January 28, 2010

...a thankful heart on thursday!

today i am so thankful for...

* the few extra moments i found to embroider on a "work in progress".
* all the heartfelt comments i received for zane.s mom yesterday.
thank you.  honestly.  thank you.
* a clean microwave.
* the color orange.
* friends who dare to dream with me.
* my mistakes.
because i really do learn what not to do from them
* my 2nd grader barging through the front door just now and hollering...
"stockton is home!"
* the awesome "old" library book checkout cards i found at the local thrift store.
hmmm.  any ideas?
(my children don't even know what those are!)
* the 7 chocolate chip cookies the above "stockton"
just brought to "share" with me.
ya.  right.
* oh.  and caffeine.

so, peeps...what goodness is in your life today?


  1. Goodness, Papa John's pizza picked up after going and getting my daughter's retainer. Sixty degree weather, major storm coming tomorrow night though.
    Thankful for my family, my creative side and my new blog friends. Thankful for, friends, oolong tea, skinny caps(cappucinos), popcorn, Trees, birds, color,
    mmmh, Thankful for....you reminding me to be thankful :D

  2. I am thankful that two out of the three stacks of essays on the Spanish American War are graded and that some kids who didn't receive the highest marks, did get me to laugh out loud at their answers.

    I am thankful for my five year old daughter who asks and asks and asks questions that give me choices to ponder..."Mommy, what side of my butt is my birth mark, the left of right....guess!" (I should know this right?)

    I am thankful that my husband just ran off to Benjamin Moore Paints to buy my NINTH color sample in my long long long process of deciding what color to paint my bedroom.

    I am thankful that my eight year old son is so easy going and can entertain himself so easily and can adjust to just about any situation without any drama.

    I am thankful for my job that I am good at and that is secure.

    I am VERY thankful that I have always been a patient person.

    I am thankful for the softest blanket in the world being on my bed every night.

    And I am about to be thankful to Joe for making a dang good pizza at the place down the street!

  3. Hmmm...I'm thankful for random smiles from people at the grocery store, to walk in the door from work to find my husband making a lovely dinner, hugs and kisses from my kiddos, how adorable my little black kitty looks with a tiny yellow t-shirt on, and that tomorrow is Friday and I have a date with my daughter!

  4. Cappuccinos and fresh flowers that I got for my birthday! They make me smile and warm me up through this frozen time Minnesota is going through...I miss grass;-(
    Love ya!

  5. i'm thankful it's FRIDAY! sorry i got to this late =-(

    if you bring those check out cards to the retreat, i'm sure we can find something to do with them! =-)

  6. the beautiful sunshine smiling down on me!
    the ocean singing a little song!
    the smell of coffee throughout my house!
    a little U2 playing on the radio!
    emails from sweet, sweet friends of mine!
    love, love, love all around!


  7. i am too thankful for precious love (my heart just aches to read about zane!).
    & the warm big orange sweater i'm wearing, that is my husbands, now that i'm done with my work day and it's below zero outside again!
    & for my 11 yr. old son still holding my hand
    & for my favorite throw blanket with flowers
    & fav. new socks with lots of colors that i throw on at night to make my eyes happy
    & for loving & kind words.

  8. thankful that-
    my mom taught me to cook
    and inspired me to be creative
    that my 3 kiddos love to draw
    and build
    and make up stories
    that my partner gives me space
    to create
    and to grow
    that it's a rainy friday night
    and we can sleep in tomorrow
    if we want
    (which we won't)

  9. Thank you Chrissy, I appreciate your comments too. It's always nice to feel that you're not alone in blogland. Lovely to meet nice people like you! Have a great weekend!


  10. Checkout cards! I totally forgot about those! I kind of miss them. It was nice to see the list of people who checked out the book before you (or to see that the last person who checked the book out was you yourself .. and clearly you have odd taste in books ;)


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