August 2, 2010

a few more "good" thoughts...

as i was sitting in church yesterday...
{ok.  not on this particular chair.  but you get the point.}
i was thinking about cultivating 
i was thinking about all the well seasoned words that 
invoke the true meaning of 
in my mind.   in my heart.
i was thinking about the times i haven.t really felt 
not good at being a wife
not good at mothering my children
not good as a friend
not good as an artist
not good at giving service or charity or love
just plain
"not good"
and my thoughts wandered to a comment 
that was made on my last post about 
by this beautiful soul whom i had the pleasure to create with
at AN ARTFUL JOURNEY last february.
she said this of the words i suggested for 

" i hit on at least a few of those every day. 
it remeinded me that i am 
 even when I don't always feel that good about myself."

this struck a cord within me.
there are so many lies that swirl about us.
lies that tell us we aren.t
but yesterday i was gently reminded of the 
beautiful truth of "who" i really am.
who "YOU" really are.
we are!
we may not always hit on every measure of the word
but we can "always" hit on one or two.
and then happily kick those little lies to the curb.

even when we don.t exactly feel that good about ourselves...

we are.

got it?


{keep cultivating "good"}


  1. Love it! Yes, we are!! Good! All of us!! Much love, Silke

  2. first off, i LOOOOOVE the chair!! this post reminds me of a conversation i had with a boss of mine a few years ago. i told him that i was struggling to care about my job (as an account rep at an ad agency) and that i felt completely burnt out. he said he got that way sometimes too and that he had the perfect solution. he simply pretended that he was completely happy and engaged in his job. after a few days he usually forgot to to not care and stopped feeling burnt out. amazing how many times i've heard those words in my ear over the years. and, they've always sounded "GOOD" to me. thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

  3. Yes! So good! Missed you

  4. Missy Chrissy..."good" is sometimes enough if we aren't feeling "great" so remember this:

    you are good enough

    and THEN SOME!! =-)

    Will you PLEASE make a book of your beautiful pictures and include this colorful chair??!?!!!?

  5. Yes, GREAT chair. is it yours? Love it! And you are right. I think we all feel not so good at times. Thanks for the reminder that we are ALL GOOD.

  6. Your positive energy is so inspiring :) love your words and that chair is fabulous.

  7. Good it and you. you always spread goodness too:-)

  8. Good = us all. Thanks so much for the reminder and for sharing. Love ya xxx

  9. are a daily motivational inspirational one...i always adore your thoughts you share...they spark thoughts and feelings and when i leave i am left with words to ponder throughout the day...for that i am thankful for your "goodness" warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  10. Spread the Goodness around... We all need gentle reminders of how life can be! WE all have the roller coaster ride of emotions...enJOY your
    time at the top! xXx

  11. i humbled that you would even take a moment to think about my "good" because when i think of good- well, the kind hearted girl you are that spreads cheer and encouragement and love, not to mention great art and photographs (love the chair) well, i guess we'll always see others more But we can always want the highest good for another and so thank you and may it all come back to you a thousand times over.

  12. Chrissy! ohhh so love your 'good' words! thank you so much for your supportive wonderful words over my way too, i so appreciate it and you always make me smile! sorry I havent been able to pop over so often in the last wee while... so glad things have settled a little now and looking forward to my regular visits again. i have missed your beautiful words! definitely working on cultivating goodness friend! xo

  13. your bursting cartwheeling
    sweetbestiest loving
    to me
    & to others
    is clearly
    the goodiest
    good gooding
    i can ever

  14. from the heart is always good enough for me : )
    good to see you again!

  15. Such a perfect message. And so what I need to focus on in my own life. I am always going down that "I am not good enough" path when I should be remembering the good that I am and that I do.

    thanks friend.

  16. Whata' good post! A word not appreciated much sometimes because it gets lost with other words who try to be GOOD.

    I know how good you are...and that goodness spreads for others to share in the good of you, Life, love. It's all good, baby!!

  17. Your posts are always good and beauiful - good to have you around!

  18. What a fabulous post! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! ♥

  19. So good to remember Chrissy :) And happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY dearest Chrissy, happy birthday to you! (sang by me with smiling and clapping and cheering)

  20. I think the fact that you (we) often feel so ungood is because we're holding ourselves to such a high standard. The truly un-good person wouldn't care or even know to care about their actions or thoughts. Hope that made sense.

    What I think I'm trying to say is you just proved what a really good person you actually are just by questioning yourself. Like worrying about being a good mom is not something a bad mom would EVER do. :) Thanks for stopping by the blog. :)

  21. you always manage to say just the right thing as just the right time. That's good. :-) love you sweet dear.

  22. Happy Birthday sweet cheeks!!

    Micki x

  23. Thank You for the reminder at just the perfect time. I know we all struggle with our Goodness from time to time. Well said.

  24. A sweet little birdie named Kolleen mentioned it's another sweet little birdie's birthday! Oh Happy Birth-Day to you, dahling one!!! The angels are singing, the trees are swaying and the Universe is softly whispering Chrissy is Loved :)

    Sending you lots of and kisses and birthday wishes!!!


  25. dear chrissy,
    thank you for this goodness.
    this blog.
    your words.
    your spirit.
    bountiful birthday blessings to you!

  26. Happy Birthday!!! I wish you many wonderful blessings today and always~ enJOY, your day!!!

  27. What a coincidence that I've been thinking about this very same subject. I love your take on's so positive and filled with "good" thoughts. May your heart always be full of love (for others as well as yourself.)

  28. Indeed, for truth and acceptance brings out our goodness. :) Happy weekend x


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