February 14, 2010

...a 14 day observation...day 14!

happy heart day!
this observation. slash. heart treasure hunt. slash.
love experiment has been a joy!
i loved learning that so many of you out in our world notice hearts.  you really do look for love in everyday life. because i love hearts, i thought it would be adventurous to collect them from all around me.  little did i know how much more these icons of love would bring.  they.ve brought new friends from around the globe.  they.ve put mothers, children, sisters and siblings on playful trackings.  they.ve shown me wonder.  miracle. playfulness. artistry. happenstance. out of the ordinary. natural. fundamental. childlike. and simplicity.  i felt the need to have a triumphant heart for our final 14th day.  i.ve been searching.  it didn.t come.  i now know why.
every heart is triumphant.
every heart is enchanting.  every heart is perfect.
so i end our journey with the simplest of hearts, but ones that mean a lot to me because they are from my family.  who i heart!

pancake daddy switched it up and made everyone heart waffles today
i heart these
thanks honey
red velvet of course
squint when you look at this wonderful rooster i met yesterday.  just do it.
see!  tess pointed out that he posed as a heart just for me. thank you mr. rooster.
hearts can be anywhere.  everywhere.  they encircle (or enheart us) all the time.
"i love seeing hearts.
love finding them out in our everyday lives.
i love when a heart creeps up and gives you a surprise assault.
i love what they stand for...affection.  kindness.  charity.  sympathy.  courage.  spirit.  tenderness.  passion.  benevolence."

...and now i love hearts because 
i heart you guys.  thank you for playing.  happy valentines day.


  1. i heart you so much!!!!

    what a fabulous post and wonderful pictures!! and of course your writing...it's a gift my friend!!!

    you're heart is so big....endless in its love and compassion for others....you are a treasure to my heart!!

    sending hearts to you babe!

  2. Oh, what a wonderful heart-filled post!! Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day filled with love, happiness and laughter!! Hugs, Silke

  3. That was so much fun, I looked forward each day to see what hearts you have found...

    I hope you have fun today...

  4. yeah! i love all of these hearts. and the feb 14 on the egg is the icing on the heart cake. see you in four days! i'm so excited!

  5. Thanks for being so heartfelt and sharing so much!
    To a great new friend, i look forward to more fun, in the future! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  6. happy valentine's day, you little heart-magnet, you!! i LOVE the rooster.....!! :)))

  7. Yummm red velvet cake, my favourite! Love the rooster too. Hope you had a wonderful day....see you in a few days WOOHOO! xx

  8. Happy Valentines Day to you!
    see you next week =-)

  9. Happy valentines Day!!!can we do this every month ...It was so inspiring and so much fun..Thanks for having such a great Idea...Love you.Gloria

  10. I have thoroughly enjoyed this 'heart journey'. You have really got me interested to search for hearts everyday. Thank you for this reminder to look for love! Happy Valentine's Day!!

  11. this was a great wrap-up to an inspired post! so lovely to get a glimpse of your precious fam, the rooster heart ROCKS, the whole thing is whole now, and your honest pretty words seal & complete it. just gorgeous. thank you for helping us all to see hearts more clearly all around us. full bellies. good meal. xo

  12. Love is all around, thanks for reminding us to take notice! Hope you all had a very Happy Love Day!!!


  13. LOVE you. your sweet spirit. love your love. love your photos. love your writings.

  14. Chrissy, I actually have TWIN redheads! :-) Doubly blessed.

  15. Mmmmmm .. red velvet. So good.

    Thank you for inspiring all of us! I am seeing hearts everywhere - and now they remind me of you.

    Much love!


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