May 11, 2010

...i need to open my eyes wider.

i have something to admit.
one day as i was thumbing through this...
and skipping and singing a happy song for my sweet art sister mindy
i came upon the sweetest of collaborations between two friends.
tell me a little girl who didn.t have one, if not several tiny coin purses
or didn.t completely envy their girlfriend around the corner who did.
i was smitten with the idea of these perfectly precious portable prayers 
and wanted to eat up every word of how to make them.
i admiringly basked in the union of two amazingly talented friends 
who brought their special gifts together to create...
"personal reminders to live life to it.s fullest"
"these portable prayers are meant to be shared - 
passing along encouragement to others."

sweet huh!  i thought so too.  i love this idea!  

then i was visiting a blog i love...
and realized that becky was the author of this article!!!
not only the author, but the artist.
along with her friend cheryl perreault.

becky is so talented it will knock your socks off.  
she also is one of the most humble artists i have come across.  period.
she is real.  she is  she is approachable.
and she pays it forward.  she once shared with me that she had learned a great deal from other artists who've shared their how-to's 
within the pages of publications such as Somerset Studio, 
so paying it forward feels good to her.

that, my friends, is the beauty of becky.
and the type of artist and woman i admire 
and will return to again and again and again.
i realized that becky.s talent is everywhere

 if i will just "open" my eyes every now and then to notice.
(she.s so quiet and humble about it i didn.t even realize it!)
 her jewelry in this issue of jewelry affaire (above) 
made from "mica" is drool it becky.
and now my daughter..."micah" thinks her neck should absolutely 
be adorned with something so wonderful that bares her name.
{luckily her birthday isn.t until november...}

this story helped me realize that i need to 
the art of more fully appreciating the artists 
behind the inspiration that moves me.

please treat yourself and visit becky
you will thank me, i promise.
{or just send chocolate}


  1. Send you chocolate, you are silly! I love Becky's work, it has a profound, stillness that
    punctuations your soul, in a gentle way! She is an authentic lady, that uses nature to share her message! I, also love the prayer purses!

    Great post....wondering why I can't see the photos?!

    Chocolate huh....

  2. you have described becky perfectly.....she is the ab-so-lute BEST!! no doubt about it!!! she has a big, beautiful heart.....and she's eager to share it with everyone!

    and speaking of beautiful've got one of those, too, my lovely little choco-chickie!! i'm SO happy our paths have crossed.....xox, :))

  3. Really lovely post, I enjoyed reading through her blog.

    You really do have a wonderful way with words Chrissy. x

    I couldn't see the photos either?

  4. Oh, those coin purses are way too scrumptious! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's day!

    What is wrong with my lovely MAC?
    Please let me know and i.ll work on it...

  6. Er, i can't see them - but would love to! Your text is so lovely, am on my way now and check the blog you've mentioned!

  7. Cant see the piccies but will pop by again later to check them out.....the words are lovely and im of to check out the blogidy blog too. xxx

  8. Nope, cant see the photos :-(
    But lovely post and thanks for introducing us to the talented Becky!

  9. You always point me to the most amazing artists! I love Becky's work. Such calm beauty. And no, I can't see the pictures either.

  10. i cannot wait to check out becky's work. thank you so much for sharing. i swear every time i read your blog i get tears in my eyes. you speak so beautifully from the heart and i absolutely admire your strength and determination. thank you, beautiful lady :)

    hugs and smiles,

  11. Oh I'm going to visit her right now!

  12. hopefully i figured out the pictures...if NOT...PLEASE VISIT BECKY SHANDER.s bask in all it.s wonderfulness!

  13. Thank you Chrissy...I am speechless. I'm overcome by feelings of happiness to know that you get me - thank you for passing along your good energy.

  14. Becky is quite a talented gal and so nice too. The pictures are showing up and they're fabulous, I really need to get myself a copy of that gorgeous magazine.
    Happy Day Chrissy!

  15. i lOVE this post....but then again....i LOVE all of your posts!!!

    i had to go out and get this yummy magazine since our sweet Mindy was on the cover and i, too...was drooling over the coin purses! What a beautiful sentiment. When i was a little girl my grandma would always buy us little coin purses....i loved them all and wish so much i still had them!!!

    thank you for pointing us to becky!!! i love you sister!



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