October 27, 2010


hi.  i just wanted to thank you so much for being patient as i have s l o w l y processed my thoughts about brave girls camp.  
there was just way too much wonderfulness to pack it all into one post.  
plus, i know some of you secretly like to "pretend" you were there 
and the more details, the better the fantasy right?
one of the funny things about the blogging world is that usually we don.t get to see and hear "in person", the friends we.ve made out there.
...but today i am being brave. that.s right.  i.m a brave girl after all. 
below is my personal testimony of the magic of brave girls camp.
it.s the raw nuts and bolts of my heart and the love i have for the dream that melody and kathy have turned into a reality.
(is that what you thought i would sound like? why do you always sound dorkier than you think you do)

i meant it when i said i wished i could send 
all the women i love to brave girls camp.  but i unfortunately i can.t.
to see about sending yourself however...click here
because the word is spreading, the 2011 camps are almost all sold out.
BUT, don.t get discouraged beautiful girl...if you want to get your feel of bravery without a waiting list, this is your lucky day.  soul restoration is an online course that will be beginning january 11th.  i highly recommend you click here to read all about it.  you will love melody. love love love her!
and the last gift i want to share with you is this...
go here and sign up to receive the best little love notes ever.  full of truths about yourself that might have gotten lost while your house was dirty.


  1. what a treat to see AND hear your wonderful voice again Missy Chrissy!!

    I've been thinking about your experience at Brave Girls Camp and thinking I've got to experience it for myself!! Maybe in 2012 since I've got a few retreats and trainings planned for next year but who knows what the Universe will have in store for me?? =-)

    I'm so glad you had such an amazing time and that you have shared it so fully with us!!

  2. i simply adore you.

    everything you are...
    everything you stand for...

    you ARE a BRAVE GIRL....my gorjuss beautiful funtified sister!

    smooches a million times over

  3. chrissy,
    i can barely
    hear the actual
    words you are saying
    because i am captivated
    by watching your face MOVE
    & listen to your voice TALK
    & hear you ALIVE & in FULLER COLOR.
    the more YOU, the BETTER!!!
    i loooove you, xoxox

  4. Love you beautiful BRAVE GIRL. xooxoxxoxox LOVE AND ADORE YOU.. WONDERFUL YOU... u are so special to me.

  5. oh no I can't view the video it is telling me to try again later... boo hoo! but I will do as it says. I am that kind of girl.

  6. chrissy,

    as i watch and listen to all the brave videos about brave girls camp i am in awe. i am not yet brave enough to do this...

    you are helping to spread the word about brave girls camp to women and that my dear is worth so much. using our voices, reading our words, sharing in our pictures spreads the desires of our hearts to share this wonderful message to all.

    may you remember how BRAVE and STRONG you truly are. I LOVE YOU!!


  7. Love, love, love your video!!! I so miss your sweet gentle voice...I may watch it again just to hear you... xxoo

  8. oh how my heart spins hearing your voice..

  9. Your voice is so gentle and cute!! You have possibly, maybe, possibly inspired me to possibly do the online Soul Restoration course. Mmmm...totally thinking about it.

  10. this brought tears to my eyes. I loved hearing your voice. so magical. you are beautiful dear chrissy so very beautiful.

    thank you for being brave and sharing yourself this way. pure magic! i want to go to brave girls camp :)

  11. So nice to put a voice with your pretty face. I can't wait to give you a great big hug in person someday sister. ♥
    Much Love,

  12. I totally agree with Rachel - so fun to hear your sweet voice and see your living, breathing, beautiful being in motion! And talking about something that has obviously stirred your soul! I am thinking about you so much, knowing we will connect in-person when the time is right and the moon is full. sending love....

  13. What a "brave" video, I like you can't believe it is my voice when I hear it recorded! Thanks for visiting my blog!! I will take a photo of my 1950 Dodge that I DO wear my brave boots in! I'll have my sister take it of me and my truck and my boots!! In Wyoming we live in our brave boots!! Enjoyed your blog and your energy!

  14. two wonderful for words. and i loved your sweet voice the first time i heard it in february. i'm so glad you had such a wonderful time and i'd so love to go so time. maybe even with you!

  15. Hi Chrissy, thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm thrilled you got to go to brave girls camp and I loved reading about it and must tell you I love cowboy boots too! To see all of the art supplies made me heart leap!
    Here is the link to see Mindy's painting that Jenny Doh has been adding embellishments to and free motion stitching to.

  16. Sooo lovely to hear your darling voice again Chrissy. Love you and Brave Girls Camp sounds fantabulous. You are such a great speaker. I need to be brave soon also so you have given me courage my dear sweet friend. xx

  17. We need more brave girls like yourself. Glad you had the experience of going and refreshing your soul. It sounds like so much fun.

    We are learning new principals everyday here, thanks for your encouraging words. You see, your already using your BRAVE GIRL voice.

    p.s. your parents never fought? WOW!

    Have a blessed day:)

  18. Chrissy! How lovely to see you and hear your voice!

  19. You have such a sweet and soothing voice miss chrissy. this retreat has really stirred you. I am going to go read the previous posts but wanted to tell you how adorable you are.

  20. So lovely to hear your sweet voice and see your smiling face! I know everyone at Brave Girl's Camp will have fallen in love with you
    So happy for you that you had such a magical experience

  21. Chrissy!! So great to finally hear your voice and it sounds as sweet as you!! So happy you had an amazing experience! How magical!! Hugs! :)

  22. i love that you made the video message! it's cool to see and hear someone after reading her words! :)

  23. You sound so sweet; I thought you would sounded different, an accent~

    Thanks for being Brave and sharing so much of yourself! xXx

  24. chrissy,
    you are so adorable and you speak from the heart.
    i am inspired and intrigued by brave girl opportunities.
    since i'm still nursing my lil'est one, i can't travel alone just yet,
    but i am doing the soul restoration for sure!
    i think it will be my christmas gift to myself.

  25. What a brave, beautiful, supergroovy chick you are, dahling! Thank you for sharing this piece of you with all of us. What a treat to see and hear you today!!

  26. Hey brave girl you! I bet you have always been brave - and on top of that - you are wonderful! Thanks for visiting the other day - i have my links on my office comp, but will try to find which one i followed to get the 3 column-bog-design. I tried several ones, and only one has worked. Will be back with you soon! Have a fab and fun Haloween weekend!

  27. Thank you so much for sharing your feelings about Brave Girls Camp...especially in video! I hope to someday make it there. It sounds A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Until then I am going join in the online fun in January. So excited! How cute is that voice! :)

  28. Well now when I am missing you I can just stop by this post and sit with you a while. It was so lovely to hear your voice and see your gorgeous smiling face.

    One day I will make it to Brave Girls Camp. One day.

    Love to you my friend.

  29. Awwwwwww, my heart is melting at your cuteness and your sweet voice!!! I am so sold on Brave Girls. I know I'll be there when the time is right. And likewise w/ meeting you!!!
    I love you dearly,

  30. Mama Bird....hearing your voice as we watched the video over and over making sure it was just right made me miss you more than you know...The voice of one of my earth angels...I love you. I love your voice. I love your brave spirit....I LOVE THAT I GET TO HUG YOU IN JUST A FEW DAYS!!!!!

  31. it is very touching to hear and see your feelings about camp, i so enjoyed going through all of the photos from the past posts..you captured it so well!


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