January 21, 2010

...a thankful heart on thursday!

on this thursday i am thankful for...

* my very first piece of mail from austrailia.
with kangaroos on the stamp and everything.
my new dear friend cathy sent me this adorable surprise in the mail.
the card itself is a piece of artwork i tell ya, it's all collaged and funky fun.
the darling little packet tied in yellow string is the most clever thing ever.
you open it up and it's all these wonderfully positive messages to lift your spirits and put a smile across your face.

see what i mean?
i get the pleasure of meeting cathy next month in los gatos, california.
you can find the talented sweetheart right here!
thanks tinnie*girl!
also thankful today for...
* rain, because we rarely get it in arizona.
* umbrellas.
* healthy children who think it's great to play in the rain
without an umbrella.

* my sassy rain boots.
* a warm home for all my wet chicks to come home to.
* hot chocolate.

so, peeps what small blessing can you find to be thankful for this thursday?
rain or shine!


  1. Oh, I'm so glad they arrived, and that you like them. The card is not my creative work. It is by AnastasiaC http://anastasiac.blogspot.com/

    Today I am thankful that I have a weekend about to start, and only 3 weeks of work before my holiday. And for good friends, people who get me.

    See you soon my friend.

  2. Chrissy, now I understand why your photos are always so beautiful! You learned so much from your loving mother. Oh, how sweet. I just looove to look at your photos. I think we are kindred spirits on eating healthy food too. My hubby grinds our flour and bakes all our bread, cooks everything from scratch. It is a life love of his and he is in the kitchen most of the day, rising, fermenting, grinding, loving on his food. That is what I'm most thankful for.
    Your sweet gifts are beautiful, what a lovely surprise to get in the mail. I haven't painted since the weekend, life is getting in the way...

  3. OOOOHHHHH GIRL! check out your SUPER SASSY rain boots! my rain boots pale in comparison ;) but i'm also glad for some rain to wear my cute boots in and goodness knows LA needs the rain!

    and i echo Cathy's sentiment in having good friends who get you, whether they are near or far...

    we'll be meeting soon! YAY!

  4. rainy day cuddled up on my pretty red couch with a cup of green tea.
    date night with my hubby...to come!!! (hasn't happend yet)!!
    working in my baby's 1st grade classroom....i just love those kids...i love their sweet, funny little brains.

    love your mail from Australia!! Wishing you could pack me in your suitcase so i can be with you on this retreat and meet these lovelies that are meeting you there! they're just gonna love you...sounds like they "love you already"!!!


  5. The rain... am gratefull for the beautiful rain...

  6. one more thing...

    i LOVE those boots!!!

    i really.

  7. I am thankful for you and the other beautiful bloggers out there who keep me inspired and upbeat even when my day hasn't been that way. You are amazing - I mean that!

  8. Hi love,

    How ironic! I am grateful for a sunny day here in the NW. it has been too long. I'm grateful for my dad who is here from CO, and we will be finding out today if the sellers of the house we are wanting to buy accepts our offer. GOOD TIMES!! Keep your fingers crossed for us. Love you girl. Have a great weekend.

  9. oh how i miss those boots. I remember you walking along the oregon coast in them.

  10. Fabulous boots and just a wonderful surprise in the mail! Am excited to meet you in Los Gatos! Woohoo. :-)

  11. I'm thankful for a walk in the sunshine and sesame ice cream (and my little 'un napping in the pram!!).
    I'm also grateful for the kindness of this blog community and sweet supportive comments like yours that warm my soul and give me the energy to keep going!
    In answer to your question, I am the proud owner of this beautiful Liz Lamoreux apron:
    I also treated myself to this gorgeous scarf (I felt like its name was just meant for me) and I always get so many compliments whenever I wear it:
    And I couldn't resist this symbol of inner wisdom:
    It's fair to say I am quite the Liz Elayne fan and am so envious of you meeting her last year! An art retreat on the Oregon coast with Liz Lamoreux, Kelly Rae Roberts and Andrea Scher is my idea of heaven! :-)


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