February 11, 2010

...a 14 day observation...day 11!

heart baked
a tutorial by me...chrissy gardner
i made spaghetti the other night and because i.m strange i always think that you "must" have bread with this type of noodley, saucey dinner. 
 none in the bread basket.  
what.s a heart girl to do but make her own whole wheat heart rolls.
choose your favorite bread dough.  
mine just happens to be 100% whole wheat & easy
(seriously, i.m not just saying that)
roll dough flat and cut into strips.  a pizza cutter is slick.
my strips were about 8 inches long and a half inch wide.
right on my baking sheet i formed an awkward heart...see
then i just pinched the bottom together and...
voila!  hearts!
melt some butter
use fingers to pat melted butter to the hearts because one of your children took your pastry brush and used it in acrylic paint  (hmmm...good art idea!)
sprinkle fresh asiago cheese and bake at 350 degrees for 20 min.
take a picture of whole wheat heart rolls (while children roll their eyes and sigh) "before" you bless the food and let everyone watch and drool.  
it makes them want your dinner all that much more.

here.s hoping you find a heart on your plate tonight!


  1. how cute are you to make your family such yummy and fun to look at food! maybe i can get darling hubby to make me some heart shapped bread.
    hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

  2. comfort speghetti & awkward hearts...it doesn't get much better! love these.

  3. Love it, so sweet, no i mean savory! How fun,
    the kids must of loved them! You are a crafty diva! I posted my tree heart, it is on the 8th, out of context, since I wrote it earlier, but didn't have the tree heart done. I used a map, because, I have moved a lot, being married to a Navy career man. I am going to make these tonight, no Valentines, would be better! Thanks!!!

  4. I am strange like you and must have bread with spaghetti... it is like a really weird compulsion.

    Love the bread hearts...

  5. YUM!! maybe you can bring some of these rolls to the retreat for us to sample?!?! ;)

    thanks for the tutorial! i will definitely share it with my dear cook and boyfriend =-)

  6. Yummm!!! Not only the bread, but the spaghetti looks divine (I just realized I forgot to eat lunch!)Love that your kids are using your pastry brush for paint - nust be more artists in the family!!! xoxoxo to you, dear Chrissy!!

  7. MMM yum! I blogged a heart observation too

  8. bread goes with spaghetti like peanut butter goes with jelly.....you've just gotta have it (bring on the carbs, baby!!!)!! and if said bread happens to be whole wheat in the shape of a heart, that's all the more better!! fabulous idea!! :)))

  9. Me again! Yes thats fine to use my photo :)

  10. you're so cute I could gobble you up! HEart YoU

  11. Yummy, I want to make these! Looks fabulous Chrissy!

  12. you are just the cutest person I have ever met. I love this...absolutly love this. can i come over for dinner =0)

  13. Hi Chrissy, What a terrific idea and I love all of your heart posts. So far the heart-shaped egg shell is my favorite. I'm wondering if you have an extra special heart (s) for your post on the 14th.

  14. Are you for real?!? Seriously, what a darling idea. Your kids are so lucky to have such a creative mom. Tell them to keep rolling thier eyes, later in life they will realize how awesome you are. love you

  15. Inspired!
    I love having bready things with saucy things... the best for mopping up left over sauce at the end. Yummo!

  16. Ok, I think these are my favorite hearts! Such a sweetheart of an idea.


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