paying blog tag! You can email me at kkaron@bresnan.net. That would be just too much if you are out this way this summer. I'll try to make it work. Oooh, and let's pick a song, too. . . bring your 6-string!!

  7. WOW! There is so much inspiration out there! Thank-you for sharing these talented women with us! I LOVE that necklace! LOVE your style girl! xox

  8. welcome home,
    dear one.
    oh how i too
    adore lori's art
    & i love the one
    "love is coming home to you"
    like super crazy much!!
    (if you happen across
    the outfit she's wearing
    on a rack somewhere, will
    you pick one up for me?).
    & i love that you love cows.
    they have steady presence
    in their gaze &
    i too find something of
    great gift in that.
    in the art world,
    i feel a great resonance
    with lori. love the
    love for her here!
    i'll have to check out
    the others too!
    you are amazing
    at celebrating people.
    love is certainly
    coming home to you
    & flowing both ways
    as you share that
    love home with others!
    it's so
    warm & cozy
    in here.

  9. You sure do have a lot of talented and generous friends - all of these gifts are VERY special. I think that sometimes, what we get reflects what we give...not that we should give in order to get (I think you probably know what I mean.) Anyway, it's good to have a big heart on either end right?

  10. welcome home!

    lots of creativity here - off to check it out. :)

  11. The girl in Lori's painting could SO be you! I remember a similar outfit at An Artful Journey! I think I need some cowboy boots!

    Once again you have shared such fabulous talented women. Including you fabulous self!

  12. Love the prints, love the jewels...I love happy art! The cow is so sweet, I'm a vegetarian/vegan so I have a soft spot for animals. Can't wait to see pics of your San Fran adventures!

    Love to you Chrissy!


  13. Cool stuff -- thanks for sharing!!

  14. I agree with Jenny; Happy art that soothes the soul! Their work is unique and has a cheery, calm element! Thanks for telling us about your
    friends and showing us, what excites you, about them... Fun to stop by; I can always count on eye candy over here~

  15. just popped over to catch up on you and what do i see!? thanks so much, sweet girl! and wow! i LOVE lori's cows! I LOVE COWS! very fun jewelry by cindy too. you are one wonderful creative supportive beautiful soul, chrissy gardner. :-)


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