August 23, 2010

spelling it out...

defining happy
sandy little feet
exploring a world unknown
carefree days
building castles in the sand
getting dirty
being a kid
feeling the freedom
riding the perfect wave all the way in
suspending time before the tide rains down
priceless moments with freckled faces
doing nothing
watching my baby do nothing
{after a long day of lots of somethings}
blinking twice to realize my firstborn has become a young man
eternally grateful for these 70 toes in the sand

cul*ti*vate happy.
what is making you happy today?


  1. What a wonderful post! I just love love love the picture of your family all tanned and relaxed. (and I will just be the first to comment that your legs are quite awesome my friend!)

    Happy is such a wonderful thing and it does make me happy just to think of my friends and family being happy.

    miss you lots!

  2. you. what a spectacularly fabulous photo of you and your blessings.

  3. thats funny, i coulda swore happy was spelled c-h-r-i-s-s-y! hehehe ;)

    i couldn't help but scroll up and down like 10 + times really fast, because the way all your pictures and the color and the joy blends together is SO NICE!!!

    your family looks SO HAPPY! and YOU look so BEAUTY-FULL w/ your bright yellow and flower in your hair! a sight for my sore eyes no doubt. *sigh* those shots of relaxation look delicious.

    sending so much love to you n yours!

  4. Reading your post and eating marmite on toast at the same time is making me happy today :)
    I am trying to enjoy the little things in life a bit more :)

    Micki x

  5. seeing these lovely pictures of you and your beautiful family are making me happy right now... xxx

  6. This post is so beautiful from the lovely pictures to the sentiment behind them all! Wow Chrissy!! So wonderful!! :)

  7. YOU
    my dear friend
    make me happy!!!

    coming to visit you here makes me happy!
    seeing your beautiful family all together digging your 70 toes in the sand
    makes me happy!

    knowing we will be hanging out together in october
    makes me happy

    and of course my amazing hubby and my crazy kids and our 60 toes in the sand
    makes me happy!!!

    i love you sweet one

  8. ABsolutley beautiful family pic! How in the world do you get all seven of you looking so good??? And you my friend, wow- you're a hot momma to that tribe, I must say!

  9. Wonderful post! I love the photos of your beautiful family.

  10. chrissy,
    what a happy array of pictures indeed!
    the range of being a kid to being a man!
    water spraying freely in the air like live joy!
    doing nothing (how was that book?!)
    being close & near to love toes & fingers & hearts (& starfish/maybe you are starpeople).
    there is certainly much to feel
    bright yellow about.

    happy for me today is in the little things.
    like opening up all the windows & feeling the turn of a cooler breeze & hearing the leaves wave, flapfast, greensing.

    always lots of love
    to you, sunshine friend.

  11. ~i can feel the warmth radiating from these pictures...such beautiful moments shared together as a family...happy you are! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  12. 70 toes in the sand...what a fun and unique description! And thanks for sharing your happy photos. I especially like the last one with you standing and smiling amongst your, you look smashing in bright yellow.

  13. LOVE this post. You have such a wonderful family. Yes 70 toes! wow. So healthy and happy and smiley. Love. xx

  14. Chrissy! What beautiful pictures! you are so talented! AND that family of yours...that is true beauty! today, happiness is spending time with my babies. love you!

  15. So, so many things to be happy about today. Let's see...
    * your groovy post :)
    * L.O.V.E. from my Man
    * doggies sleeping in the sun
    * peanut butter and chocolate
    * really loud music while I work in my studio
    * did I mention your groovy post filled with sunshine and laughter and zillions of scrumptious toes?!?!

  16. beautiful photos, beautiful family, and beautiful YOU!!! miss you! ♥

  17. what beautiful pictures and what a beautiful family! and you know i love freckled faces the best. :-)

  18. I was so puzzled over how there could be 70 toes and thinking some people must be missing, but then I realized that we each have 10 toes, LOL.

    Beautiful family. Beautiful vacation.

  19. Ahhh, summer.... you are such a happiness-maker!! (we really must get to the beach!)Lovely, lovely, lovely, especailly your family!! Chrissy, it looks as though your boy has grown past you (!)...

    happiness today was a 3 hour lunch with a good friend and an hour of soothing poetry reading with my hospice patient. I just love the way your pictures are able to tell a whole story. Beautifully done, my dear!!

  20. Please what could be happier than your beautiful family? Seriously beautiful. I love the pic for "doing nothing" thank you for sharing a sweet glimpse into your lovely world!

  21. Beautiful family, I, too love the 70 toes description! Great summer memories etched in sand and set in magic! Love this post~ YOU are so tan and glowing! You and Hubby make a cute couple~xXx

  22. gorgeous photos Chrissy...absolute treasures! you have a BEAUTIFUL family! x

  23. What a beautiful family those 70 toes equal to and you Chrissy look amazing- what a beautiful mother you are. I am so sorry I missed you so very close by. Our paths will meet sometime. I would recognize your sweet spirit anywhere.

    xoxo, Lorraine

  24. hello, beautiful-freckle-face-miss-70-toes-in-the-sand!! you always have the most spectacular way of expressing the simple pleasures in life! thank you for sharing all of your happinesses with us.....and for putting great big smiles on our faces!!! xox, :))

  25. This is so great! What a beautiful post :-)
    (I also really loved your word-stones)

  26. chrissy~
    ditto on your awesome legs girl! loved all your pics of family, relaxation and venice beach:)
    i used your "live" rock picture for my desktop photo for the month to inspire me! you take the best pictures ~hugs & kisses~

  27. What a perfectly fun time at the beach.
    Are those all your kids? They are just beautiful.
    I'm glad your beach week was so happy.

  28. looking at all those gorgeous pics and reading your words makes me happy! ahh I love this space of yoursXx

  29. A beautiful family! Love the casual family portrait at the beach. And everyone is all tan and fit! Healthy and HAPPY!

  30. what a very special family photo to cherish along with the other sights and sounds of vacation


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