September 23, 2010

a safe harbor...

i was asked to speak at a leadership conference tonight.
i will be speaking to women who lead "young" women from the ages of 12-18.
i was asked to speak about how, as leaders, 
we can cultivate a spirit of unity among a group of very diverse girls.  
young women that come in all different packages.  
girls with different strengths and weaknesses.  
different interests.  different friends.
how can we get them to respect one another?  to care for one another?
how can we create a safe harbor for these youth 
when they meet with one another?
as i was thinking about how and what i might share with these leaders, 
i thought about you, my blog friends.  
i thought about this safe, secure community i have landed myself amongst.
i always feel loved and valued.  i don.t ever feel judged.  
i feel encouraged and lifted and inspired.
when i come here, i feel as though my SHIP has docked in a safe harbor.
and for these "FRIEND-SHIPS" that surround me...
i am truly grateful.

so i wanted to pick your brain...
what makes you feel safe and secure out there in your creative journey?
what is your safe harbor?

cul*ti*vate a safe harbor


  1. Friend-Ships?!?! Chrissy, you rock my boat! What a creative and delightfully cool post by a creative and delightfully awesome chick :)

    My safe harbor is the blog community that has graciously opened its arms to me. I am surrounded by other women on a journey similar to mine, I am not judged but loved, and I have a voice through a blog that people like to visit. It truly has changed my world!

    I wish I could be at your conference. How lucky these young women are to get to hear the cul*ti*vating wisdom of YOU!!

    kiss kiss love love hug hug,

  2. If I think myself into a bad bad bad place, I think it is the friendship of others that will pull me out. Friends that are here around me and those that are far away are what keeps me going. Likeminded friends who are so very precious, like you sweet Chrissy.

    I just love your ships...

    and good luck with your talk, I am sure it will be great... I wish I could listen.


  3. A fleet of friend-ships helps me navigate through the stormy times. You rock Chrissy, would love to be at the conference!

  4. the safest harbor for me
    comes in the quiet...
    on a beach,
    in the rain,
    in the tub,
    in praying...
    stepping away
    from commotion
    & noises
    & being
    in the
    being place.
    i love your
    colorful ships
    & of course
    your friend-ship...
    i'm aboard, deer!
    & happy anniversary!

  5. Congratulations on your speaking engagement!! This is SO great! I wish I could be there in person but you know I am absolutely there in spirit =-)...

    You know, your questions are coming at an interesting time for me right now. I feel safe sharing my Artist Self with others that are also Artists and OWN THAT ROLE. I also feel safe when CREATING in my play-space. I try to keep this Chinese proverb in mind when deciding who and when to share my Artist-Self with others:

    "When you meet a Master Swordsman, show him your sword...When you meet a man who is NOT A POET, DO NOT show him your poem"

    I feel this quote to be an example of learning how to show yourself to those you will best understand you and help you, thus providing the much needed Safe Harbor.

    BTW: i LOVE the Friend SHIPS!! i've got to make a big one with sails to represent my friends =-)

  6. Love this, Friend-ship is a journey like no other!
    I think blogging helped me see beyond, we all hurt and we all want good things to happen, we all want to do, be our best! We all share the human condition~

    My family n' friends are my safe harbor, they will throw me a life vest if needed or bonk me in the head, If I need that, too~ They are the anchor to my heart and make me try to be a better person~ xXx

  7. "friend - ship" oh dear chrissy you are truly delightful!!

    Being on a creative journey is not an easy thing at all. It is filled with a lot of ups and downs. some very real thoughts of self doubt as well as beautiful highs when we are held in the hands of those that support us. I feel so safe when I am on an art retreat or when I come to my blog and spill my heart out. It comes so naturally to speak from my heart on my blog because I never feel judged. I always feel enveloped in love.

    What is most important is that we support one another no matter what journey we are each on. Even if others journey looks like our own or they are completely different than our own. We must stand along side one another so that we know we are not alone. We are not alone. There are others out there just like each of us who "get" us, support us, and truly see us.

    The thing that is the most important to remember is that you must always shine your light. Even when you feel invisible, shine that light. Because we are human beings. Filled with so much. We are never invisible...never. We may not know the lives that we touch along the way, but it happens. Oh yes it happens. So keep shining! And know that you are never alone.

  8. My safe harbor is also come from this community of people that I feel love from even though I dont know many of them. I too feel like I am the only one judging me..I feel like this has become my therapy and I feel heard and validated..crAZY because 7 tears ago I had no clue what a computer you..G

  9. Friendships are what picks me up most often. But, today another big pick-up ... was a surprise entry on my middle son's blog (he is studying abroad in Denmark this year):

    I couldn't help but chuckle when I found this.

  10. what beautiful ships Chrissy!! I love them... and the idea of them as FRIEND-ships, how gorgeous. and wow I wish I could hear you speak too! your words will inspire no doubt as they always do here for us. my safe harbour is definitely my family and creative friendships and community...having special artist buddys who never judge, who always reassure us when were feeling vulnerable, who appreciate our differences and help us believe in our own possibilities. So grateful for all these friend-ships too... and your ships are the most beautiful symbol of these! xo

  11. I love the ships you've created. And I'm happy to know that you feel loved and valued by your blog community. To be blessed with meaningful relationships...this is everything to me.

  12. First of all, you've already given your speech and I know that you ROCKED it. Wish I could of witnessed that.
    I am so glad that I boarded your friend-ship almost a year ago. I know it's already been said before, but that concept is just so amazing. And that fact that you came up with it, just speaks volumes of how lovely, observant and thoughtful you are. and those collage ships!!!! I want one. When are you opening up your etsy shop? You got some talent girl and it needs to be spread far and wide.
    Attending the be present retreat for me was definatley a start in creating a community and mind set of feeling safe in an artistic environment. Still needing a lot of work here, but everyday is a new day and having friends like you make it so much easier.
    much love darling girl,
    see you


  13. Sweet Chrissy I so wish I could be there to listen to your talk- I know it will be wonderful.
    You have an amazing gift of beautiful light that will inspire these young women who will listen to you. Good luck my beautiful friend!

  14. I was there and it was awesome! thanks again!!

  15. awesome, Chrissy! so very wonderful that you had the opportunity to address this group! i'm sure your words were very inspirational.

    i think sometimes i find my safest harbor actually with my girls. when it comes to art, i've learned that i can show them absolutely anything and they will think it's the most wonderful thing they've ever seen and want me to show them how to do it. and they see it all! i don't share much of what i create on my blog, though i'm pretty sure the art blogging community would be just as supportive.

  16. Congratulations on being asked to speak- what an honor! I am sure those girls will just love your inspirational and happy spirit. Your positivity is contagious!

  17. These friend-ships are great - and so will be your speech! You are so encouriging, and each and every post carries something special, something vital to growth and creativity. I'm so glad to be connected here!
    For me my safe harbour is being in touch - with loving peope - in my family, my work and in this amazing blogland. And also being in touch with myself, and something beyond it - a sense of trust that, whatever happens, it will turn out the right way. I'd love to hear you talk - wish you all the best there! :)

  18. I absolutely LOVE those ships!!!!!
    SO excited for you to be spreading your gifts with the world. Keep being you Chrissy... The world needs more. xox


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