January 7, 2010

...a thankful heart on thursday

... so i started this little segment right after thanksgiving of last year in an effort to keep the spirit of gratitude alive in my life all year long.  i like the idea that the little things really are the big things in life sometimes.
have you ever met one of those people who become an "instant" friend?  you know, the type of girl (ok..or guy) you feel you've known forever?  it's such a cool experience.  my beautiful friend kolleen of heartwingsisters is one of those little blessings in my life.  talent, sass, style, good taste in music, creative, caring, good listener, good mama & wife, good friend and on and on...all in one amazing body.  that is kolleen.

she recently gave me this little award.  (i loved her before this i promise!)

i'm suppose to name 10 things i love at the moment,
 & then  pass it onto 10 blogs i love to visit.
since it's a thankful heart on thursday i'm going to combine the two ok?
ready, set, jump...

1. i love my amazing family.
2. i love meaningful conversations with friends who really care and listen.
3. i love that they have antibacterial wipes at the grocery stores for your nasty carts now.
4. i am loving this song i found by donavon frankenreiter called "beautiful day"...you're gonna love this one K!
5. i love seeing all 5 of my children bundled up and swooshing down the hills all together for the 1st time in 17 years.
6. i love this new sitcom my friends turned me on to last week. (because i don't watch t.v.)  it might say a lot about my sense of humor...yikes! so dang funny though.
7. i love the tetons in jackson hole, wyoming.
8. i love my new mac computer.
9. i love fingerless gloves, all chunky and knitted.
10. i loved the ENTIRE box of enstroms almond toffee from denver that i stole (from my dad) hid and ate over the holidays.
(okay, he actually KNEW i was going to eat the whole box, but i didn't share)

hmmm...im gonna start with 7 blogs i love right now
1. tangled sky studio beth phillips is a new artist i have come to LOVE.
2. heartwing sisters if you love music, you'll LOVE k's taste.  it rocks.
3. creating freespirit i LOVE everything about this gal.  gloria will make you smile!
4. the creative beast this girl is brave. no new clothes OR fabric in 2010? seriously?
5. kelly rae roberts duh!
6. tims sally wish you could actually hear miss mindy's voice in all it's southern yumminess and give her some love for being in the new issue of "cloth.paper.scissors" yippy! love ya mindy!
7. allison dayton best friend jewelry designer extraordinaire. why i jingle everywhere i go.

so thursday, there you have it.  lots of stuff to chew on.
peAcE yA'll


  1. OMG!! i'm not sure if i'm BRAVE or CRAZY for the challenge of buying no clothes (new or used!) AND including fabric in the mix!! thanks for thinking i'm being brave though - i really appreciate the vote of confidence =-)

    see you Santa Cruz sooner than we know!! =-)

  2. i love you c.

    you are so kind and generous in the compliments you send my way. they mean the world to me and pick me up when im down!! your friendship is a true blessing to me...God send babe!!

    love the Donavon song...put it on my playlist a while back...but kind of forgot about it because i have 200 songs on there!!! yikes!! good to listen as i am typing this comment to you!! you simply are the best and i love you so much!!
    ps...can i come to santa cruz and just hang out???????

  3. Love the Thankful Thursday. Love you and miss ya. Thinking of you.

  4. A great list. Enjoyed checking out some new blog links too.

  5. I love lists and this one is chock full of goodness. Thanks for mentioning my blog and for taking the time to visit and comment recently. artisan bread in in 5 minutes a day is a life altering cookbook which you are sure to love. i was quite obsessed with it for a while and now it is like an old friend i can count on when i need it (there is an obscene abundance of good bread here in Northern cal but that book saved me in the midwest!) i love the idea that little things are the big things in life....thanks for the reminder!



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