April 22, 2010

all you need is...

it pops up in the most surprising places.
see if you can find a snippit of love today
then cul*ti*vate it and share it 
with someone who is difficult to love.

i.d love to hear your stories!

happy thursday!


  1. any photo with chain link fence and love is 5 star in my book!!

    lovin the earth in a song in my space today~elk

  2. Good notice!

    I will contemplate this and see what I come up with. :)

  3. Earth Day, loving the Earth and cleaning up our
    neighborhood, with my kids. Now, I have that
    Beatles song in my head!

  4. isn't
    dirt worms earth seeds rusts browns
    to do
    & be
    we have a grocery store
    that i go to
    only sometimes
    when i'm in a pinch
    because it's
    not pleasant to be in
    windows open for me there
    to send love
    to people who need it
    so badly
    in every single aisle
    every single time
    & so i pray for them
    or smile
    or think of the sun
    shining in
    or touch them lightly
    as i pass
    if i'm not in
    too big of a hurry
    or at least
    try to breathe
    just like them
    beside them
    & simply hope
    the peaches this time
    are tasty ones.

    big love to you, dear friend,
    who is easy to love.

  5. What an excellent image with very fitting words. It's very sweet :) Love the contrast of the fence and the sign.

  6. Here's another great quote: "Any time that is not spent on love is wasted". Tasso
    Pretty powerful statement!
    I'm lucky that, at the moment, the people in my life are not difficult to love. Now, when I was teaching, I had plenty of stories and it stretched me all the time. I probably need a little more of that in my life once again.
    Great reminder and I totally have that Beatles song in my head too!! Happy weekend!!


  7. what a serendipitous find! i have to keep my eyes peeled better!

  8. Hey Chrissy! You are so great, always inspiring us to think about the good things.


    Patty's comment above has prompted me to say that I love my students. Even the naughty ones. I really really do. I have always tried to show the students this. The return is that everyday 150 teenagers step into my classroom and make me laugh, make me think, make me grow, it is a wonderful thing to do every day.


  9. Love this! And love your challenge to open our hearts wider to someone who is difficult to love. I love Byron Katie's eye-popping work (literally The Work) on this. I remember being in a session with her and having to focus on what bothered me so much about a particular individual in my life...and then seeing those same characteristics in myself. Ouch. But once I saw it, I was able to love both him and me more.

  10. Wonderful post - again! You always inspire me and make me contemplate that which is truly important.

    I totally agree with you that love is really all there is, but I think we tend to forget to include ourselves in that love sometimes. Especially when we are the person that's difficult to love at the moment. I tend to love others so much more easily than I do myself when I haven't lived up to my expectations. This is a great reminder!!

    I definitely love you!! Silke

  11. What a great post Chrissy! It really opens my heart and mind. The difficult person in my life that I am going to love is...mySELF! I think that my 40's are going to be about me becoming more of who I am -developing my strengths and accepting my weaknesses. Setting boundaries, becoming more vulnerable, communicating more effectively...a slew of thing that are deeply rooted in the love of self. Not in a narcissistic way-but in an altruistic one. And taking care of my needs so that I can be a better wife, mother, friend, artist etc. Thanks for this great post! Actually, all your posts are wonderful:)

  12. I think that loving difficult to love people requires being totally unselfish. For me, this involves a lot of practice and patience. I've learned to accept that sometimes, no matter how much I try, I still get it all wrong. Hopefully, these lessons of love will help me to become a better person.

  13. hello chrissy, you are nudging me to look forward to your comments on my blog. :)

    don't get me started on love. i live from a place of deep love but sometimes i fall off cliffs and smash into messes and mush.

    still, you are right. love is everything. and silke is right:

    "believing in yourself isn't everything, but you can't begin to live unless you do' joan anderson

    have a nice sunday, ms. chrissy

  14. i've been calling him everyday lately since I first saw this post. He's a grump, but he's 80 so I guess he can be what he wants to be. he's difficult to love but still worthy of love just as we all are- thanks for reminding me.

  15. I love the image, Chrissy! There have been a few times quite recently when I should have closed my mouth before the negative words tumbled out of it. To live with love and express it every way we can is so powerful. I can feel my heart muscle expanding already :))

  16. so fun! i will absolutely look for those signs of love today. yesterday at breakfast we had a grumpy hostess and i really just sent her all of the love i could bec i knew she probably wanted to be somewhere else. she actually made a point to wave goodbye on our way out. and it was genuine.

    i loved hearing about your new green frye boots, chrissy. i have admired those on zappos for so long, but always find i have to go with red shoes/boots.

    xoxo, juliette

  17. Like Jennifer above said. . you do have to keep your eyes peeled for little serendipities like this. It could make your whole day just seeing that sign . . or you could take it as a sign. . .
    Cool post either way Chrissy -- you have a great eye for these things : )
    p.s. thank you so much for those recent comments. . made my day so much.


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