June 11, 2010

...the short end

do you ever have those days or weeks, months or even years
when you feel like you are holding the short end of the wish bone?
i wonder if we altered our perception of things a tiny bit...
and considered that "maybe"...
not getting the thing we "wished" for...
was exactly the very wish we were meant to have
at that moment in our lives...

i wonder......

{cul*ti*vate perspective}


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!

    it made me think of the song by Garth Brooks "Unanswered Prayers"...which in fact always makes me cry when I listen to it. do you know it???

    these images and words are so beautiful C.....you express so beautifully through your lens...your eye!!!

    miss you and love you tons!!!
    so happy we are "sisters"


  2. yep, yep, yep totally...

    You really have a way with words and a way with your camera.

  3. i ABSOLUTELY agree
    & my first thought
    for my own life
    is about a manuscript
    i put together
    about 2ish yrs ago now
    & how it never fully took off,
    but almost did,
    & because of that,
    i needed to think about
    where it DID take me
    & it took me into the
    woodlands of discovering
    the artist within
    & i began making
    & blogging
    & meeting new friends
    & a bfinm
    & so it's so
    painful at first
    but do i dare say
    that i am grateful for
    & will take the short end of the stick
    ANYDAY when it's given like this!
    love this post, chrissy.

  4. more absolute agreeing here.
    really when it comes down to it what i do get is always completely perfect. and the sooner i see that the happier i am!

  5. It's a very thought-provoking question, dear Chrissy. I know you're right - it makes perfect sense - in theory. The reality, for me at least, is that in practice it can be really, really difficult to fully embrace this idea. Thanks for the little reminder, sweet friend!

  6. hi...

    its me again....

    i was thinking a bit more about this and
    how when we just
    "accept what is"
    and are grateful for it...
    it makes things so much easier and
    knowing things are happening just as they are supposed to in the grander plan that we don't have any control over!

    okay....i think that is it for now!!!

    love you my dearest of friends!

  7. hmmmm.....much to think on.

    have a blessed day.


  8. I wonder about this too. Sometimes I think that I wish for too much - it's hard trying to keep my more greedy side in check. So I constantly try to remind myself to fully appreciate everything that I already have, rather than worrying about all the things that I think I still need.

  9. Wow! You have a way with words! Thanks for that thought for the day. really, it is wonderful!

  10. I agree, it is timing, we need to be more patient and realize, just because it didn't happen, doesn't mean it won't. It wasn't meant to be, (just)yet! Great reminder to trust that someday, will we hopefully know the answers to some of the larger riddles, in our lives~


    Come visit me, I have a little something for you~

  11. What stunning photographs. Your pictures tell a story all on their own. I love that you tie the ribbon around the bones

    You are magic my dear. Pure magic.

    And it is true, it is all about a matter of perspective.

  12. ahh, yes!
    hard, when you're in the thick of it, but i feel
    this is where faith comes in. and trust. and a sense of gratitude...practice of gratitude. meditating on gratitude...
    gratitude brings forth abundance!

    i love this post. i love that you put this out there for all to reflect on.

    last week was tough for me...and i was in a place of self-pity, exhaustion and i just couldn't pull myself out of it. i remembered my gratitude meditation; sit outside; breathe; become aware of the breath, become aware of God in all, open hands, as if cupping hands to catch blessings, close eyes and let blessings fall into cupped hands...breathe, visualize, even call out the blessings.

    before long, i am thanking God for the struggles, opportunities and fruit that has come out of the darkness. and all the light that surrounds; in family, in others, in nature in simply a breath.

    sorry to go on, but oh, this just spoke to me.

    how i do love stopping by here, chrissy!

  13. I think that is so true and can think of a number of incidents in my life when it has happened. Like the song says... "Thank God for Unanswered Prayers".
    Thank's for stopping by my blog Chrissy, I finally got my blog to the 3 columns, but what a scare. In the end, it really wasn't that difficult. You will be totally fine. Just stay out of the html, hehe.
    I love your picutures and your blog. It's so fresh....I off to read the Q & A...see you in class.

  14. isn't that the TRUTH! well said!

  15. I second Patty's comment that it is difficult to embrace the concept of 'unfulfilled wishes' or 'unanswered prayers', though that is what is to be in our lives at that moment...

    I think this quote from Martin Luther King Jr. is what is working for me these days:

    "FAITH is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase"

    Though I can't see the 'whole staircase', I am trusting that the outcome is what it should be =-)

  16. great question.. for myself. I do know that God is my pilot and everything in my life is in his hand..
    hugs, xo, Darlene

  17. This is a perfect thought! A great way to not get into a rut thinking things should have happened a certain way, but trying to look to the positive of each situation! Thanks. :-)

  18. Thank-you for reminding me that everything is as it should be... (to just keep swimming)

    Much LOVE my sister-friend xoxo

  19. Hi Chrissy, thanks so much for visiting me! Love this post. I think we do get what we wish for! Good luck on the contest. Riki

  20. Ahh Chrissy

    How do you always know exactly what to say? Somehow you wrap your friends in a warm hug from a thousand miles away. Thank you for your lovely message

    And this post is beautiful

  21. I love it when you wonder...because you get us to wondering...and that leads to more wishes coming true...like meeting beautiful souls who flutter into our lives on silent wishes :)

  22. hello dear Chrissy- what a wonderful thought. I think this is absolutely true. I have held the short end of the wishbone SO many times in my life. It is what has made me who I am... so VERY grateful for that.

  23. Mmmmm, how true + sweet this is! Looking back on those times when I've felt this way I realize it's been the most life altering! I guess that means we should be enjoying ALL of our life bones!

    Having a friend like you is the sweetest wish.


  24. Thank you for the reminder that everything is as it should be. Sometimes I wish so hard that things were different-but I must remember to live my life with gratitude for what I do have.

  25. This is GREAT. Like Kolleen it immediately made me think of unanswered prayers. When my first marriage ended I thought it was the worst thing that could have ever happened but I didn't know all of the awesomeness that would follow the pain. Thanks for this sweet reminder.

  26. gave...me...chills...

    love you sista


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