June 4, 2010

...san francisco

a week ago today, my husband and i took a much needed break 
from work and 5 kids and flew to san francisco.
in rare chrissy fashion i took way too many photos.
so i will not feel bad, if at any point you get bored, think i.m crazy
and decide to move on to the next blog on your dashboard.
{nor will i know if you actually do this}
how about if i promise to try to let the vision speak for itself...deal?
{this one deserves a post all it.s own...stay tuned}
{miss lori vliegen the next three are for you sweetheart...don.t drool}
china town is like a photographers playground.  i was in heaven.
{i love how "california" peeked through the cable car}
 that.s enough san fran eye candy for one day.
but i.m not finished...oh no! our vacation has just started!

cul*ti*vate the "permission" you need to give yourself, 
to just take a break from everyday life
and breath in some unfamiliar air!


  1. I love China Town in San Fran! Can't wait to see more. You are an awesome photographer, I especially love the one with the trumpet.

    I have missed you lately, glad to see that you have taken a break from "normal" life and enjoyed a little vacation!


  2. What a treat to wake up to this lovely post! Glad you were able to have a getaway with your sweetie, and the pictures...fabulous as always! I've never been to San Fran so this was fun for me, thanks for sharing!

  3. hey friend...you should have given me a shout. your photos capture the magic of this fabulous city beautifully!

  4. ~words need not be spoken for such beautiful pieaces of life you captured...treasures you have surely seen...may you always embrace stolen moments with your l♥ve...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  5. i love all these vibrant photos!
    sf holds such a strong place in my heart so its really lovely to see all of these peeks into gorgeous chinatown and other goodies!

  6. oh chrissy! what lovely photos of the city i love most in the world. i wish i would have known you were in town, i would have tracked you down to give you a hug! i will have to wait for the fall! :-)

  7. love love love your photos....thank you for taking us with you!!!

    i, too am so loving the one with the trumpet....great photo my friend!!

    cannot wait to hear and see more about your trip....call me sista!!!

    i love you dearly

  8. Chrissy, you have totally captured the essence of the city!! I feel like I just took a little mini-vacation right here in my chair!! I'll bet it was wonderful to escape the heat for a few days. So glad you were able to get away!

  9. I love you and so glad you had some time off with your love. ahhhhh, i miss that place, haven't been in years!!
    China Town is so full of beauty and interesting things to look at.
    Hope life is treating you well my dear friend.

  10. Oh Fabulous!! Makes me want to paint several!! We were just there for the day on Sunday.

  11. I absolutely LOVE how you do your story telling through pictures with very few words . . it works. It speaks volumes. It makes me want to try it, too, with the next trip the hubbigans and I take. It's interesting to me that I can look at pictures of your trip and catch a glimpse of something meaningful and personal there to you, even though I'm having to kind of stitch it together without all the data. That makes it like a puzzle. Wonderful post and beautiful photos!

  12. your visual travelogues are wonderful! i think you should check out Blurb and make yourself some lovely photo-books to commemorate this trip...and make a few available for sale so some of us can luxuriate in such gorgeous imagery??!?! here is where you can find info for photobooks:


    I say, if Mindy (Tim'sSally) can self-publish, you can too! i plan to in the future... =-)

  13. You have left me craving more, more, more!!! I love how you just can't stop clicking.

  14. this is eye candy
    to be sure!
    how much fun
    that it was
    just you & your husband
    playing like this!
    ok, my very fav
    is the photo
    of the man
    holding the trumpet
    behind his back
    i always love
    your tours
    & seeing
    what you see.
    friendship candy.
    lots of love
    & chocolate to you
    (same thing?!).

  15. I was drooling; I love the tin cable cars...sooo cute! All the pics in China town, were my fav...
    someday, I'll get there! How fun for you n' hubby to get away; I loved all your fab photos~
    Great story telling...as always! ;-D

  16. Britex is the BEST!! So happy you got to go there. =)

  17. God smiled on me the day you became my daughter, what a beautiful way to articulate your fun visit to one of my (and Moms) favorite places......Photos are beautiful and artistic. I'm proud of you...keep cultivating....Dad

  18. I LOVE this city so much, and all your gorgeous pictures took me right back there. My boyfriend took me there for a surprise birthday present last year and we both fell in love with it. Looks like you had so much fun.
    And because it is you Chrissy, you aren't too late! Send me your address and you're in

  19. okay, i'm starting this with a confession.....my eyes are teary after reading the comment from your sweet dad (is it okay to snoop and read other comments?!!).....how wonderful!! just a little more insight into why you are the precious chrissy that you are!! i'm so glad you had some getaway time with your sweet family....and were able to spend it in one of my favorite cities! i haven't been to SF for almost 25 years, but oh, i remember it like it was yesterday! and i love chinatown, too.....it was the first place that i had ever eaten chinese food.....and one of the few food memories that i have that doesn't involve chocolate!! heehee
    ooooh, and speaking of which......chocolate in photos.......wooo hoo!! thank you for thinking of me, precious one!! and now i must sign off because i have started to drool just thinking of that chocolate sushi, and i run the risk of short-circuiting the keyboard.....xoxox, :))))

  20. I heart San Francisco. Thanks for the reminders of my trip in February.

    Glad you indulged in a lovely vacation.

  21. Oooo-la-la! Look at all those delicious colors, this is certainly a treat for my eyes! I'm so happy to see you're enjoying some relaxation in photographers-paradise! Florida is nice, but I'm thinking I may need to venture out west for a while. Trying to convince the other half is the trick here ;P

    I can just hear and smell the sights you've captured! It's SO bright and colorful, with so much character. I love that there's actual mountains along the coast (don't see much more than a hill here.)

    Thanks for bringing us along on your adventure!!

    Sending relaxing love from one photo-junky to another! Looking forward to hearing/seeing more from your ventures!


  22. PS. AWWW! I just "snooped" too and saw your sweet Dad's post. What a cool Dad you have! Hi Chrissy's Dad! --> *me waving*

  23. Chinatown *is* a photographer's playground. The colors!

  24. San Francisco is one of my most favorite places to visit! thanks for the beautiul pics. From a fellow flyer who is in Germany for a little while...

  25. So darn beautiful, you've inspired me to take out the camera and take a trip to SF this weekend! Oh and btw I found you over on Kelly Rae's class. :)

  26. I am so bad...I posted one comment but guess I did it wrong.. it said Thanks is such a small word, too small to appreciate how I felt while reading your newest addition. What wonderful memories. Love, Dad


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