February 26, 2010

...an artful journey {day 3}

it.s going to be a beeeeutiful (but big) day!  you ready?
this morning sounds of the old tea kettle hissing fill the cottage.
you bask in the tone of your darling british friend and roommate, louise, kindly inquiring 
"anyone interested in a cuppa tea are they?" perfectly priceless in her dreamy accent.
you sneak out the screen door into the foggy daybreak.  your heart content.
good morning sun.
 the fire gets stoked with a painting demo "mati rose style"
everyone around you is taking wicked mad notes...(beth)
then it.s back to your messy table to try your brush at it.
the super fun kelly rae leads the afternoon frenzy with a demo on how to paint faces.  
kelly rae style of course.                 
easy right!
ok.  maybe not so easy. yikes!
but you stay up late again tonight with all your new girlfriends and glue and paint and work 
and learn and laugh and grow.
i couldn.t have said it better myself mati.


  1. hey Missy Chrissy!
    i just love your posts on the retreat! and i love your gorgeous photos (or should that be "gorg" as Louise would say?!??)

    mmmm, that image of the sun streaming in through the window is just breathtaking...it should be a notecard!!

    i sure do miss all the ladies =-( let's 'harass' Cindy to have another retreat next year!! ;)

  2. Yay, more dreamy retreat pics! You really are a FANTASTIC photographer! Kelly Rae does make it look so easy doesn't she? Looks like you were doing a great job on your lady, can't wait to see her all finished. I tried to paint a face last night and it did not turn out like the picture I had in my mind. :) Her nose turned out pretty crooked, but the more we create the better we'll get! Happy Friday Chrissy♥


  3. another amazing day of images and inspiration...thanks and tgif!

  4. i so look forward to visiting your blog.....always such good eye candy through your photos and your words!

    love you sweets!!


  5. i'll tell you what...if that louise asked me, i'd definitely be interested in a cuppa tea!! didn't you just MELT? and super adorable pic of both of you!! oh my heavens. what is there not to love on this whole post? the light, kelly rae, and even a stinkin' doorknob is awesome here! lol.

  6. Looks like you are having TONS of fun! I love hearing about this adventure. I also love all of your close-up photos - what camera do you have that can get up this close?

    As for the Presentation Center - I haven't been there 'yet' -- but I'm scheduled to go for a one-day (daytime only) retreat there in April. Now you've got me really looking forward to my own adventure up there.

  7. Well, I didn't know that you were you, if you know what I mean! I was there as well, in Nina's class, and saw you many times, with your bright and colorful clothes (loved the skirt and the mustard colored jacket), your big camera and even bigger smile.
    Your photos are absolutely beautiful. It was magical, wasn't it? I could do that a lot more often...

  8. one more thing...

    i absolutely adore the pic of you and louise!!!

    your smile is a light!

  9. Chickie! When did you write all this down? Or do you just have the best memory ever? I was too into the "half asleep" part of the morning to remember any of that!! Though, I think we all agreed that Louise's proper-ness is adorable. I absolutely love that painting with the pinks and blues from Mati's bit. How did I miss that as well???

    And, one last thing. If I was in Phoenix in a few weeks, and I had my own car, do you think it would be possible to get together for a hello? I can't remember where in Arizona you live.

  10. Oh wow! Thanks for sharing your artful journey with us! Sounds truly truly wonderful!
    Sounds like something I would LOVE to do.Shame its across the globe from me so it doesnt look very likely! *sigh*

  11. your photos are breathtaking. I feel like I have been tucked inside of your pocket and taken a long on this adventure with you. Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us. I am loving it!

  12. You took me there again. You are an amazing writer and photographer and PAINTER! OMG! You were holding back on me...lol. I feel so lucky when you come by my blog to make comment. I can't paint enough these days. It's CRAZY FUN!

  13. I am so glad you had such a beautiful expirience...I will always feel lucky to have met you were I did...I love the blog post too...The pictures rock and the way you write is so fun....love kisses

  14. Just stumbled onto your amazing blog off of Kelly Berkey's blog. Love your posts! Looks like an amazing retreat! Something I have longed to do for so long... looks like amazing weekend! Look forward to following your journey!

  15. i could SO easily get lost in every one of your yummy photos.....and then i realize that there's artwork to do, too!! super fun!!!! i have no doubt i would have come back a better person just soaking up the creative vibes of all of the fabulous artists in that room!! :)))

    p.s. and i just have to tell you that you are cuter than a bug in a rug!!! :))

  16. you could sell anything with your photos and words. so talented you are at story telling. i just love seeing your happy, smiling face on everyone's blogs who went.
    what an amazing experience!

  17. Looks like a wonderful weekend!!!


  18. Hi -I came across your blog and WOW! What amazing photos! They are intimate and delicious and ARTFUL! I also loved your pics on your retreat-it really looks like an amazing time of learning and growing and FUN!!

  19. great pics, chrissy! i wish i would have spent a little more time exploring the grounds! love the screen door picture. you guys looked like you had so much fun in your class. :-)

  20. You are such a wonderful storyteller. I am loving every minute of reliving this journey through your eyes.

    Miss you.

  21. Oh honey wish i could make you a cuppa now and boil that kettle with you all. Missing everyone..been a busy week...(yakky work) so now its time for fun dont you think? xxxxxxxx


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