February 5, 2010

...a 14 day observation...day 5!

...this is another one of my favorite hearts!
it.s a ceramic heart that was shaped, carved, painted then baked
by my daughter tess a few years ago.
it says "family" on it.
it.s pictured here on an alter of sorts
in manzanita, oregon at the "be present" retreat last october.
we were asked to bring a "talisman" to share
on the table during our time together.
something small that represented or reminded us of a remarkable or powerful influence or action in our lives.
mine just happens to be my "family"
they are
after all,
the center of my heart!


  1. loving all these hearts sweet girl.

    hope your weekend is full of light and love.


  2. oh i remember when you placed that talisman on our alter.

    i loved it then and love it even more now!

    sending love and hugs to you, Ned, your babies and all your family.


  3. i love this photo. it takes me back.

  4. Nice, reminds me of all the beautiful art work my kids have made! I mentioned you on my blog, today...check it out!


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