February 4, 2010

...a 14 day observation...day 4!

let.s get right to down to the heart of our business today!
see that heart right smack in the middle?
this is from a very old headstone i was blessed to find in sandwich, massachusetts.
(that will make a whole other wonderful post someday)

katherine quinn
another new friend and amazing artist who resides in new zealand
sent me this great photo of a heart shaped potato chip her kids found.
please. please. please. treat your heart with a visit 
to her blog "just a girl" and also her etsy store.

these are some of the best kind of heart surprises one can find in my opinion. there is almost nothing better.  that.s why rachel awes has held onto this little treasure from one of her sons.  (if you haven't had a chance to read her post on soft balls of forgiveness...please do so.  it.s so sweet.)

creative and oh so observant, tara over at aquamarine art was lucky enough to spy this heart gum on the sidewalk b.e.f.o.r.e. it became a heart squash on her shoe.  check out her fun blog for more heart treasures she has found along the way.

hope you have a "heart.filled" day!


  1. love that chip!!!! & of course, heart it all (i now keep seeing hearts increasingly!!!...have you ever heard it said that what one focus's on,..grows?). xox

  2. i heart all the hearts...especially yours!!!

    so...sandwich, massachusetts..huh?? i thought there could only be one city named Sandwich in our lovely United States. But today i learned there are two!! My parents live in Sandwich, Illinois along with my brother and my sister!!! so many people laugh that my parents live in sandwich, illinois on lake holiday!! when i told scott this he thought..."there is no way she can be making THAT one up!!!"

    heart you so much sister!


  3. Love the hearts, the headstone is really cool, and I learned something new. I've never heard of a city named Sandwich until today. Thanks to all who shared their pics. :)



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