February 7, 2010

...a 14 day observation...day 7!

this little stitched heart wasn.t hidden at all really.
it resides on a wall by the staircase in our home.
it.s actually hanging on a metal tree that is entirely too small for the heart but i liked how it looked when it accidentally got hung there one day
and so there it has stayed.
as i write this post we are getting ready to return home to arizona from utah where we said goodbye and payed our final respects to our grandpa brent. 
it is interesting how hearts can soften when a death occurs.
how the difficult lessons that life sometimes teaches you,
can suddenly seem so incredibly invaluable.
how family...that can occasionally appear out of sorts,
like an oversized heart hanging from thin wire branches...
can, for a moment...become perfectly balanced.
walking in absolute harmony with one another.

these are the kind of heart moments that are real treasures to observe.
priceless i.d say.


  1. Oh, I love it! Such a beautiful little heart! My post today was all about hears, but some I made myself and didn't just find. It seems I'm not super observant that way... Love your blog!! Hugs, Silke

  2. beautiful post. safe travels and the comfort of home to you all....

  3. Hi Chrissy! We are so close to our journey now! I spent my day working on what seems like the theme that you lived today. I made some little charms to share with the words "Love" and "Truly". I also made some hearts to share with anyone interested. I hope you and your family found the gathering with family to be helpful after the passing of your grandfather.

    Love and peace,

  4. oh dear chrissy, i really relate to what you mean about the softness & balance that can occur/transform momently in the heart of a family when death occurs (as i was on a family trip last march for a funeral out west). so beautifully & tenderly written. as you travel now home to arizona (that's where lovely you resides!),..i send you love & wild flowers of every color. xoxo

  5. i love the way you write and express...it is a gift my friend.

    i love this sweet stitched heart hanging exactly as it should be...

    wishing safe travels to you....let's talk soon!


  6. I wish you and your family well on your trip home. I like the idea of a little tree holding a big, big heart.

  7. Great post, how fragile the heart can be and then so strong! Your stitched heart is beautiful, but what it represents is as you said, priceless!

    I am glad you and your family find some balance at this difficult time!


  8. this little stitched heart is so very sweet!! and i love the concept of it hanging from such a delicately undersized tree! sometimes when things are so obviously out of perspective, it actually puts them INTO perspective for us! i'm sorry to hear the news of your grandpa brent.....have a safe trip. :))

  9. So you, so very you! I wish you were doing a heart a day for the entire year! xoxo

  10. Safe travels to you and yours. My heart goes out to all of you for your loss.

    Much love to you!

  11. my thoughts are with you and your family. i love this analogy with the heart and family. it does make you think. i love you girl. ( i also love that milk heart......yes)

  12. You are such a beautiful writer! I love this post.
    Hugs my beautiful friend!

  13. Gorgeous! Love how the heart is too big for the branch, it looks lovely, like it does belong there afterall. :-)

    Nine more sleeps to go


  14. beautiful post. you have such a lovely way of putting your thoughts together and sharing. love to you


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