June 5, 2010

...napa, muir woods & sausalito

it.s a new day!
let.s head up to wine country shall we?
{i just have to say that this is some of theeee most beautiful country 
i have ever laid eyes on...and i think most of you will laugh 
at the fact that i don.t even drink wine}
if you are ever along highway 29 in napa...stop here.
{it gets a bit crowded...}
{but the food is soooo yummy.}
also..."farmstead" restaurant in "st. helena"serves all fresh organic fare.
it.s a great place to stop for lunch.
{even the grounds were beautiful to walk around}
{i found one of my biggest "wants" pecking around there too}
{miss buff orpington...she.s so pretty}
{and her house was quite sweet too}
...and here is some chrissy wisdom...
"you should never walk by an empty swing!"
{swinging brings such inexpensive and immediate joy}
the drive home through the sonoma valley is lovely
coming up on the back view of the bay is so awesome.
 we round out the day by strolling through muir woods.
{it.s so peaceful there}
sausalito is the perfect place to finish off an adventurous day.
{and watch the sun set}
i need some good italian food for dinner.
{and i.m exhausted}
good night.


  1. sweets! did you know they opened an oakville grocery in scottsdale? they did! i visited it this past week and it's lovely. we should meet there for a snick-snack and then go a-photo walking. :)

  2. Awesome Chrissy! I love you on that swing, you are super cute sister! Looks like a fabulous time, I'm happy for you!

  3. Oh, you are following my travels from a while back. I visited Napa and rode a push bike from San Fran to Sausalito. I loved Napa. You're right, it's beautiful country.

    You do look super fabulous on that swing.

  4. Oh how fun! When I am not living in Maine I live about 45 minutes south of San Francisco. I love Chinatown! I love the Ferry Building and Japantown. I think Napa and the wine country are awesome! You should see it in the fall. And who doesn't love a good swing. I love your photo stories.

  5. Absolutely awesome photos (and narrative too)!! You have such an eye for taking photos! I love looking through your lens!! Thank you for sharing more of your trip - I feel like I'm experiencing a piece of it and I'm smiling with Joy!

  6. Chrissy,

    I forgot to mention in the last post, Is there such as thing as tooo mannyyy pictures?! LOL.

    I am loving this journey w/ you! That market looks right up my alley, and that organic fare. Yum-yum.

    Miss Buff Orphington! Look at that pretty little feathery booty she has! That's one sassy sexy chicken if I do say so myself ;)

    I think I wouldn't mind moving to Sausalito! WOW! Love those houses on the hillside, I could just die.

    Thank you Chrissy, for always being a cultivator of SO many endless things. You're a special influential soul bestowing so much good into the world. How lucky I am to know you and ride along.


  7. You are so adorable on that swing. I am heading to that beautiful part of the country this next week- your beautiful pictures make me look forward to it even more.

  8. I am drooling! What an adventure, thanks for taking us with youXx

  9. napa zappa
    right to
    my heart!
    these are
    might you frame any?
    which would you choose?
    i'd have so much fun
    sorting through
    or maybe make a number
    of mini pictures
    & put them in a
    mat made for many.
    oh how i love
    the quote
    "i went out for a walk"...
    a theme for me
    these days
    is that
    it is ALL
    on the inside/
    also a book idea/
    oh so many ideas!
    LOVE the swing pictures/
    both of them ~ weeeeeeeeeeee.
    the foods/drool/& even with flowers on top!
    & the paths & greens & cock a doodle doo!
    your gorgeous heart is even taller than
    the tallest tree & i send a big ol' tree hug!

  10. Gorgeous! I think Napa is lovely and I don't really like wine either. :)

    Also, it is nice to see Muir Woods. I made it Mt. Tamaspais, but never to Muir.

    I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip!


  11. oh no.. I just wrote a long posting and I don't see it.. so here is a test..

  12. okay..the page went so fast, I did not see verification words and hit enter!
    Thank u for all of your kind world you put on my blog. they were heartfelt for sure and i am so happy we share a common denominator like Kelly Rae..
    love the name of your blog also your pic too. when i went to frisco, we went over to tiburon sp?.. under that bridge too.. wow.. artfest was going on and I didn't even know it.
    what kind of cam are u using?
    hugs, darlene

  13. hi sweets!

    i love, love, love your eye candy!!!

    the "his" and "hers" food looks so delicious
    i think i may be drooling!!!! (i'm hungry!!!!!)

    and you on the swinset...cute as a button my friend!!!!

    loved catching up last night!!!
    big hugs and loves


  14. oops....what is a SWINset anyway?!?!?!



  15. So true! You should NEVER walk by an empty swing! I love swinging; we stopped at an adventure playground when I was in NZ and I was happy as a clam just swinging and swinging. I'll have one in my garden one day. When I have a garden. Looks like a lovely trip you took. x

  16. What a cute outfit to wear for your outing. I love the pretty meets cool look, and your casual boots were the perfect choice (great for walking and swinging!) Good food, good places, good weather but most importantly, good company - these ingredients are the makings for good times...good memories. I'm glad to see that you enjoyed it all.

  17. beautiful.... you.... the places.... the photos

  18. Sun, wine, fruit, pasta ...... you would like my land Mediterranean
    A hug.

  19. Love seeing my girl swinging on the swing with her cowgirl boots on! MY KIND OF GIRL!!!


    sounds like a fabulous day. i can't wait to have some days like that with my hubby. i told him for our 10yr anniversary that we are going to Europe (sans kids). HEE HEE, we'll see if that happens.

    ps. my mom's family lives near Napa. Love exploring wine country. so beautiful!

    big hugs sweet girl!

  20. you did it AGAIN! this is a fabulous travelogue, Chrissy - the image of the stream in Muir Woods would be an amazing print... =-)

  21. chrissy~
    i love all your san fran pics, one of my favorite places. was there just for a day and a half and saw not enough. i really want to go back and see a lot of the sites that you did. loved all the shots you got, and the swing, you know that i would of done the same thing!

    thanks so much for the post about the butterfly necklace, glad you like it!!! i would love to do a give away for you too if you ever want to do one? let me know.

    my mom sent me a link to this you tube video today and i know you will enjoy it:


  22. Thanks for the tour, I almost felt like I was there! I love your big happy girl grin on the swing! I, am the same way...playgrounds take me back, have to take flight and soar...nothing like a swing! You outing is fab, wonderful settings with hubby, great food and time to enjoy each other! What true joy... I can see it in your face; You glow~

  23. what a fabulous trip. i love san fran, sausilito and muir woods! i haven't been out there in about 20 years, but i hope to make it back some day. beautiful pics.

  24. I think the places you went to are some of the prettiest in the world. And your stunning photos proved that even more!

    I dream of having a winery...until my hubby laughs at me because I don't drink wine! If I did have a winery it would have a lovely swing dangling from a big oak tree so you could come and visit :)

  25. Just discovered you Chrissy via Kolleen's blog...Wow, your photography is beautiful!! And just had to say that I love your swing philosophy! So nice to meet you! :)

  26. Such amazing photos honey. I just wanted to go back and lay in that vineyard, i too have been lucky enough to have been to sonomo and napa. I've just finished a few pieces for an exhibit I'm in titled "vintage" and guess what! I chose to do the vintage as in wine are you shocked! lol So great seeing this area of the planet, it is truly wonderful isnt it. xxx

  27. i am so happy to travel to the wine country via your most spectacular blog..you look so happy in that swing...which by the way i concur never pass up the chance!! the quote REALLY got me..i love the emotion in this series...blessings ELK

  28. oooo weee, I'm just loving all these pictures! So beautiful and fun to see, as I'm from Northern Cali. :) Fantastic shots!

  29. Chrissy, I love this post. The food looks like what I am blessed enough to eat daily, thanks to my love,and you on the swing...priceless!

    loves and hugs to you!

  30. OHMYGOSH! How beautiful! That is where we are going this summer- flying into San Fran then up the coast to Southern Oregon. Such lovely pictures. I have been to Napa and Sonoma and couldn't get over how gorgeous it is. You have been surrounded by some serious beauty. And then there is you- how cute are you on that swing with the cowboy boots?!


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