February 12, 2010

...a 14 day observation...day 12!

so many hearts....so little time
this is my miracle heart.
on the morning of my father.in.laws funeral i couldn.t sleep. it was a chilly, foggy morning on the wasatch front and when i stepped outside (yep! in my slippers and p.j.s) right there on the ground was this miracle heart.
i ran to get my camera. happy i did because later when i went to show my kiddos...it was gone! disappeared! vanished!
ok. i know what you are thinking.
i DID get her permission.  this comes from veronica @ arty lovely 
and she DOES have lots of lovely arty things...go visit her.
these beauties come from monica @ the creative beast
i don.t think they are edible but i.d probably try just in case.
i don.t know why but i.m enamored with heart shaped rocks.
this one comes from karen @ purplecats
this is a two part heart share.
the first view was noticed in a bird bath at my dad.s home by my son dillon.
the next day, same said heart leaf was shrined in a bath of ice.
(i couldn.t resist)
i leave you with the best advice a mother could leave with her daughter and a sweet (short) story.  my dear mom had been laying in the ICU unit for weeks.  by the time she was blessed to go home, she had a hard time moving any of her parts.  they were all stiff and creaky.  my mom had beautiful handwriting.  to regain her fine motor skills she would practice her cursive.  the last words i ever saw her write was this precious note above.  it lives on my dad.s fridge, with a heart magnet as it should, and says...
"fear not"
"let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid"

now go friends.  have a beautiful heart day with no fear or trouble!


  1. Thank you for yet another lovely post Chrissy, you really have a way with words. Love all the pictures and the precious note from your mother. That is such a comfort. Happy heart day to you dear lady♥

  2. Thank you for sharing that heartfelt post! It is very touching, what you Mom shared with you; I know you will treasure your memories! I love all the hearts!

  3. What a wonderful journey this has been with all of these hearts. It was a great idea of yours and I have enjoyed following it.

    I was interested to read about the note from your mom. I treasure the last words my Dad wrote - a love note to my mom. He gave it to me in the hospital and I gave it to Mom months later when she was strong enough to receive it. It is now special to both of us.

    P.S. Thanks for dropping by my blog too. Hope to keep in touch.


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