January 14, 2010

...a thankful heart on thursday!

on this thursday i am thankful for...

*   a perfect carton of blueberries from trader joe's.
*   the sweet elderly couple i saw eating ice cream cones together.
(my parents use to always do that..so cute)
*   the fact that i don't live in haiti.
 i made my whole family sit down last night and watch CNN together.
 i wanted them to see how blessed we are.
the broadcasting broke my heart.
i was so happy when more than one of my kiddos said..
"oh mom!  we have to do something!"
*   the hot bath i didn't have time to take, but did anyway.
*   a friend who actually valued my opinion
on what color to paint her kitchen.
*   prayer.

i hope you find something big or small to be grateful for today.


  1. i'm thankful for an amazing internet art community of bloggers like YOU!

    i'm also thankful that more people are being made aware of the loss of Art In Schools that has been growing in the past few years... =-(

    "why would we want to diminish a venue that can bring children...wonderful attributes and more?"

    because people DO NOT understand how much learning can be gained through use of the arts; as commenter Patty said "Don't get me STARTED!!" we will have to discuss this at the retreat!

  2. i am thankful for the lovely amazing women in my life.
    i am thankful for a husband that "gets" me....and trust me...that is REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to do!
    i am thankful for a good night's rest.
    i am thankful for date night...that is yet to happen but it's coming in the next couple of hours.

    and Chrissy, my beautiful sunray...i am so grateful for you. i am grateful for the friendship we share and how i feel i can tell you anything and you won't stand in judgment of me or think i am completely being silly...even if we know i am!!!
    i love you.


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