January 25, 2010

...haphazard thoughts

when is the last time you tried to peel an orange in one loooong piece?
you should try it soon, it's very amusing.
 and your kids friends think you are the bomb if you can do this.

i.m 41 and back in school.   yes, college.  crazy, i know!
23 years is a ginormous pause for a brain to take
before thinking about algebra problems again.
run.  right now.  and tell all the new-fledged folks you know to finish their education while they are young and fresh and frisky.  if they wait, sometimes it.s too hard to find a duster long enough to reach into the farthest corners of your mind and clean out all those cobwebs.
if they don.t believe you, give them my number.

ok folks, here's the verdict on the whole wheat olive oil bread.

5 thumbs down
1 neutral thumb
1 thumb up

the up thumb was me of course.  tess (14) said it was tasteless but pretty, so i figure that fact alone should.ve, at least, given the lovely loaf another half neutral thumb right?
so...i won't be passing on the recipe to olive oil bread test #1 to you peeps anytime soon.
my remedy next time = honey
honey fixes everything!


  1. congratulations on being so brave and going back to school. That is awesome. Wishing you the best of luck sunshine

  2. Congratulations on deciding to go back to college.(something I could never do ;)
    I hope you enjoy it all and acheive everything you hope for!
    Micki x

  3. Good for you going back to studying! I've been thinking about it on and off for a while but keep chickening out. I must say those sums are an actual other language to me!
    PS. Thanks for all the lovely comments you leave on my blog, and that 'neutral thumb' cracked me up!

  4. What gorgeous handwriting you have, Chrissy. You make even Algebra look appealing!
    For this reason, among many, I think you should most definitely take the words "dare I say" out of your profile. Your blog is so infused with love and beauty and creativity and abundance... and I know I'm not the only one to think so.

  5. I worked on my MA beginning when my son was four weeks old. I think that all those crazy hormonal changes made me do it! But I finished right in time to be pregnant with my daughter and I am happy that I did. I wrote myself an email message back then and kept in in a file to be opened if I ever felt the tickle to get a doctorate. It says in big bold letters over and over....DON"T DO IT!!! DON"T DO IT!!! hahaha, school is obviously hard but it is so empowering. It feels great when that little light bulb goes off when you learn something new or put some information together in a new way. So, enjoy the process as much as you can and good for you for doing it!

  6. "hard to find a duster long enough to reach into the farthest corners of your mind and clean out all those cobwebs."
    you are SO funny my friend!! I highly doubt you are having to do any cleaning in your sweet clever mind!!

    you inspire me and i think it is incredible that you are back in college amongst the many other things you juggle in your life!!!

    i can honestly say i have never attempted the orange peeling in one long piece...what is the trick to it because i am sure my kids would think "WOW MOM!! HOW'D YOU DO THAT?!?!?!"

    love you!

  7. yes, your statement on "cleaning the cobwebs" IS funny, but i'd say that it's not really cobwebs to clear but working unused mind-muscles and those muscles will start functioning at full capacity again as you continue your studies..it's just like a riding a bike! you never REALLY forget to learn, because we are learning everyday..just not in a classroom! ;)

  8. kudos to you for going back to school! i work in higher ed (i'm the director of student life by day and teach english and a freshmen experience type course in an adjunct status). it takes a lot of courage to do what you are doing, but i know you can do it! you've taken that all important first step. :-)

  9. Oh how I love you Chrissy! You make me laugh. You inspire me. You make me think.
    Miss you tons!!!

  10. Chrissy, as the other commenters have noted, you are one amazing woman and I am proud to know you! I knew you were back in school, but I was thinking how fun, with all those art classes - little did I know - ALGEBRA?? Yikes! It just makes me admire you even more (not to mention the orange peeling trick!) Keep trying with the bread and you will have a work of art!! Love you, dear.

  11. Congrats on going back; I want to do this, too!

    I am trying to figure out what path to take!
    Algebra...ooow, I hope you can get the cobwebs out and the formulas in!

  12. ok those are hands down the best.notes.ever. there are so many things after 40 that make us the bomb i don't even know where to begin. thanks you for being a kind and inspiring whirlwind of a woman. if you use the olive oil bread recipe from "artisan bread in 5 minutes a day" for fougasse and fill it with goodness like spinach, feta and chicken or roasted peppers and goat cheese you are sure to get a few more thumbs up. and a great meal...have a great week.


  13. This post made me very happy ;-)
    I simply adore you.xoxoxoxoxoxo


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