January 19, 2010

...what's in a name?

i love the name ann!  anyone i've ever met named ann has been really lovely.  my beautiful mom's name was ann.  my daughter tessa's middle name is ann.  my niece's name is ann.  my fed.ex lady's name is ann. (she's nice and leaves bones for my dog)  and now i have another reason to love the name ann. 
i met ann deakers in a yahoo group for an upcoming art retreat we are embarking on together in february.  she just happened to get my name for an apron swap we participated in.  (lucky me)  since then we have emailed and followed each others blogs and i can't wait to meet this dear soul in person.  yesterday i got a little surprise in the mail from her.  it was my apron!  it is amazing!  beautiful!  clever!  i can't believe the time and effort she put into sewing an apron for someone she has never met.  she is such an "ann"! (that's one of the best compliments in my book by the way)  anyone who sews or paints or designs jewelry or does any type of artful living for that matter will probably relate to my appreciation for her "handmade" gift of love.

my apron

she even took extra care to use my favorite colors.
orange, brown & turquoise

lovin the yo yo

my favorite part is the hand sewn word across the top
she even spelled like i do on my blog and it IS my word of the year!

thank you so very much ann!  you are a dear!  this apron truly makes me happy!  i hate to think of painting with this apron on.  now i need you to make me an "apron" to cover my "beautiful apron".

so, how many of you out there are apron wearers?



  1. Dear Chrissy, thanks so much for popping by my blog and saying hi, im excited to meet you in Feb at the retreat and yes i LOVE Mondo Beyondo.... and i also love the idea of your blog - Cul*ti*vate.... just fabulous. Cant wait to chat in person. :-)

  2. beautiful apron! Looking forward to meeting you in February!


  3. so sad I didn't participate in this swap! Your apron is beautiful! looking forward to snoopin' through your blog a bit and meeting you in Feb. I'm in Kelly Rae & Mati's class.

  4. It's gorgeous. I'm a definite apron girl. I'm lucky I have CurlyPops to make great aprons for me. Ann has done a sensational job with yours.

  5. wow! that would be so fun to receive!

    coincidentally, my middle name is ann. ;)

    so glad you have the fun of another art retreat to look forward too!!!

    love you!

  6. what a lovely and thoughtful gift. i'm planning to make your whole wheat banana bread tomorrow and i want to be an apron wearer and really should be but am not (at this time).


  7. that apron is PERFECT for you!!!

    the colors.
    the patterns
    and of course..."theeeee word"!!

    what a sweet, sweet gesture!! i WOULD become an apron wearer if i had one like that!!! ; )

    love you bunches

  8. I'm humbled by your kind words.
    i'm sure it's 'beauty' will be way outshined by the beautiful person wearing it.

  9. awesome apron! it is VERY you, i can see that! hope to get a picture of you wearing it at the retreat =-)

  10. Seriously...that is one beautiful apron! I am totally jealous. Love the colors, love the title, love the details...love you! I love wearing aprons, it makes me feel like I am about to make the BEST meal ever!

  11. aw....chrissy that is a gorgeous gift. and i giggled when i was the cul*ti*vate.

    what retreat are you heading to???? i so need another one, but i really need it to be with all of you.

  12. Beautiful apron!! Your post is lovely, so nice to get on here and see so many from you lately...where have I been?
    I have an apron I wear, it has iris flowers painted on it!! I've had it ever since I was a florist, it just keeps getting better. Kind of like us women..we just get better every year!! I can't wait to see your first goddess! I'm sure you will catch up to me soon, I feel pretty behind myself these days. I'm so enjoying my photography class too!
    Your kiddos are so beautiful. hugs and much love to you my beautiful friend!

  13. oh that is such a beautiful apron. I adore it. I love that she put the words cultivate on it. Beautiful. What retreat are you headed to in February?

    I agree with Ms Kelly Barton ~ I need another art retreat as well but with all you guys ;)

  14. An apron swap? What a delectable idea!
    Yours is perfect for you. As Dr Seuss would say, "Oh the places you will go!" :-)
    I have a gorgeous little Liz Lamoreux creation that I wear on special days.


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