June 18, 2010


it is.
go ahead.
i give you permission.

{photo from the unearth-be present retreat}


  1. Thank you lovely friend! I am so needing this message and I love this idea of posting this message for myself on my mirror...I am going to do this first thing this afternoon when i get home!


  2. You have such impeccable timing, love! Richie took the week off so we could both "rest." We nested into our Truths and are feeling so much better :)

  3. Ha, we wrote almost the same post today. That's wonderful.

    It seems that lots of us creative souls are feeling the need for rest at the moment. Isn't it interesting how our lives are so intertwined even when we are miles apart.

    I am totally in need of some rest this weekend, and that's exactly what I'm planning to do with myself.

  4. i love seeing your cute face there. :-)

  5. Seems like many of us are needing similar things. My blog post today was about just being and listening to my own whispers. Thank You for the reminder!

  6. Thank you for this post Chrissy-today was an out of sorts day for me and I was all about embracing my inner frump! It's all about honoring where we are, all parts of ourSELVES and our journey. Thanks:)

  7. I definitly needed this reminder. And thank you for bringing me back to this place. I have one of those post its from the retreat on my computer screen it makes me smile when I see it.

  8. thank you Chrissy! that is so beautiful.

  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I hope you get some rest as well. Enjoy your weekend.

  10. thank you...i needed to hear that.


  11. i'm with cathy
    & you & all
    in the intertwine
    & i felt rest
    & truth
    in just
    this post!
    love to you
    in the mirror
    with your
    shining jewels
    inside & out!
    sweet dreams.xox

  12. So lovely, it is amazing how so many of us are feeling this at the moment. I have been letting go a little and winding down, trying to rest and be restful....a habit i need to revitalize. Enjoy your weekend gorgeous. xxx

  13. hello dear chrissy- what beauty you share. i love these sweet words, thank you for sharing your light with each of us.

  14. Thank you Chrissy -- I was just feeling regret that I had spent most of one of my precious weekend days resting in the most literal sense of the word, just sleeping, when I tell myself I should be creating, should be enjoying every second I am out of the office, should should should...

  15. your photograph just had a goose-bumpy ride on me!

  16. .... JUST what I needed to hear / see!

    Thank you!!!

    <3 Carissa

  17. really beautiful photo and the perfect reminder for me right now. needing to shut off a bit and recharge. thank you for the reminder that I am not the only one and it's ok.

    best wishes!


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