March 24, 2010

...tangled sky studio.

drum roll please.
* * *
enter the horns.
* * *
presenting to you...
"brown paper packages tied up with string"
(and she.s finally mine.  all mine)

(i.m quite open about the fact that i lost my mom 5 years ago 
and when she died, so did one of my best friends.  and oh how i miss her.  
so i.m always on the lookout for things that remind me of her 
or spark those "loving arms around me" feel.  make sense?)

some people have "a-ha" moments...
i have "a-ha" artists!

beth is one of those artists for me.
i first found beth by researching "encaustic" painting.
in her own words...  "encaustic painting is an ancient technique 
using layers of beeswax, resin crystals and pigment".  
encaustic actually means "to burn in".  the beeswax is brushed onto 
your substrate while it.s hot and then quickly hardens.
i am in awe of encaustic painting.  i love the layers of the different mediums and the gentle depth that it creates.

quite simply...
"brown paper packages tied up with string"
 spoke to me on many personal levels
and i am so grateful that she waited just for me.

beth is one of those people that you can.t wait to meet in person because you know when you do, it.s gonna feel like sitting down and chatting with an old childhood friend.  i love her passion for her work and the process it takes to create a piece.  i love that she shares her knowledge and is soooo accessible.  i love her devotion to her family.  and her affection for good cooking and wool and stitching and "imperfectly perfect handmade goods".

(some of my beth billups favs below)
"she dragged her baggage blindly. (but dreamt of letting it go)"

"where does the time go?"

"3 things.  (strength. grace. beauty)"

can ya tell i love this girl!
i know you will too!

(find her here!)


  1. Beth is one of my all time favs too... she is such a talented sweetie.

  2. I found Beth thru your blog and I love her work and her blog. Her pieces always bring something from my past forward. Pieces of memories.


  3. these illustrations are wonderful! thanks for sharing these fantastic artists you find, "Missy Chrissy" =-)

    i've got to go and look at Beth's site for artwork now!

  4. How sweet to find an artist that speaks to your soul! Her message impacts much wisdom....funny
    reading what you wrote, reminds me of my Mom. I can hear Julie Andrews in the "Sound of Music" singing...These are a few of my favorite things! Enjoy your find, it is rare, true and beautiful! I am happy, you can snag these artistic visions that remind you of your best friend! No one can replace Mom in your heart, but these pieces of heART, can give you memories and instill her being with you! Simple beautiful~

  5. Oh, this is just so beautiful and quite nostalgic! I'm sorry you lost your mom so early, but glad you can find such lovely things to remind you of her and the love you share! Love, Silke

  6. chrissy your words are so kind. i am so thrilled every time i send a piece out into the world to meet it's perfect match. this piece couldn't have asked for a better home and it seems to have arrived just when it was supposed to...


  7. Chrissy I am so sorry for the loss of your Mom- I know it has been six years but I can tell you loved her deeply. I recently lost my Mom and I miss her too. I wanted to thank you for the very sweet and thoughtful words you left my way on my blog. You are so very kind and yours words truly made my heart so happy. Thank you for visiting me. I love meeting new friends in this amazing world of blog. I can tell that I will find much inspiration here on your beautiful blog. Take care and thank you again for your kindness.

  8. these are so perfect and they make you stop and them ...great find ..thanks

  9. Wonderful piece of art!
    I know what you mean about finding things to remind you of someone...I have lost friends and family and love it when I find something that reminds me of them.
    I just bought a tweed cushion because it reminds me of my grandads old cap that he used to wear :)

    MIcki x

  10. chrissy, i am too delighted by beth's delicious artwork & celebrate her with brown paper packages (singing, these are a few of my favorite things)! what a pretty love letter to find that continues between you & your mom, connected in art & deep beauty! lol always.

  11. ~i just recently discovered "encaustic" painting and find it so fascinating and uniquely beautiful all in its own...would ever so much like to give it a whirl...thank you for passing along beths site...excited to pay a visit...the beauty in life by finding this that keep those memories very important...something so many do not do and loose those precious thoughts over time...may your mother remain always in your mind and heart...brightest blessings~

  12. I can see the texture in the paintings. It is so neat.

    So glad you found a piece of art that connects you with your mom.


  13. Chrissy, I took an encaustic workshop a while back - I loved doing it and loved the pieces I ended up with even though I had never done it before! I really, really love the look and am dying to try it on my own, but it's quite a set-up, especially if you don't have a "real" studio (like me!) Anyway, thanks for sharing - so cool - I especially LOVE the baggage one!! XOXO

  14. her work is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Sending you a great big hug!

  15. So gorgeous and wonderful how this piece speaks to you and creates such comfort. Im going to check this lady out. :-) hugs xx

  16. Oh yes I do so much want another puppy!!!
    I already have a 5 year old Miniature Shnauzer and I love him to bits and I want another one, but we can't afford one and don't really have the space for one either!! So i'll just keep dreaming for now :)

    I love german shepherds too, so loving!
    I love all doggies really, i'm just a sucker for a cute hairy face ;)

    Micki x

  17. Hi Chrissy! I hope you are enjoying the necklace. Thank you for this introduction to Tangled Sky Studio, I love it. I just linked to your blog (and Tangled Sky Studio) from my new little blog, you are both so inspiring. Have a good weekend!


  18. Oh, I know how you feel! When you discover an artist who seems to be a kindred spirit, each piece is better than the last and everything rings true. I love that the web has given us this chance to connect and find each other and celebrate the artist in each of us! I can see why you love her so much!


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