February 24, 2010

...ready to travel?

get cozy friends.  sit back.  close your eyes.  take a deep breath.  we.re going on a journey.  an artful journey.  (WAIT...don.t close your eyes.  i just realized that you won.t be able to see your computer screen, so scratch that one.  keep them open, but be imaginative.)
your bags are all packed 
your travels are peaceful
you wind your way up the twists and turns above los gatos, california.  
past beautiful vineyards on the hillside 
and giant trees covered in a blanket of bright green moss.
through the old gated entrance you see the "presentation center" ahead.
the amazingly wonderful cindy gives you directions 
to your little red cottage down the lane.
his name is st. john.
you mosey into the quaint little  town with new friends, eating the best frozen gelato.  
shopping for old epherma and playing in the candy store.
you return with some time to enjoy the beauties 
surrounding you before the sun goes to bed.

after dinner, where you gave kelly rae a big huge hug and finally met 
the ever so sweet and humble mati rose, you find a few minutes to unpack your art supplies 
and get ready for three days of massive creative bingeing.
at the end of your day you return to st. john to discover you are going to have 
three of the best room mates you could hope for. 
lorrierobin, and louise.
get some rest.  we.ve got a big day tomorrow.


  1. i've been eagerly awaiting this post!

    i can't wait for more tales of this retreat! it was one i really wished i could have gone to, but i'm so happy i can experience it vicariously through you!

    big hugs and love chrissy!!!!

  2. Ahwww! I love this! Your pictures are beautiful. St. John was a nice little cottage wasn't it? I love seeing the details that you captured in the pictures, it is such a great reminder about this group of women who were/are all about those details.


  3. Wow! I love how you've captured your journey to share with us! We can imagine we were there with you! Glad you made is safely home, your daily blog posts were missed while you were away. :)
    Here's a welcome home home hug!

  4. I have been looking forward to hearing and seeing how your trip away was... looks so beautiful and I can't wait to hear more!

  5. I miss you already!! Your step by step journey made me cry with happy tears that I was THERE! What a blessed time! But, most of all, I got to meet you and I feel very lucky to have crossed your path. I can't wait to hear more from you.

  6. what a great way you are telling your story!! your pictures are gorgeous, as always =-)

    it was quite the experience and i'm so glad i finally met you in person! i do miss your sparky spirit...

    can't wait to see the rest of the story unfold...


  7. chrissy, you never disappoint me. thank you so much for this post, i feel like i got a little taste of what you experience. i can't wait for more!!
    so excited to get an email from you when you're all rested to hear all about it!!
    love you and so happy for your experience!

  8. chrissy, oh my gosh ...this is such an exciting REAL story! it will be sooo fun to hear more! great to "see" you again. lol!!

  9. Oh I have been impatiently waiting for a new post! Yeah you are finally back to tell tales! Im on pins and needles to hear it all!!!!

  10. Oh my.... you're in my neck of the woods and you're having creative fun! Have a great time!

  11. What an amazing journey! An art retreat? Awesome! Am rather new to the art world (as well as your blog) and just fell into it kinda like Forrest Gump so thanks for introducing me to another world. In the past I've simply visited various Bed & Breakfast Inns out in the country when and where I felt led, and would just get in the car with the camera and explore back roads ... those are my retreats. Can't wait to hear more!

  12. odd chick mentioned crying with happy tears, i'm right there along with her! i think if i were walking up to the red cottage i would burst! how b e a u t i f u l and exciting to partake in such a journey with such amazing people! can't wait to see more! greatly inspired.

    b i g love.

  13. Sounds like you had lots of fun!!

  14. more please chrissy girl...love your photos, they really capture the site. wanna see your book, page by glorious page. so happy you got to go. maybe you could come here and teach me and i could experience your sparkle at the same time. i miss you sooooo.

  15. Love it love it love it! And what a special fireball of positive energy you are! BethXx

  16. I can't wait to hear more; Happy for those of you who went, sounds like an amazing journey, heART felt!

    Thanks for sharing;I look forward to reading and seeing how this all unfolds~

    Beautiful pics, really feel the vibe

  17. where can i find that little bird patch of wisdom???
    I need it in my home!


  18. love you!
    love your pics!
    love the way you express yourself!

    can't wait to see your next post!
    miss you much and sending so much love!!!

  19. Chrissy, I loved going on this little journey with you - it really made it real. Now you will get to experience all those lovely after-effects!!! Thank you and much l o v e to you!!

  20. look at all those wonderful pictures! I get to relive the experience with you, dear sweet Chrissy! :-) wish we could have had more time together!


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