February 13, 2010

...a 14 day observation...day 13!

hearts seem to like refrigerators.  many of you shared photos of your fridges.
this little love note was found in jenny lee wentworth.s kitchen.
i spied this heart on my dad.s fridge.
(that.s me on the bottom left...cheese)
i liked this view!  heart peeking in the window...
i was working on a little sewing project the other day...
(which i never finished by the way...sorry rachele)
the threads landed on the table in an odd, but definite heartly manner.

love should be simple....right?
a last minute heart gift
take dough from this idea.    eat your spaghetti.   forget you left a pan of heart dough covered on the counter.    it rises.   you cook it.   it makes little heart shaped loaves of bread.
you forgot to make sandwich bread for school lunches so you slice darling heart bread in half
some hearts like plain cream cheese while others like raspberry honey
it.s all good.   hearts go in the lunches.  boys think it.s weird.  girls and their friends think you are the best heart mom in the world!
the leftovers get a new home in a little cellophane bag with a cute red ribbon ready for anonymous heart attacks on valentines day!

get all your hearts in a row today friends.  tomorrow is the day to celebrate!


  1. i love seeing all of these hearts They are so beautiful!

  2. you are SO much fun!! i love your smiley photo on your dad's fridge! and i was going to say that my favorite heart of the day is the string on your sewing machine.....until i saw the bread. in the battle between crafts and carbs, i've gotta go with the carbs (besides, how could anyone in their right mind pass up a heart-shaped sandwich slathered with cream cheese or raspberry honey?!!). happy valentine's day, sweetie! :)))

  3. You know I completely forgot you were doing this and also that I said I was going to look for some hearts too, I am rubbish I admit it.
    That said you are most definately NOT rubbish, you have found some amazing hearts and some that have been sent in were fab too, I am loving your enthusiasm right now!!

    Micki x

  4. chrissy, it is so much fun to see ALL these hearts! lovelovelove to you.

  5. you are the cutest!

    i just love you so much!!!

    love the pic of you on your dad's fridge...your smile is infectious my friend!!

    let's talk tomorrow or Monday before you head here to cali for your art retreat!!


  6. Raspberry honey? What is that?! Sounds yummy. Thanks for always saying such lovely supportive things Chrissy - can't wait to hear about the retreat with KR and MR! x

  7. chrissy. i have enjoyed your heart challenge tremendously. i have been in a funky mood and didnt muster enough energy to play along but each day was a joy to see. you rock girlfriend. totally rock. <3

  8. Well, I kind of missed out on all this heart-i-ness, being gone and all, but I did post a cute heart on my blog today in your honor! You're going to miss all this fun, I'm afraid after tomorrow - maybe now you can do shamrocks!! Love and hearts to you, dear girl!!!

  9. Mmmm, tell me more about this raspberry honey. Sounds heavenly! Thanks for sharing so much love with us through this little observation and for letting us be part of it! Wishing you and yours a very happy love day tomorrow!


  10. OMG!! i would totally LOVE a sandwich made from heart bread!!!

    one day your sons will look back on this 'lovely' gesture and their own hearts will swell with love for you =-)

    Happy valentines day! see you soon!


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