March 10, 2010

...i love details

i.m a detail girl.  i love details.
in a painting.  in a photo.  in a juicy story sharing with me.
in my clothes.  in the stacked upon jewelry i wear.  in life.
thats why i was immediately in love with suzanne davis
i found her in one of those happy, stumble upon 
from snooping around someone else.s blog sort of ways.  (mindy)
her etsy shop is full of the best little detailed treasures.
i immediately purchased these for my girls...
but seriously.  how cute is this one?
this piece comes in a frame ready to hang.  
and don.t forget the surprise detail on the bottom...
how sweet is that? sUz says it.s a sweet and sentimental little collage to hang in your entry way or to give as a house warming gift.
i have to say that of all the things ever ordered off etsy, 
sUz takes the cake on delivery.
each letter individually pasted on the box!
my goods all wrapped up warm and cozy.  (it was valentines)
every piece was tied to the cutest card (themselves a tiny work of art)  with a pretty, flowy, ribbon.  all cocooned in a clear bag.  i let them sit there looking all inviting for a few days.  (am i the only one who does that?) she added a magnet of one of her pieces just to be kind.  
maybe i.m a sucker for the written word.  probably.  however sUz wrote me the most thoughtful thank you card for buying her work.  she remembered how i found her and was so gracious about my support.  i was just awe.struck at how much detail and personalization she put into presenting her wares to little ol me.  details.  details.  details.  ahhhh!!!
thanks sUz!
(you can find her etsy shop here and her blog here)
it.s full of delight.  surprise.  joy.   

what presentation have you been impressed with lately?


  1. So cute, what a sweet lady! Etsy is a great community. I'm always impressed with your blog presentation Chrissy. I so enjoy looking at your pictures and love the comments that go along with them! You are a talented lady! Thanks for sharing your time and talents with us!

  2. oh chrissy, talk about dreamy mail!! sooo super thoughtful & heartgenerous of her! looove the heart ring! thanks for spreading the joy, dear one!!

  3. Ahhh Chrissy, this is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing honey. I love the written note, i still include one myself and I LOVE it when i receive one. Im definitely going to check her much talent out there it fills my heart with joy and smiles and sunshine. xxxx

  4. love her shop!!!! she has so many darling, detailed, sweet things!!!

    i remember a conversation you and i had not too long ago about "details" you remember that?!? i like you....LOVE the details!!!

    sending you hugs and love!

  5. Hi Chrissy,

    So, cute I can see why you left it out to view;
    it is a presentation! I love when you order something and one takes the time to make it special! I have seen this from She has sent little extras or added pretty seam binding and some little vintage flowers. It is so pretty, I just am giddy when I order and receive my

    I am off to check out your inspiration! Thanks for sharing your heart, your soul and now your
    fav online store!

  6. okay this is just spooookie! she has channeled you in her jewelry! it is adorable and every speck screams CHRISSY! if i were you i would ask for a dna test!!!!!!!

  7. OH! That is LOVE is a box! Thank-you so much for sharing the details with us...they make our lives so much sweeter, don't they?

  8. that is the most darling artsy jewelry and the packaging is so sweet! how fun it must have been to open!
    hope all is well in your world sweet chrissy!

  9. it's ALL super-cute! i LOVE the presentation and really appreciate those who take the time to make a lovely presentation with gifts/orders...and you're not the only one who likes to keep everything in the packaging for days - it's like opening a X-mas present over and over!! ;)

  10. how lovely that she wrapped all up that way. her stuff is adorable. i just love it. thank you for sharing it with us.

    It is just so fun to get things in the mail, isn't it.

  11. How cute is her stuff! I love her details. Thank You for sharing. Thank You also for sharing one of your jewelry sources!


  12. what an amazing attention to detail. each purchase is a gift and is treated as such... that is all kinds of awesome!

  13. she is so good with the presentation. I love it.

    (by the way, I love the bracelets you linked to. no!


  14. Chrissy! I am a sucker for presentaion! I love thoughtful little details. One of my favorite places to peruse presentation is the state store,wine labels can be so seductive...i admit I'll often choose a bottle for the packaging not whats in it. Thanks for sharing your treasures

  15. HI Chrissy! Thanks for your sweet comments and I miss you too! The feeling of being in the mountains of los gatos with so many wonderful creative women is still with me. I really love the pieces you purchased and yes I do leave packages open and savor them. I bought an original mini painting from Mindy and one of her little mirrors. That girl is talented. Take care sweet spirit!

  16. dearest chrissy, your blog is full little unique details you can't find anywhere else :) it's always a joy to read. i love these treasures you found! her packaging is so "tweet." oh i like to delay the pleasure of opening things sometimes too! i did it with a new book today. hehe

    big hugs,

  17. These are so lovely!!! and the presentation, makes me feel special even looking at it via the internet.

    Detail is a very special thing...


  18. What a beautiful bountiful package! Happy Day!! Thanks for sharing your Wonder Mail. It really puts the human touch back in retail. So sweet and sincere. A breath of fresh air, thanks for sharing!

  19. oooh, i can certainly see why you fell in love with her's fabulous, and right up my alley!!! woo hoo.....i LOVE that sweet little house artwork....waaay too precious!!! and definitely a must have....i'm on my way over there, and giving you a big hug for introducing us to suz!!! xox, ;))

  20. I was impressed with your presentation of her presentation. So impressed that I went right over to her shop and bought me a St. Patrick's heart! I'm so excited. Anyone who cares enough about her work to present it so beautifully is definetly an artist I admire and want to support.

  21. Wow....her pieces are so beautiful! Thanks you so much for your many kind words! I so appreciate your visits! : )

  22. neat that you found her artwork. she is just a sweet, sweet person! and i love her fun jewelry unique!!! i adore this package presentation. just beautiful :-)


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