September 10, 2010


dear friends...
i want to share a secret with you that i believe is true.
you are beautiful!
you were born beautiful. 
you came into this world with 
beautiful innate qualities that only you possess. 
deep inside you lie beautiful characteristics that are yet to be discovered.
when you see something or hear something that seems familiar to you...
that is the beautiful spirit within you saying...
"here i am.  remember me? been waiting for you."
then take her hand and follow where she leads.
she knows the way.  she knows the way to show you... just how 
full of beauty 
you really are.

and that.s what i believe is true.


  1. Chrissy this is so sweet! You are beautiful too my friend!! :)

  2. Thanks for a lovely reminder my friend. Much Love to beautiful you!


  3. Thanks for the timely reminder. My spirit needed that right now.

  4. i looooooooove your handwriting
    (i know i've said that before)
    & this means
    i even love your word
    (to the left of beautifull)...
    can you pleeeeease come write
    on some of my stuff
    & make it extra chrissy beautifull?!
    (you've already written
    on my heart & so
    i've got that going for me).
    i loooooove that butterfly
    & green stitchings
    & am so curious
    what the other words are
    that are stitched along!
    i am soooooooo your friend
    in the world of listening to
    "here i am"...
    & i hold that with
    grateful hands full of stars.

  5. Well said! I'm gonna go through this day reminding myself of this every hour on the hour, and see how it changes my day! Cheers!

  6. Thank you so much! I so needed to hear this and be reminded to love myself!

  7. Your handwriting holds the beauty of your lovely thoughts. Thank you for sharing them on this rainy Saturday morning (here, anyway!). Wishing you a beauty-filled day, Chrissy. Love your cultivate attitude!

  8. i adore you!


    (i think i recognize that beautiFULL butterfly!!!!)


  9. OK. I am going to *try* to remember this!
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! ♥

  10. it takes a beauti-full spirit to kmow these things......and an absolutely gorgeous heart to know how to share them with others!! thank you, sweet friend for passing on your precious heart songs. xox, :))))

  11. Simply beautiful!! As are you!! Love, Silke

  12. I had a dream last night that I went to visit you and that you were helping me understand my kids better. We talked a lot and you had a huge kitchen and we cooked and we had a great time..I believe that you are an angel and your amazing being is a blessing to all of us...

  13. I needed that remindertoday... sometimes I just forget. :)

  14. you are one of the most beautiful people i know.

  15. love that! thanx 4 the reminder.

  16. This is something we should read everyday as an affirmation... Thank-you for the kind words that you continue to give to the universe... Muah! xo

  17. Beauti-full you, beauti-full babe, beauti-full, Beautiful You!! And that's the truth, sistah :)

  18. What a lovely sentiment; We all have beauty to share! I am happy it is Beautyfall, where my heart is happy as the trees shed their leaves, I hope I can shed some old habits and turn over a new leaf~ Your soul's kindness is beautiful~

  19. GORGEOUS way to start my morning! Much love to you sweetie...

  20. A dose of Chrissy is what I needed today.
    Thank you for sharing your beauty, you are a sweet blessing and a beautiful example of what is good and beautiful.

    xo, Lorraine

  21. I believe that too. It sort of goes along with the post I am trying to write for tomorrow.

  22. just ran across your blog. what cool photos on here - and youre really funny too! i love the blog header photo, makes me want to pull out some paints and make art!!

  23. Thank you, dear Chrissy! Those words were needed today :)

    I love the image of the green butterfly. Your lettering is gorgeous!!


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