January 13, 2010

...save the arts

could you just eat up the smile on this freckle faced little girl?  guess what made her so happy?  she won an award in her school's art reflections program.  i am so grateful for this art program.  it's seems the arts in school are dying out.  quickly.  this makes me so sad.  i've never seen this sweet 10 year old be so proud of herself for a good grade in spelling (although i know it's important)  art is what builds her self esteem.  her confidence.  it helps her use her brain.  her creativity.  her art gives her value.
why would we want to diminish a venue that can bring children all of these wonderful attributes and more?

this is her winning piece.  she wanted to do a "mixed media" piece because non of her friends knew what one was.  i gave her a blank canvas.  sat her at my art table.  opened all my paints and papers and fibers and epherma and let her go wild.  the theme was beauty is.... she decided "beauty is nature"
i think beauty is folks who recognize how important the "arts" are in developing our little ones.  heck, we all benefit from valuable art programs.
how are the art programs in your part of the world?  what would you do to change them?


  1. She is so cute..That peice is adorable ..I love it..The Arts rule !!!!


    Her piece is amazing....WOW!!! She is so deserving of this precious award!!!

    And I second sweet Gloria...

    The Arts Rule!!!!

  3. How beautiful! I am so proud of your sweet girl! Love it. She is so creative and so happy. It does my heart good.

  4. What a lovely piece, and a very wonderful happy smile. She looks like you.

  5. Hmmmm....no surpirse that the 2 of you are related! And how lucky for her that you happen to have all those cool supplies at her disposal! I LOVE that she wanted to do a mixed media piece and share that art form and LOVE the piece!!! When I was in the schools, I sponsored kid-art shows at my local gallery, with featured artists, press, etc. and the kids absolutley adored it. You are sooo right - it is much needed and neglected, but dont' get me started.....

  6. Your daughter is beautiful! She looks exactly like you! And her project is pretty darn awesome!

  7. I love her idea - and her project! Congrats to her!

    (I so love what Patty did - that is such a fabulous idea, and I'm sure the kids just adored it!!!)

  8. What a gorgeous girl and beautiful art! You must be so proud.
    Chrissy, I read about you in Kelly Rae Roberts' post about the Be Present retreat last year and have been noticing your comments in various blogs that I enjoy.
    Are you also doing Mondo Beyondo this January?
    Just wanted to say HI anyway and that I hope our paths continue to cross. :-)

  9. great job! I wholeheartedly agree with you. arts in our school district is just barely hanging. it's counted as one of the "resource" periods that get rotated weekly, so they get art class once a week. i try to make up for that at home!


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