May 9, 2010

happy mothers day!

mom & me 1970
carolyn ann wallace spurrier
"few of us will reach our potential without the nurturing of 
both the mother who bore us and the mothers who bear with us."
-sheri dew-
happy mothers day!
i am of the belief 
that as long as you are a woman...
you are a mother.
you are a creator.
we all have the ability
 to create something.
to tend 
mom & dillon 1995
i always told people i was just waiting for my mom to sprout wings and fly away.
she was that good!  
an angel!
in october of 2004, she finally did just that.
mom & tess 1998
so mother.s day is always a bitter sweet day for me.
mom & jack 2003
thanks for teaching me unconditional love.
to love God and His Son.
to be a good homemaker.
to get on the floor and play with my children.
to love God.s nature.
to treasure my heritage.
to value and always continue to gain knowledge.
the importance of a good celebration.
to be silly.
the love of old things.
the importance of charity and serving.
to be a good friend.
i miss you so very much mom. is hoping that you all have a mother or a mother.figure 
in your lives that was, or is, an irreplaceable essence.
"a living presence!" like mine...



  1. What a beautiful tribute. I would love to have met your Mum, and to spend time with both of you chatting and laughing (a lot I expect). She sounds like a wonderful, generous-hearted, wise and loving woman. Like mother, like daughter!

  2. Oh Chrissy this is so lovely... I can't imagine how hard it must be for you.

    I bought a card by Curley Girl Designs for my mum for mothers day and it is her birthday tomorrow, the card says... "The truth is, even if she weren't my mom I would go out of my way to be friends with her".

    We mothers are a special lot... x

  3. a little love note
    on wings
    to chrissy's mom carolyn...
    thank you
    for being here
    & spreading REAL love
    on earth
    & giving me
    & us
    the dear friend
    of chrissy
    who loves
    EVERYTHING listed above
    & then makes
    our lives
    fuller, brighter, burstier, bubblier, bestier,
    than it was before.
    love, rachel

    (happy mother's day, chrissy.
    your face is gorgeous here!
    a big hug to the girl pictured above,
    & to the ones she now mothers & adores.)

  4. Such a beautiful tribute to your gorgeous mother, Chrissy! Mother's Day is a bittersweet day for many of us. It also reminds me though of all the mothers I have had in my life and still have in my life. You are so right, we are all mothers in some way... Much love to you!! Silke

  5. We all know that you had a wonderful mother, because you are such a wonderful women. She loved and taught you a lot and your children and friends are now the beneficiaries of all that.
    Thanks for the heartwarming mother's day words for your mother and the rest of us mothers.
    Much Love Chrissy, Happy Mother's Day~xo

  6. Such beautiful thoughts your mom! I don't think I ever truly realized the depth of my mom's love and devotion until I became a mom myself. Now I'm amazed, at all she's done and still does for me. Your mom sounds so sweet, so loving, so strong. :-)

  7. Such a beautiful post Chrissy! I'm sure she is smiling from above and with all her heart at the beautiful tribute you have shared.

    She must have been an amazing woman because you are such a FORCE of LOVE and KINDNESS.

    Danielle xox

  8. so beautiful chrissy! thank you for sharing it.

  9. oh my sweet.....i LOVE this post and the photos....just LOOK AT YOU!!!!!
    cute as a button and still are!!!

    i do have to say the one of Tess and your mom is absolutely precious.

    your mom is sooooo proud of you and her smile is lighting up the sky as she sees the amazing mother you are and what an example and bright shining star you are to all of us who are blessed enough to have you in their lives.

    i love you so much!!

  10. Such a beautiful love letter to your lovely mom, and to all women. Your words are true and your heart is kind, dear one. Your mom knew how special you were, and it's obvious she still watches over you :)

  11. Oh, Chrissy - gorgeous photos, beautiful words and such a heartfelt, loving tribute to your mom! You were so lucky to have each other and, as others have said, she is sooo happy as she sees the beauty and love that you continue to spread in the world.
    I adore the pic of little you - look at those wise and knowing eyes of yours!!


  12. thank you for introducing us to your sweet mom and sharing your beautiful memories.....and like mother, like daughter, it's clear that you possess her preciousness!!! here's to you, sweet one.....and here's to your mom with her angel wings who watches over you and your sweet family.....xox, :)))

  13. Such a beautiful love letter to your mom. I imagine she is smiling down on you, happy to see how much love and kindness you bring into others' lives.


  14. Oh Chrissy such a gorgeous post...I know she is looking down on you and your amazing family with such pride and love. Love you honey....yes this week my mums been in town....been lovely and oh so busy! Catch up soon my sweet. xxxx

  15. Wow, Chrissy thanks for the beautiful post! I am looking forward to hearing from your soon on Utah must see spots :)

  16. Chrissy, I'm all choked up after reading this and seeing the light in your mom's eyes. You can just tell what a force of love and grace she was. Which explains a lot about who you are! I'm sure you know she's with you, watching you, laughing with you, maybe even feeding you words now and then. I believe a mama's work is never done, no matter where we are. Love to you!

  17. What a wonderful, touching tribute to your Mom!!!
    It was sooo heartfelt, you can tell she was an
    amazing, giving woman~ I think you carry her
    zest for life and seeing the best in people!
    Gorgeous pics of you and your family!!! I love
    your pose in the beginning and the look of joy on
    your face, in the last pic!!!

  18. Happy mother's day to you, my friend. I loved reading about your mum and know how much you must miss her. stella xo.

  19. lovely love letter to your mom. doesnt even need postage and i am sure she was reading it over your shoulder anyhow, and maybe laughing a little and trying to get out of it but loving and holding it to her soul. she did teach you a great deal, and it is clear to me that you learned it well and teach it daily. i love you

  20. what a beautifully sweet remembrance...your mama's love certainly shines through in you. i lost my mama ten years ago so i completely understand the bittersweet feeling of the day. i think the two days i miss my mom the most are on mother's day and on my birthday....because no one cares as much about your birthday as your mom does. sending you hugs!

  21. a tender day indeed..mine has been gone for 8 years..those images you shared show such a light and a presence..blessings

  22. These photos are AMAZING Chrissy! Such beautiful memories you hold. Such a wonderful tribute to your mom x

  23. happy mother's day!
    what a beautiful note and lovely pictures.
    i love what you wrote...i am inspired by reading about your mom! i was having a bit of a "short wick" today with one of my little ones, i read your post and was so touched. changed my perspective, what a blessing. xxoo

  24. What a beautiful post. I have been thinking of you. I miss you much my dear friend.


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