February 25, 2010

...an artful journey {day 2}

{for those of you whose plane came in late, you can catch up on yesterdays post)

you awoke early today to the deep calm hooting of an owl.
while you slept, the earth was bathing.  still shaking itself off as you wander about.
after breakfast the creative explosion begins.
mati rose and kelly rae take center stage.
you learn an assortment of exciting ways to apply paint to paper and give it a go yourself.
                                                         monica                                                                     cathy
after lunch it.s on to collage.  cutting. ripping. stamping.  old papers. photos. tags. 
anything you can glue down is not safe in your wake.
your hands grow a new layer of skin 
(and you spend the rest of the night picking the gel medium off your fingers.) 
peggy and her darling daughter joli

after dinner you get to partake of (and spend a few bucks on) the talent 
oozing from the rest of the instructors on this journey.
lesley riley (above) dj pettitt.  nina bagley (don.t dare call her nee-na)
and albie smith.
you even find a few oddities you can.t help but take home with you. 
i mean who can pass up limbs for $1.00
the remainder of the evening is spent in the midst of laughter and budding friendships 
and of course creating until well into the wee hours of the morning....
it was... a perfect day!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE, makes me want to go buy a bunch of new art supplies and make a great big beautiful mess! I'm so happy for you that you were able to take part in such an amazing weekend.♥ Thank you for sharing it with us!
    Happy day to you Chrissy!


  2. oooh, man.....i'm SO happy that you had a great time (but then, we knew you would!!)! it looks like you brought home lots of beautiful photos, great art papers, some new limbs, and fabulous memories!! xox, ;)))

  3. i am loving this journey...but honestly, my friend...would have loved it more if you would have JUST PUT ME IN YOUR SUITCASE!!! i begged and begged and begged!!!!! ; )

    no, seriously...the pictures are amazing...you captured everything beautifully and as i have said before...
    you have a gift for writing.
    you have a gift for making all of us that read this feel like we were RIGHT there too!

    love you so much!!!

  4. how you captured the water drippings is beautifulmagic & somehow even perfect as it led to limbs, layers & laughter.

  5. So jealous of all the fun you guys must of had!! :)

  6. Those close up photos are stunning! Really love seeing how it all went; looks so much fun. x

  7. beautiful photos... must be such a wonderful experience, I don't think I would want to go home again.

  8. you are such a great photographer! i LOVE how you are following in your mother's footsteps that way =-)

    could you send me the pic of me working? i really love it...and it's great that i happen to be working with RED in that pic!

    and i love how we should 'not DARE to call her nee-na' ;) i just LOVED nI-na, didn't you?? all the women were fabulous artists from the first-timers to the instructors - awesome!!

  9. I just love how you are taking us along on the journey with you. i just love how you put it all together. your photographs are stunning and your words are perfectly woven through.

  10. I was there, just don't have any cheap limbs or
    gel/glue to peel off my fingers :(

    Great description, great photos...love the cute mushroom umbrellas! I want to hear more...

    Well, you had me think i was there...I'm jealous, again...what will day 3 bring?!

  11. who can resist a few good limbs for a $1, indeed? you crack me up. awesome pictures! I particularly love the first few with all those wonderful water droplets.

  12. So glad you came for a visit today ...and WOW you have been to An Artful Journal and met all the superstars!!!!! I'm jealous!

  13. brilliantly photographed, artfully told and soulfully shared....thank you!

  14. Your nature macro shots are excellent ... Better than mine, as I tend to stick to landscapes. I admire the talent of painters, especially based on my first abstract acrylic workshop being so bad it was comical, so I can only look on amazed at the photos of your painterly creativity, wondering how you do it. Now collage? Maybe I could handle that. Your post here is kinda tempting me in that direction ... Many thanks for providing such inspirational writings and photos from your retreat!

  15. Love those gorgeous nature shots especially. You have such a great eye my friend. Miss you tons already. xxx

  16. ahhh...I see that you are braver than I...those limbs creeped me out!


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