August 31, 2010

flower power to the rescue...

i have a favorite pair of jeans. worn and washed them so many times now, they fit like butter.
like a second skin.
they are my go-to when i want to be comfy, like some reach for a pair of p.j's,
or a favorite sweater or pink fluffy pig slippers with ears.
what.s a girl to do when those bare worn threads at last break free 
and cause a most undesirable crater?
this was the question from my micah who is 10.
here.s an easy fix we tried
take a strip of fabric.  
{ours was about 2 in. wide and 12 inches long}
stick it under your needle and start twisting the strip on top of itself in a circle as you sew haphazardly everywhere around it.  just go crazy. 
 {i have a darning foot but you could use any foot.}  
here is the finished product. rhyme or reason to the stitches.
cut 2 leaf shapes from fabric and hand stitch them right onto the jeans.
take  your very imperfect flower and hand stitch it over the 
grand canyon in your pants.
emotional comfort disaster avoided!

what brilliant ideas have you come up with lately?

cultivate cleverness!


  1. cutest patch i've seen - and you made it look so easy. i wear sweats too often! ;)

  2. GORGEOUS! I love this Chrissy. Cant wait to see them on you in person. :-) The little flower is lovely and the stitching is fab on it and of course - love the leaves. :-) (really want a sewing machine now!) Xxx

  3. LOVE this sweet flower....its perfection!!!

    your cleverness never ceases to amaze me!!

    loves to you my sweets

  4. Love it! So sweet and creative. :)

    ♥ Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! ♥

  5. they look better than ever!!

  6. what a fun way to create a fabric 'flower'! i may have to try this for my favorite jeans skirt that has a few holes in the making due to the pockets always being filled =-\

    thanks for sharing this little tutorial!

  7. i'm totally cracking up about the grand canyon!
    & of course i love every ingredient here:
    flower power
    comfy jeans
    awesome gorgeous BRILLIANT zigzaggy stitching
    you could even name THESE jeans!!
    (summer, daisy, meadow, jasmine, sky?). :)
    much loooove! xoxx

  8. how cute is that? you make it looks so easy!

  9. Cute! They certainly are personalized now!!

  10. necessity is the mother of invention, right? they look even more amazing and special now! i've realized painting a whole room with a paintbrush is way nicer than a splattery old roller....good workout for the arms too : )


  11. lovely! I have some jeans of my little girl's that could use a little tlc, love your flower!

  12. That flower patch is delightful and sassy all at once! Just like you, sugar plum =-) I had an old pair of jeans I did something similar to and I wore them out several times. Miss those jeans...sigh.

    I so love the inspiration your beautiful blog has shared. And I'm giddy with the inspiration and sweet words you've left on mine. I'm having a special give-a-way for my blog gals and I'd really like to hear how you're "blooming", dahling!

    You are such a joy, Beautiful Crissy <3 <3 <3

  13. Brilliant! I wish you were around when my most favorite ever pair of jeans did something similar. (Except the second hole was near the crotch. I am not entirely sure a flower would have worked. ;)

  14. you are so fabulous! I love it! I wish I was a fly on your are so creative and make it look super easy. love you!

  15. looks gorgeous Chrissy! i love the imperfectness of the stitching!! what a fab idea x

  16. Great solution - and the flower is perfect in her unperfectness - just perfectly gorgeous ;) A good old jeans is hard to find!

  17. Way to teach your kids to appreciate what you already have. SO sweet that you did it together!
    GO Mom! xo

  18. Wow Chrissy! That is fab! Wish I could sew! I would have saved quite a few pairs of my fav jeans! That is great! :)

  19. this is a sweet fix chrissy- i love it. I am going to share this idea with lulu- she is a great little sewer and you have given me a wonderful idea for a boho headband!

  20. Scrappie dappy goodness! I love this~ Sure brightens the day! Me, I'm recycling containers..pastry boxes for gifts and olive containers for a foofy food gift. Haven't decided what, but I think wrapped Dove chocolates might do the trick! xXx

  21. sweet and sassy flower, just like you! i can see you wearing them in your bare feet, creating, photographing, laughing.
    loves to you!

  22. Micah is a lucky little lady, I want a pair of Chrissy jeans. :)

  23. You be rockin'. Way to be inventive! My favorite pair of jeans have a hole in the booty and the knee. You've given me some inspiration to save them. And look sassy at the same time!

  24. I'm so glad you got your comfys back!! I'm going to sending Joli over here, she's going to love this!!

  25. Where's my comment?? I just saw it?? anyway- I said that I'm glad you got your comfy's back and that I was going to send Joli your way because she will love this as much as I do!!

  26. Love this - very clever (and adorable to boot)!!!

    I wish I could do this on my favorite pair of painting overalls, but alas, they are so well-loved they are literally falling apart... I can't bear to toss them - so I'm hanging on to them hoping inspiration strikes & I think of something clever to do with them :)

  27. i absolutely LOVE your solution to this grand-canyon-sized-dilemma!!! here's to flower power.....and to the sweet precious one who tends the garden (that would be YOU!)!!!! xox, :))

  28. Love your cute splash of color! And your nail polish coordinates with the flower patch perfectly...did you plan this?

  29. i love that flower! and those jeans look awesome. i've been looking for a new comfy go-to pair and just might have to patch up my old ones until i find the right ones :)

    best wishes to you!

  30. Chrissy-
    I LOVE this SO MUCH!! I think I have to do this even though I have no holes in my jeans right now!!!


  31. i have the perfect pair of butter pants w/ too-big-holes, sitting waiting, screaming at me now that they know i've seen this! THANK YOU chrissy! i knew i was saving them for a reason. more brilliancy with your sewing machine! LOVE IT ALL! i love sewing and reinventing combined. thank you for the inspiration :)



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